Purpose of Incarnation

Haroldo Dutra Dias, Judge of Justice in Brazil, formed in Hebrew language, expert in palaeontographica, textual criticism, Aramaic and French. Dias also has emerged as an active promoter of Spiritism, author and lecturer in the area.

Date of Publication: 16.09.2015

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What is the reason of the Incarnation of Spirits?

Haroldo: Here is not talking about reincarnation, but the incarnation (birth).

The question is: Why do we not remain only in the spiritual world, evolving there? What is the need for us to enter the uterus, and take a body of flesh? This is the question.

What is the reason of the Incarnation?

The spirits answer: God imposes them the incarnation. He is not saying that God calls the creature to embody, or God proposes, invites. Not. He imposes!

God imposes the incarnation for the purpose of to make them reach perfection. For some it is atonement. For others it is Mission.


But to reach this perfection, they have to suffer all  the trials and tribulations of the bodily existence.

This is interesting because there are vicissitudes of bodily existence, which does not depend on you have debit or credit. You can be a spirit that does not have any debt to the law. If you embody, you’ll have to disembodied. “Look guys, I‘ll have to disembodied because I have a debit“. 

Even if you didn´t have, you must to desencarnated. For example getting older it is a vicissitude of bodily existence.

No, but I am a spirit which has little debit. I will remain with the face of 20 years until disembodied (dying)

It will not. The question of aging is that it implies a wearing (attrition). So, there is a natural wear and tear of the body that is suffered by all the spirit that embody.

This is a vicissitude of corporeal life, as well as has several other such as growing, forget, lower PERISPIRIT to fit in utero, go through the experience of the uterus, birth.

It also aims another purpose for incarnation: Put the spirit in conditions to support the part that touches him in the work of creation. In order to run it, it is that in each world, take the spirit an instrument of harmony with the matter of this world, in order to fulfill  at that point of view the works of God. Once contributing to the general work, he himself steps Forward.  So he is born with a task. This task is given to him.

When the spirits are talking about the progression of spirit (human being), they say that God gives him tasks and, if he fulfills the tasks, he steps faster to perfection.  If he does not fulfill, he delays his evolutionary journey, thereby getting slower.

God created all spirits simple and ignorant, that is, without knowing.

For every one has given a specific mission. To each one. We all have a Mission, which is a set of activities proposed  by God, for the purpose of clarify them and make them come gradually to perfection by the knowledge of the truth.

So the goal is to know the truth and approach the perfection. So there is not need to go through the evil rank. Because if you get the mission that God has given you and performs it, you come to know the truth and you will approach God.

The spirits continues: this perfection is that they find the pure and eternal happinessThe perfection of being next to God.

Going through the trials that God imposes to them, It is that the spirits acquire that knowledge.

Some accept submissive  such proof, coming soon to the goal entrusted to them. Others only support muttering. And that lack which thus incur, remain away from perfection and from the promised happiness.

Then Allan Kardec asks: Do You Want To say that some are as docile children, while other rebels?

The spirits answer: Yes, the comparison is good. The rebellious child conserves ignorant and Imperfect. The use of it depending on the greater or less docility. But the life of man has end, while the Spirit extends to infinity.  That´s the difference.

So, here we can see the direction of Evolution. For this reason, the spirits separate the evidence from the atonement.

The atonement, as Emmanuel defines: After you  committed the crime, prejudicing the divine law, you reincarnate to rebuild, restore, rectify. This is the atonement.

Apart from that, it has a proof  which are tasks which we are given by the creator, in order to eliminate  our ignorance, so that we can come closer to Him, in which we are free to accept or not,  in which we are free to comply or not. Are proof, are testing at the performance of that activity in which you will go through vicissitudes  and difficulties.

About Haroldo Dutra Dias: Judge of Law, Writer, translator, teacher and Brazilian lecturer. It is fair judge of the Court of Minas Gerais, a law degree from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), director of the special court of Count County, graduated in classical Greek UFMG (Language and Literature), formed in Hebrew the Israeli Union of Belo Horizonte. Also he is expert in palaeontographica, textual criticism, Aramaic and French. Dias also has emerged as an active promoter of Spiritism, author and lecturer in the area.

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