Transition World – Part I

The Earth is going through a transition. We feel stress, fear or depression as our old values are declining. How to stop the mind to prevent its tendency to engage with disharmony stimulation we receive?


Trigueirinho – Brazilian Medium and Author


A Crucial Moment

The Earth is going through a transition in which more potent and pure cosmic energies begin to permeate it and moving away negative forces that for millenniums have been installed here.

Consciously or subconsciously we all know that it is when they hear this transition and soon they sense something that will transform the entire surface of the planet. We feel stress, fear or depression as our old values are declining. Especially in metropolitan the decadence of of the foundations of this civilization assumes major proportions, destroying the spirit, harmony and balance, preventing there be peace between human beings and within each one.

But you can stand before this planetary transition wisely, not as a victim but as a collaborator of the superior, radiant and luminous energies begin to deploy. It is therefore vital to know that the thoughts and emotions are usually immersed in this contaminated collective field of tension and conflict and that therefore are unreliable.
The first step is to become aware that in the very being there is a core that is above normal thoughts and emotions, keeping a stable core, who is not shaken by any external situation. It is aspiring to connect and identify with this core.

The second step is to learn how to stop the mind to prevent its tendency to engage with disharmony stimulation we receive. These two steps the recognition of the inner core and the peace of mind control are key. Before any conflicting situation, these steps have great value.

Another essential step is to not let inertia gets implanted in being. The tension and depression weaken the body‘s energy, called the etheric body that if you are devitalized, leads one to apathy. It is essential to the proper use of the will and the realization of evolutionary activities. People who are going through the harassment of disordered psychic forces or have been shattered by some shock or loss, should not be isolated, nor confirm this state, but rather to meet activities that benefit others.

Hygiene, order and harmony in yourself and the environment are more important than you think because they prevent entrance into chaos states. Keeping them is a sort of preventive measure, prophylactic, you should not miss, as the conflicting forces of psychic levels are sustained with such disharmony. In addition, faced with emotional or mental instability, the relationship with food is destabilized: the person can either go to overeating in an attempt to compensate for devitalisation – which does not solve because their cause is not physical as can lose their appetite because of the apathy and lack of interest in life. In any event, the simple power without excessive spices, helps to stabilize the organic rhythms.

It is also important to always keep its independence as the current opinions and ideas, which usually only confuse; example is the anxiety that sets in due to the belief that the body’s health is lost if you do not sleep well. If the person can not sleep, rather than get carried away by this anxiety or anguish, should creatively use time, performing some useful task and so seeking disciplinary mental activity. When cluttered, it is the leading cause of insomnia.

A powerful aid in restoring balance is to hear inspired musical pieces. High quality works are able to reorganize the person’s energies and healing as much as a good read could be.

These suggestions are preliminary to live in inner peace and wisdom to the present time. When someone adopts them with determination, can channel and radiate the future of energy in a world that today is disoriented.

Anyway, faith, self-discipline and a lack of mental speculations lead to contact with the inner life, a meeting that can not be delayed these days.

Extracted from Signal Newsletter Number 1 – January to March 1999.


For those who have decided to serve the planet

Proper discipline, which does not harm others and that catches little attention is needed today more than ever. But it is a discipline full of joy and sense of responsibility. With her we open doors to bigger steps. But woe to him who spread the seeds in the world own garden for the joy is for one who has understanding of each seed for the Common Good.” This is the call to all who have decided to serve the planet. This is a principle to live within the Service of Spiritual law.

As extended work on this planet is the evolution work, all possible forces are needed and must be brought together. All, without exception no one can be the builders of the future there is work for everyone, at all levels of ability and intention of quality. Humanity finds courage and time to many degrading work, but it is time to change that and she devote to decent work.

We all know that the plans of the New Earth and New Humanity appeal almost exclusively simple souls. The Teaching points out that on the eve of a catastrophe, we tried to get people out of an amusement arena. People not only did not turn out as crowds even tried to get in. “

This is the normal reality, and before it are those who dedicate themselves to education that includes the task of saving souls. But it is said, on an informed basis, that is the lonely spirit that produce forms of future lives. Do not be surprised, therefore, if we find ourselves alone. And because so many avoid the unknown, the unexpected? Is it not because being encouraged in schools to live like the majority?

From the book “Signs of Blavatsky an unusual meeting today Trigueirinho Publisher Thought Pp. 74 to 75

Humanity today

Today the impossibility of the deterioration process of the planet surface of life be reversed by human action leads humanity to a situation of great internal and external conflict. The maturity which for centuries was not taken will have to be accomplished in a short time, an operation guided by intelligent cosmic energies. However, most men do not let prepare for this maturity. It remained closed, confirming habits, trends and specific aspects of the immature stages of its evolution.

As the entry of all planetary life in an adult stage, conscious of its role and its importance for the balance of the universe is indispensable, humanity can not ignore it. By the resistance of men to transcend their identification with community life, material, this transition takes character of suffering, pain and conflict.

This picture may look not very encouraging for accommodated, but raises those who are ready, the desire to serve, to accomplish what is needed to improve the quality of life on earth. It is in these conditions that the greatest opportunities for internal growth today provided become accessible to man. But few realize what’s going on really. Those who are aware have a duty to those who are in the dark because some of these will still wake up before they take root more acute chaos states than today.

Each individual must recognize the task itself and no effort to consummate it. You must realize and carry out the changes necessary to do it, and keep an eye not to set restrictions in your Tasks.

This is the time to transcend the vibratory state in this humanity, that still make comparisons and believed that a job is less valuable than another. The dignity of a task is mirrored by those who, to realize it, are fully aware of the need to do it, and are referred to it with unlimited love. Thus, any job, wherever it may be made, may reflect the sacred.

From the book The Visitor The path to Anu Tea Trigueirinho Publisher Thought Pp. 63 to 64