Reincarnation in the Bible II

On the day we re-establish the ties with our creator father, when we engage all creatures of an unconditional love, we will attain spiritual redemption, we will reach the resurrection. Haroldo Dutra


In fact, reincarnation is a proof of God’s goodness. Haroldo Dutra

The spiritist exhibitor Haroldo Dutra Dias and other guests, explain about reincarnation in the Bible.



Date of Publication:  05.03.2013


The concept of reincarnation is in the Bible? The Transicao” TV Program asked this question to the great scholars of the subject and the results you see on the program, which has the theme “The Reincarnation in the Bible”

Haroldo Haroldo Dutra Dias: The reincarnation theme has caused many doubts especially in people who come from a religion that has a greater tradition of the study of the Bible.

What people are asking is whether the idea of reincarnation is actually an Biblical basis. I mean, the Bible attests the existence of reincarnation? The reality of reincarnation?

Severino Celestino, biblical Researcher: In the Bible does not exist the word reincarnation, because the word Reincarnation was created by Allan Kardec.

But in the Bible the Hebrew term called הגלגלים של הנשמה, meaning “the wheels of the Soul”, it is perfectly present in many passages of the Bible, not with the word reincarnation, but for example the word להחיות, which in Hebrew means  Revival.

Haroldo Haroldo Dutra Dias: The reincarnation has always been part of thoughts, meditations of the Hebrew People, that are the holder of the tradition biblical.

Both the Old Testament, as the New Testament were written, for the most part, by the authors of the Hebrew People. And these people had the habit, as tells us Flavius Josephus and other literary texts, to study, to meditate about the reincarnation theme . They assumed this topic because they considered that particular matter should not be discussed in public, but in a closed circle of scholars and people who had a more mature.

The concern with them was exaggerated mysticism, because they feared that some people stay a long time discussing purely spiritual issues and forget the daily occupations, the obligations of family, work, personal obligations concerning the morality, social behavior and so on.

Therefore made these considerations, we’ll find the texts of the Bible, both the old as the New Testament the idea, the assumption that there is reincarnation. And that reincarnation is the key to the understanding of certain issues. As an example, the text of Exodus when he talks of the commandments and says that the third and fourth generation shall they make atonement, because the guilt of the first Generation, the generation of their ancestors.

There is even a preposition in Hebrew, which says: I”n the third and fourth generation, I atone for the faults of my parents, grandchildren and great grandchildren” , by showing a sequence and that we are heirs of our past, as we are in the present constructing our future.

Also in the New Testament there is a clear dialogue, objective Jesus says explicitly on the need of both births: the water and spirit. Nicodemus clearly shows that he understood the birth of water as a return to the womb, a physical biological rebirth, as the only one able to solve certain issues and to give continuity to our learning process.

One life is too Little.  There is plenty to be done and to be learned and we need more of one existence to accomplish this learning to solve our emotional pendencies, to continue what was not possible to complete in one life. In fact, reincarnation is a proof of God’s goodness, that is always renewing the opportunity, which is always renewing the possibilities.

And it is more than that: Often in our existence, we have created relations of hate, sadness, Aggression and the reincarnation brings the possibility of reconciliation.

As Jesus said in the sermon on the Mount:Reconcile with your opponent while you are on the way with him

José Reis Chaves, biblical Researcher:  It is clear that here too we are reaping what we have planted, the law of cause and effect.

We are reaping what we reap. This law, let’s say, it is divine but who handles are ourselves. We have sown, so we reap it back.

Haroldo Dutra: the reincarnation is the journey where we meet the past enemies and also find affections of the past in an attempt to reconciliation, to re-build the history, retelling the story of our lives once more.  It is a possibility that the creator gives us. This is all presupposed in the Bible, there is no reason for us to not read about this Approach.

And in the end it, all a question of reading. If we are in a polite look, if we’re looking for, we will find. For he who seeks shall find, one who knocks, the door opens.  If our eyes are closed for these
questions, if we are with a closed mind, with a fundamentalist mind, we hardly fwill ind these Biblical texts some reference about reincarnation and other topics. But if our hearts, if our mind is open to capture these realities, it is as if the text appears to oue eyes, it is like  a perfume bottle you open and begins to feel the fragrance.

So, the advice is: Open your mind, open your heart. The laws of nature is revealed gradually, and our reading of the Bible will centralizing and perfecting. We do not read the Bible as people did read about three thousand years ago, same we will not read the Bible in a thousand years later, as we do it today.

As we grow and our interpretation grows too, by reading the Bible. So, the advice is: Read peaceful, openly, inspired and this comprehension will come naturally..


The law of reincarnation is a natural law? Where can we find more
  information about it?

Haroldo Dutra: The reincarnation is a biological law, is a law of nature as well as the law of gravity. Not all the laws of nature must be explicitly noted and commented on the biblical text, because the biblical text he has a purpose. It has a central message, and a connection between the books. Not all natural laws therefore need to be significantly addressed.

They are presupposed, ie the author who wrote those books presupposes that the reader already knows certain natural laws. Or presupposes that some natural laws would be revealed over time.

José Reis Chaves: Many evangelicals and Catholics brothers say You guys spiritualists teach the reincarnation. The Bible teaches the resurrection. It turns out that, the word reincarnation was created by Kardec around the year 1860. It could not, then, appear in the Bible. But we have synonymous words of reincarnation in the Bible, as for example the words rebirth and generation. Because the Bible is not only generation consanguineal, but also from the Spirit.

Haroldo Dutra: In this block we will see some examples from the Bible regarding the subject reincarnation. For this we started with some biographical Quotes: The first is the book from Herminio Corrêa Miranda The reincarnation in the Bibleand the second book belongs to our friend Severino Celestino, analyzing the biblical traditions where he  examine the original Hebrew text.  

And one of the main texts analyzed  by Severino and also by Herminio is the text containing the ten commandments, Deuteronomy and Exodus, where it says that God, in His justice function, would punish the errors, according to some translations, until the second third and fourth Generation.

And, as the authors explain, that would be an injustice, because children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren descendants are responsible for the fault of a Patriarch, of a ancestor.

By analyzing the the preposition in Hebrew, we can conclude that the text actually says: I”n the third and fourth generation.Therefore, letting it be understood we are heirs of our spiritual past.Often we make a mistake in an existence, and a third and fourth generations in the same Family, ourselves, reincarnated, received the heritage of misunderstandings or successes of our spiritual past.

Another text that also deserves a highlight is the third chapter of John’s Gospel, in which Jesus talk with Nicodemus. Now, Nicodemus was a doctor of the Sanhedrin a man of Position in the epoch of Israel and had deep knowledge of the Bible. Otherwisehe would  not occupy the supreme court of the Jewish People. He then seeks Jesus, bringing his doubts.

The master Jesus said clearly that might not see the kingdom of heaven a man were not be born again. Nicodemus, implying that he realized the magnitude of issue and who understood the question in its exact terms, asks: But how can a man, an old man, enter a second time into the womb of his mother?

It is clear that it is not about the baptism ritual or anything similar they talked. In fact, they talked about going back to the uterus, born again, coming in a new existence. Jesus not only confirms this understanding of Nicodemus, as it adds to the reincarnation process the necessity of renewal. Because is not just reborn, one has to renew itself. And the intimate renovation is the great central message of the Gospel.

Severino Celestino: The Bible having its full extent, both in the first revelation of the Old Testament as the new,passages  clearly confirms. A very marked passage is in Chapter 11 of the Gospel of Matthew, verse 10-14 when he refers to John the Baptist, he said that among the children of women no one was greater than john. But John was more than a messenger, more than a prophet. And as the prophet Malachy  who spoke , it  would be sent the prophet Elijah before the great day feared the Lord, Jesus confirmed saying that, as Isaiah spoke about the coming of the Messiah, and Malachi spoke about Elijah coming preparing the way, Jesus said: “Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist.  If you want to understand, he is Elijah who should return”.

So, Jesus closes matter of Malachi and Zechariah proving directly that the body of John Baptist was inhabited in the spirit that had inhabited in Elijah’s body in the past. The Body of Elijah is one, the Body of John Baptist is another. owever, the Spirit is the same according to Jesus .

Haroldo Dutra: These are three quite clear texts, very expressive. But next to them, there are several other texts. But these, requiring a sensitivity of subtletybecause they do not expressly speak about the theme.  But it presupposes the subject. It is as if the subject were a requirement, a prerequisite so that we make a deeper reflection.

So here are three passages that attest to the reincarnation, which show that the incarnation is not a creation of oriental cultures. It is not even a creation of the encoder Allan Kardec.

The idea of reincarnation is present in many civilizations in the ancient world and is even and tightly rooted in the culture of the Hebrew People, , so that today various currents of Judaism are reincarnationists, admitting the reincarnation as an element profoundly necessary to understand the divine righteousness.

There will be divine justice is not there possibilities. For if we imperfect humans, we give new chances and opportunities so that people can remake, regenerate, restore and to reconstruct their  Destination, what will not the creator, in his wisdom and in his goodness to renew the possibilities and
let each of us redoing the mistakes and rebuild the future?

So is and the two indication of works and the invitation to this reflection on the mercy that God’s justice which expresses itself through the reincarnation.

If reincarnation is in the Bible, there is no conflict between Spiritism and Christianity?

Haroldo Dutra: Many people think that  Spiritism is not a Christian religion. Rather, the Spiritism is all pointed to the figure of Jesus. All its moral base, all the base of conduct is taken from the incomparable  example of master Jesus.

In the first book of spiritist coding  in question 625, it is very clear that Jesus is our guide and model. It is our great driver, the one who inspires and educates our spirit. So there is no reason to believe that Spiritist do not have a biblical basis.
It has a feature for Bible study, a need to study the Bible. Spiritism actually has a lot to contribute to this debate, it has much to contribute to the understanding of the biblical texts
especially the in the New Testament texts.

So let’s approach the subject that causes a lot of doubts, which is the opposition to reincarnation, the resurrection. Many believe that these two ideas are opposed: “If I accept the reincarnation,  I can not accept the resurrection. If I accept the resurrection,   I can not accept the reincarnation “. But studying spiritism more depth, we realize that there is a complementary factor between these two ideas.

Otávio Marques, doctor of Immunology: So, the idea of resurrection appears in the Bible to resolve the issue with the resurrection of the body of Jesus, that the Catholic Church explains  the disappearance of Jesus’ body, where some people who had mediunic ability, where they saw Jesus like going to heaven.

Then associated with this and the body of Jesus disappearing, the resurrection idea was outstanding in the collective unconscious and brought by Catholic church.

But science with the advances and fundamentally with the development of scientific revolution of the 17th century, proves that our body cells, once dead, this structure does not go back to life. So, this idea is opposed to the idea of reincarnation.

José Reis Chaves: What happened to his body? Nobody knows. There are hypotheses, but the Gospel itself says that, what some people said,  his body was stolen. In truth, nobody knows.

Haroldo Dutra: In fact, the resurrection is the crowning of reincarnation. Let’s examine a little more close:  The word resurrection, without going into the Details, without getting the terms in Hebrew and Greek, it comes from an idiomatic expression of Hebrew. To say that someone died, the Hebrew People uses an Understatement in the biblical text. What is a euphemism? It relieves a little the expression.

Then, it was said so: When someone died, he lay down with his parents. This was even reflected in practice with the families of the patriarchs. They had a tomb, and as people were dying
being buried in the same place. So, usually the person is buried in the grave of his parents and ancestors. Then it was told in a popular expression, the person lay down with his parents, had lain down with his ancestors.

Well, to express the idea that death was not the end. The idea that God, being a spiritual being, He also created a spiritual reality and, if He created this spiritual reality, He presents us with the possibility of a spiritual life.

People say that once you lay down, you get up. In Hebrew it is the resurrection, “rise or get up“, meaning overcome death.

Well, what does the theme reincarnation says? It says that the creator renews the possibilities, renewed opportunities to continue what we did not finished, to solve what was unresolved, to reconcile the ties that were broken by mutual aggression

We are spirits in Evolution. Reincarnation give us opportunity to continue growing, evolving. As Jesus said: be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Of course it is a symbolic expression,  made by   Jesus, because we will never be perfect as the father is, because God has an infinite perfection.

But humanly speaking, we can get close, at least the similarity of perfection of God, according the moral and spiritual improvement.

When we fulfill this process of improvement, occurs the resurrection.  The resurrection is the crowning of the reincarnation process, when the spirit comes to the Maximum degree of improvement that life in the flesh provides, then he becomes a pure spirit, a blessed spiritin other words,  someone who will experience the resurrection. The spiritual redemption is like completion stage . So, he need no longer be reincarnated for learning. He might rather, born in mission in order to to help someone but not as a need for spiritual improvement.

See, this is said in a very subtle way in Chapter 3 of the Gospel of John when Jesus says to Nicodemus: To see the kingdom of God, you must be born again.” Reincarnate to see. To enter the kingdom of God is necessary  be born again of water, but born of the Spirit, which is the process of intimal renovation, which means reincarnation gives us the possibility to understand, to visualization. But the final entry in the spiritual realm, the happiness which awaits us, this only happens through an intensive process of spiritual renewal. And this process of spiritual renovating
is summarized in the resurrection term.

Therefore, the end of the  reincarnation process is the resurrection. This is not about opposed terms, but it’s the same idea. The difference is only in degree. It is a difference processes of time. Then, we can unite two great ideas: the idea of reincarnation and the idea of the resurrection without oppose, without denying the biological law, a law of nature that is the reincarnation to understand this biblical theme of resurrection.

If you want to deepen more on this subject,  just go to where we approach some of the ideas that are on the Old and New Testament, inviting people to reflect about the central topic of Bible, which is the renovation, the union with the creator.

On the day we re-establish the ties with our creator father, when we engage all creatures of an unconditional love, we will attain spiritual redemption, we will reach the resurrection. Haroldo Dutra