Perispirit & Purification of the Soul

Does the divine law sleep or it is a process of attraction law? The Body is like a sponge. All diseases of the physical Body has its initiation in the process of illnesses of the Soul. Haroldo Dutra


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Haroldo Dias Dutra: The vital fluid is connected to the physical body, maintains the vitality of the body as well as keeps the functioning and makescommunication between all parts of the Body. Look how interesting.

Now talking about the perispirit, I may speak of disembodied spirit that has more physical, now having only the perispirit.

Question 94 of the Book of Spirits, Allan Kardec asks: How is formed the perispirit? What is the material form of the perispirit?

And the spirits respond: From the universal fluid of each globe. That means, each planet has a universal fluid already modified. It is not the pure universal fluid. It is already the modified universal fluid suitable to each planet.

The universal fluid of the Earth, the fluid that surrounds the Earth is already the modified universal fluid. And PERISPIRIT of all human being that are evolving on Earth are formed from this modified cosmic fluid.

Look, the universal fluid of each globe changes. For this reason it is not identical in all worlds! Passing from one world to another, the spirit changes Wrap, as if changing clothes.

So if I go from one planet to live in another, I have to reconstruct my PERISPIRIT. I lose my earthly PERISPIRIT. What is? The mental body? … Then I‘ll have to get into the orb of another planet and absorb the cosmic fluid, modifield from that planet.

 This is beautiful, because Emmanuel tell us that Jesus and the community of pure spirits who cooperate with him in the formation and maintenance of the globe, they created a modification that gives the fluid  to Earth, which is unique. It is a masterpiece.

So, all fluid-based of the Earth is a modified universal fluidic. They modify the fluid, which becomes the base stock in all the fundamental, including all perispirits of all Spirits, from the lower to the higher Spirit of the Earth. Thats wonderful!

So, in the question of 150 in the book of SpiritsAllan Kardec asks about individuality. How he, the spirit shows his individuality?

And the spirits answer: Every spirit continues having a fluid that  it is  constituted the atmosphere of his planet and keeps the appearance of his last incarnation. His perispirit.

So, it is a fluid of its own and each PERISPIRIT, because there is no PERISPIRIT equal to another, consists of the planet’s atmosphere, which is modified cosmic fluid and the appearance is usually from the last reincarnation. The more superior, the highest he (the Spirit) has more freedom to shape own PERISPIRIT, changing the appearance of himself.

Finally, the question 257, when Kardec will Quote: The perispirit is the link that holds the material of the body to the spirit. It is the link that takes the environment, the universal fluid. Participates at the same time electricity, the magnetic fluid and to some degree of inert matter.

It can be said that is the fifth essence of the matter. It is the principle of organic life, however not the intellectual life, which requires a Spirit.

To summarize: The vital fluid is impregnated in perispirit, that transmits to the Body.

Purification of the Soul

You know when you take pictures? In the past were those black films. Today are digital files.
But what is a photography? It exposes a lens to a certain quantity of light and shade. This machine records the percentage of light and shadow, whether a physical film or in digital form.
You took a photo.

Well, the immortal spirit, in this metaphor, is a photographer.
Every act of goodness or badness, of equilibrium or imbalance. Each positive emotion or heavy emotion are recorded as a picture in the perispirit. It is registered in our PERISPIRIT as a magnet, which atracts, through the law of attraction, like a magnet.

For many centuries we have been educated religiously, imagining that God is with a black robe a court of lawjudging his children. Not. Forget robe, forget the court.
The only thing God does in this universe, is saving the children of self destruction.

For each photo that you take, it’s a force that you incorporated.
So if I take a dagger, here and now, and kill someone for no reason, I took a dark picture, which will be incorporated into my PERISPIRIT.
For an absolutely wise mechanism of divine law, I send waves of assassination, where I am. I perspire homicide.

If a person harmed financially  other people, he will emit lesion waves. If there are 500 cars parked, only his will be broken.
And why that happens?
In the Gospel and books that use the figures of the gospel, spiritual improvement is called “spiritual redemption.”

Spiritual redemption is when you reach a level of spiritual evolution and that you do not need more of the flesh filters.

That’s right, I‘m not talking Greek. What does it means?

I arrive in the spirit world, then the spirit guides look at me. By the smell that I emit, by the color I send, by the density of vibration that I emit, they look and speak like this: (I will give the example of my wife, or someone might get upset).

Look, this woman has fooled 20 husbands, practiced 3 abortionsand so on  Everything is written on her PERISPIRIT.
Another example: This one has fooled 50 members, has killed 5 people, has already taken the wife of 20 people and so on. It’s all recorded in his perispirit.

After you die, you go to the spiritual world. Then you look at the spiritual guides and tell them: I want to purify myself. I want to literally wash my Soul, I need to wash my PERISPIRIT.  What do I do for it!..!?”

Then they answer you: “We will immerse you into a miraculous vessel.”
You raise your hands to the heavens and say, “Boy, oh boy, it’s so easy. So it’s more or less like a baptism? Throws a holy water?”

They answer: more or less”
Then you derive joy: How is this vase?”
“This vase is as follows: We will you dive into it It is a kind of coal, sucking your imperfections.”

Wonderful. It sounds like science fiction movie! Too good, I liked it. I loved the process. That vase is this?”
They tell you: “It is the human body. No one can see the kingdom of heaven, if he will not born of water.”

Then the mother gets pregnant and the parents are waiting, anxious. But the Baby  comes with a celebral paralysis.

So, some parents arrive at the spirit house and cry when they narrate their story.

So we talked to them, “Do not be sad, but happy and makes a party, because the PERISPIRIT of your child is being cleaned. The spirit of your child is being purified.

All diseases of the physical body, has its initiation in the process of illnesses of the soul. It is a deformed PERISPIRIT, who is having the opportunity to take away deformation, passing it to the flesh.

The body, then, is like a sponge. Even so, we have a large vanity with him. Of course you have to take care of him, the vessel has to be clean.

As an example: There were five people in the car, the car came to cloak and only one Person passed away.

Then you ask yourself: Why only that Person and not the others?
Because he alone had the magnet in the perispirit, which attracted.

With 50 cars parked beside each other. Only one was scratched. Coincidence?
Does the criminal, when he decides to do evil, can do with anyone? It will be?
Does the divine law sleep or it is a process of attraction law?

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