Rules of Reincarnation & Parallel Realities

Practice self forgiveness, forgive yourself, forgive others and leave the Karmic Wheel. This should all be seen with the eyes of experience. Pena Branca



 The future has already been written long ago. What you can change are the circumstances in which the events take place. But 2 + 2 will always be 4.

The Universal Laws are the same any plane of existence. Because there are twelve parallel realities. Which reality you want to choose? Pena Branca

Photo: Miss Froggy – France 2014

English translation is done by Temple School of Triad Group: Marcos Teixeira, Pietro Felipe Monteiro and Marcos. Many, many thanks! God and the spirits of light bless you guys and all Triade Family

Spirit: Pena Branca         Medium: Marcos Teixeira


Date of recording: 12/04/2012

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Pena Branca:  Good morning!

Jefferson: Good morning, how are you?


Pena Branca: All right, boy. Are you listening to me?

Jefferson: I hear well.

Pena Branca:  Greetings! Caboclo Pena Branca.

Jefferson: Greetings.


Pena Branca: You can ask boy.


Jefferson: White Feather, where are you coming now?


Pena Branca: In Umbanda, we always comes from a place called Aruanda. Aruanda would be a city in etheric plane of you… which brings together all entities who decided to work in this line of love and charity which is the Umbanda.

Jefferson:  Then it would then at the same time is …a spiritual city, a colony Spiritual this place?

Pena Branca: A spiritual colony that attracts to itself egregores fluttering in line with the Greater Umbanda.

Jefferson: What do you mean by egregores?

Pena Branca:  Egregores are groups or clusters of spirits molded in the same thought-form, in this case, is defined by the limits of Major Umbanda well as you will have other egregores … Catholic, other evangelical egregores, egregores other Jewish, and so on.


Jefferson: Then after a human person … It makes its transition that plan where I speak with you, go to the spirit world, she then depending on the energy and knowledge and advancement, it will to a particular place, a particular colony spiritual, is it? And this colony is usually in alignment … by law affinities, by saying so?

Pena Branca:  Yes, it can be said that, in fact, It is for consciousness frequency.

Jefferson:  Hmm … consciousness frequency. Can you talk a little about that?


Pena Branca:  Yes. When a human being on this earth passes away, he takes with him a consciousness pattern … which generates a level, so to speak, of psionic energy … that will direct this soul or spirit to this that egregore with which it has more affinity.


Jefferson:  Got it. So this egregore, then we could also call certain groups that may exist inside … a spiritual colony. For example, in this colony Aruanda spiritual call, there may be different egregores of which one of them is that you part?


Pena Branca: Exactly. Within Aruanda there are groups and subgroups.

Jefferson:  Groups and sub-groups …


Pena Branca:  There are hierarchies, this might be the better word … within 7 lines of Umbanda.

Jefferson: So in short: there is a spiritual colony call Aruanda which is divided into egregores … and you now had, of course before finishing, Now you presented this idea of ​​7 lines. But before you speak it then, only short also, what we learn now is that, after a person passes away then or die for this plan, she enters the spirit world and goes to the spiritual colony that is most associated with her energy, through the … affinity law, and when it arrives in this colony spiritual, it also goes to the place that is  more consistent with his personality and his energy.


Pena Branca: Yes. And there are also spiritual groups like that can receive this person.


Jefferson: Spiritual Groups like…. Ah, yes, of course! Who already live in this colony and when that person gets there, already has a certain affinity and then there is a deeper exchange.


Pena Branca: Not necessarily, but it probably ever was some kind of incarnational link between these spirits. Then, it is normal, e.g. that one of the spirits are incarnated and these spiritual families are not. When this son passes away, will usually against those who were watching  and learning from their incarnation on this plane. Also remember that there are umbralinos levels, Call umbralinos or infra-dimensional.


Jefferson:  Got it. So now we learned something new there: the person who is here on Earth may have friends who they remained in the spiritual world or have been before them, or have entered …


Pena Branca: It may not, has!

Jefferson: All?

Pena Branca: Everyone has. You have; This has; everyone has. No one embodied here without prior agreements.


There is this three-dimensional plane of existence, with the exception of very few, you call Cosmic Avatars, people without previous contracts. So many of these Contracts are positive in the sense that people who are inhabiting other planes of consciousness can use the experimental living in the third dimension  as a learning process, that is, and obsevando learning from one that is red. That is, so to speak, He volunteered to learn that.


Jefferson: OK. So those are the people like that is shared from another life, it is and they know from long ago, and even now or they are already in the spiritual world and coming from the colony , where they were or where they live, in the period between lives. Then they migrate to where they … They are to Earth, where they accompany our life and bring your notebook notes and they learn the lessons as they appear?


Pena Branca: Um … You are complicating. It’s simpler than that. Basically it’s like if you had a group of friends … that came out to make a journey, a walk, and one comes across a large lake and he wants to dive  this lake, to feel what it’s like, jump that rock for that lake. And some have the courage to do that … and others do not. Others will only observe. So often in successive incarnations that you have some take courage and some do not. Those who do not take courage or who do not wish at that moment embody are  watching experiences. It’s very simple. Everybody in the same classroom just taking up, so to speak, different places. In the case of those who are mediums, all egregore working with these mediums …


I, for one, learn from also experiences this child. It is clear, my son?

Jefferson: Yes. So we can say that the person in the world spiritual does not have much difference with respect the sense of identity, thoughts and emotions with one that is here in the physical world?


Pena Branca: None. So to speak, because I’m calling level or spiritual world, We would be located in a vibrational level of 4th to 5th D.

This means that there is still the notion of “one” or individuality, and you bring that level of consciousness, experiences of your past lives, which are those that sometimes you forget when they are incarnate, but this plan you are aware of these lives, but has not lost its sense of identity and social structure is very similar.

From the 5th, 6th dimension, the body will fluidizing and you will merging with a larger cosmic consciousness.


That is not the case of the spiritual colonies that they are usually between 4 and 5 D.

Jefferson: When you speak: 4:05 D, you’re referring to dimensions?


Pena Branca: Dimensions.


They are physical dimensions. People though I say: the astral world …

The astral world is a physical world, as physical as this one.

Just vibrating at a rate of at least two times faster than this. So to you is imperceptible.

Jefferson: Right. But back to the idea of ​​fear, for example. If the one is afraid of jumping from a rock into a pond , while she was alive, you will also have this fear after making your transition?


Pena Branca: It depends. She gave to the experience, she has fear because she did and got fired, or why she did?


Jefferson:  Oh, so many variables …


Pena Branca: Everything is proportional to the actual experience. Many fears that you carry, are genetically loaded from past lives, and it is necessary for you to clean up these fears. What I mentioned was that often certain groups of spirits do not incarnate do not wish to embody because, so to speak, incarnate in this life plan is a hard life. Not child?


Jefferson: It is not easy …


Pena Branca: So, so it is not heavy, often choosing a spirit that will represent that group of spirits  and have the necessary experiments to this group can learn without having to go through  difficulties that this world requires of you to life.


Jefferson: I might need further clarification in this affair. Often you began like this: often pick up a spirit … Who chooses and why one in particular?


Pena Branca:  These decisions are never taken individually. You may have heard of a group of elders, called Karmic Board, which governs the incarnational laws on the planet.


When you ascend to the astral plane, if you are fully aware, because many ascend without being aware, right? And they need treatment. When you are fully aware, and periodically evaluate their incarnational experiences and discuss with members this Council who are great sages to tell whether you should or should not embody, and in that situation, where experiential programming you want to come.


So there fall into this equation, so to speak, a number of factors. Because you have to take into consideration not only what you want to learn, but that his incarnation might cause others learn as well.


Ie it is a way for you to multiply the capacity of learning other using their own individual experience. Ie never an incarnation, let’s say, is validated by itself, but within a group context, shall we say, more than that, in context to raise the consciousness level of those people, they are as learners within that incarnational experience. Is that clear?


Jefferson:  Yes. But that does not become a burden, as a responsibility to fulfill because the person forgets?


Pena Branca: Yeah, when you incarnate you forget. But it is a burden in the sense that it is an assumed responsibility, before a Karmic Board and this is done only it is necessary firstly if necessary. Sometimes you do not have the need to embody. Many sometimes you incarnate, so to speak, by mission, because you take it. You take on a mission before a group to say “I’ll do this, this and this, so we can better understand what it is. ” And often, it is atonement. If you think of those who bring great karma debt, this plan, they often are forced, sometimes even against their own will, to embody, to be able to somehow atone relations unresolved or inharmonious they had in past lives. Anyway, all these incarnational experiences are utilized as, so to speak, example or as study material by other groups.


Jefferson: So when you talk about being stressed, and we think of free will, a question arises: There exists or not and to what degree, to what extent it exists?


Pena Branca: Free will within our concept is the ability that the spirit has to make choices in the matter. If you are in an incarnational process and if you, so to speak, is a spirit that we would call  “Rebellious spirit”, you have no other option but to reincarnate or go to another world of exile.


So to reincarnate you are guided on what types experiences should have. It’s up to you when incarnate, say whether or not experience that. If not experience, will return as often as necessary, so that experience is coupled to its experiential field, because if it does, do not you ascends spiritually.


This is the case for many umbralinos spirits, recidivists the same mistakes; repeat the same vices; repeat the same experiences. You certainly ever heard of the concept of synchronicity?


Jefferson:  Yup.


Pena Branca: So when you are faced with a situation within your life … just a second child … which appears over and over again, life is trying to tell you: solve this node, resolve this issue, and people often prefer to simply ignore, or circumvent or avoid. And again, you’ll see the same situation. You will attract the same situation, will attract the same people and you will attract the same atmosphere for you which you are trying to escape. That’s free will.


Jefferson:  It’s like … it’s like saying: you can choose the decisions that will, but not the consequences of them.


Pena Branca: Exactly. All actions have reactions. Choice, you can avoid once, twice, three, four. How many and how many …


How many spirits are incarnated and reincarnated, incarnating and reincarnating, incarnating and reincarnating experiments within the same spectrum. And do not think this is a new thing. It is one thing for thousands of years.  Change the circumstances, moved, so to speak, the garb of experience, changes to technology, but the human spirit is the same.

Jefferson:  So it’s as if there is an analogy that I invented, and it seems to me relevant. It’s like there, placed by the Creator in our mind, a math to which we add positively or negatively, but since, as the computer, a program afterthought it will respond as things to put in it.

Pena Branca: Exactly. You may have heard of “Control Matrix”, right?


Jefferson:  Yes, but talk more, talk more, please …


Pena Branca: The  Matrix Control is ​​a hologram created artificially for you in this plan can attract or not attract certain types experience. It is defined primarily by their level of consciousness. 

So the more mature spirit, more conscious, the greater the degree of choice. The less developed, the less conscious, lower your degree of choice. That’s free will.



Jefferson:  So it’s like saying: the higher power an entity has more responsibility. But also, the more responsibilities, more power, right? We could say the two forms.


Pena Branca: Depends on what you call power. The notion of power this plan is attached to money, it is on the ability to subjugate and enslave. Power, for us, It means being closer to our divine essence and our ability to create and co-create with God.  And my job here is to clarify to raise the level of consciousness of beings who are incarnated at this time of planetary transition, where the weeds will be separated from the wheat. Incidentally, is already being.


Jefferson:  But back a little here the idea of ​​many people call it karma, and people always see “karma” as a negative thing. It would always be negative?

Pena Branca: No Karma is always a response to a previous action. But the beings with Christ consciousness, there is no karma. There is only karma to the unconscious beings, for those not learned from their own experiences. There is … There are many ways to escape the Karmic Wheel. It’s out of prison vices; is released from prison belief systems; leaving prison religions; release from prison of human inferiority.

There’s only karma, because you are considered inferior.


Jefferson:  Right. So, when a person makes a certain thing, acts in a certain way, and cause some sort of feeling in another, of purpose, and this causes other people suffer. So her spirit will carry it, and how will be on your math, because he himself entered, It will be there as a problem to be solved for he have the experience to know it is really nice or not make others go through this?


Pena Branca: Yup.

Jefferson: And then he learns responsibility?

Pena Branca: Yes. But we also have to understand that many often arises within a plan of several stocks, not just one.

Jefferson: Dai is to say that there is no victim …

Pena Branca:  It’s not because you were a criminal, a thug, which killed ten people in this life, you is the Karmic wheel next. Who knows if you It was not the victim of the other? This things, the sight of you is very short-sighted and short. So what

I suggest these cases, always, is: practice self forgiveness, Forgive yourself, forgive others and leave the Karmic Wheel.

This should all be seen with the eyes of experience. However dramatic, however aggressive, more violent it may seem, this is just an illusion.


Jefferson: So if a person is innocent and back, and ended up in chain, totally innocent, we can say then that suddenly she’s atoning, passing a test, which corresponds to a past experience?


Pena Branca: Not necessarily. Often yes and often do not. Because it also can be part of the game karmic of others. It is not necessarily something she be imposed.


Jefferson: Yes, but nothing happens for free. or else without merit.


 Pena Branca No no no. Everything is mathematics, everything is sacred geometry of the universe. Nothing is by chance, absolutely nothing. Everything is mathematically calculated, out in one way or another.



Jefferson:  And it does not mean that the future is already written, because there are thousands of possibilities?


Pena Branca: The future has already been written long ago. What you can change the circumstances in which the events take place. But 2 + 2 will always be 4.

Jefferson: Oh, I see now. The future is already written long, because the laws are the same.


Pena Branca: The Universal Laws are the same any plane of existence.

Jefferson: So, the future can only be one: respect the laws and evolve as will having the experience.

Pena Branca:  Exactly what is happening now. You have, shall we say, a moment of great technological development and supposedly It should also give a great spiritual development, which does not always happen. Only a few people are aroused, so to speak, for this spiritual awareness. Right?

Jefferson: Right.

Pena Branca: So, the future is very clear. For these people more spiritual consciousness, the Earth of the future, is a harmony of Earth. For people who have little spiritual awareness Earth’s future is a land of more technology, and more control and more power. It depends on your conscience make this choice; then again, free will.


Jefferson:  But if the future is written and the future is based on the laws of God, or the Creator, then we have two possibilities then you can say. 

Pena Branca: We have not twelve possibilities.


Jefferson:  Twelve? This is new. Because?


Pena Branca:  Because there are twelve parallel realities. Which reality you want to choose?

But that is very difficult for you understand because it’s all very relative.

Jefferson: And then…

Pena Branca:  What I’m trying to tell you is this: if you boot love in the world you will receive love. If you put power in the world, this power will dominate you. It is as simple as that.


Jefferson:  And now comes the word “power”, as is understood to most human and power understood by you and by high spirits, then we have a contrast there, but at the same time, the more power we have here also and less preparation you have, the more easily you have to get lost.


But in the spiritual world does not happen the same, is not true? No one achieves greater power … what you are capable of handling?

Pena Branca: The greatest power in the spiritual world, at least at the level we are, it is the ability to raise awareness. Because, as I am talking to you, I’m talking to several people.

When I work psychically with this child, in a session, all work is to raise awareness, through healing, through conversations, through donation of love for those who need it most.

Which is what everyone should do.

I do not need to come here, if  you would do it. But you do not do. You are becoming more selfish, you increasingly isolated, you increasingly arrogant, you increasingly proud, increasingly dominated by the marks, each increasingly dominated by large companies, increasingly dominated by appearance … and we trying to do the opposite work. Then there is an arms race, so to speak, with these forces.


Do not think that the lower threshold has no power. It has much more power over you than us.

Because it works directly in energy level that is what you are used to.

It is the lure of power is the lure of sex, is the seduction of life, so to speak, pleasurable, without consequences, right? And we have nothing against power, money, sex, all part of the human experience. But that may be used to your benefit and the benefit of others, not, this in most cases doesn´t happen.


Jefferson:  Now, this power then umbralino would be in this case a ability to influence because of the affinity. It would not be the same power we speak here nor the same power that you mentioned, it would be the ability to raise awareness. It would be another type of power?


Pena Branca:  What happens is that many of the things that are in Karmic wheel Earth today have many connections with groups of spirits who are on the threshold. And has his dealings with them. So the access of these groups to these people is very easy. Too easy!

Imagine all the people today who are consuming drug overwhelming way, all people who are Drinking overwhelmingly, everyone that are dependent on chemical somehow or alcohol or sex, or all of these human experiences pleasure that are easy to be manipulated by these energies.

We are also working not only on the earth plane, but teams and teams, legions will get the cones Spiritual these people embodied in the doorway, to help them break free of the cycle of addiction.

It is a real battle, my son.


I do not think the mood is that image of angels and clouds in the sky. We are far from it, far from it.


It has much work to do. People think desencarnarem when they’ll be leading an angel of life, sitting on a cloud playing a harp. This is the notion of heaven.


The sky, at our level, is a level raise awareness, work, love for humanity embodied by poor humanity incarnate. And for those who are disembodied in umbralinas infra-dimensions. Those who would be rescued. Because there are spirits there who are poor wretches, we so to say, in the sense they lack consciousness.

But also have those who are the enslavers, the real demons, as you call it. These are the real demons, those who believed his host of unconscious spirits and sucking your energy to survive, energy vampires, the vampires of the soul.


Has a lot of ugly here, my son …


Jefferson: You spoke about connections umbralinas entities exist …

Pena Branca: We all have. Every being has incarnated. Because, let’s say so when you incarnate you are just a fractal the soul that is in this plan, son. You will have the fractals his soul at various levels, including some umbralinos. So it’s up to you, often their vices or their difficulties in this life, son, is because these yours, so to speak, of his pieces souls that are there need to be rescued. And they are redeemed when you can bring light to your life, you know?


Jefferson: Yup. It is that we have some difficulty understanding terms, it is natural given our level of consciousness, so I’m doing that question. My understanding is that the soul is … is indivisible. When you speak “fractal you” …

Pena Branca:  The soul is not indivisible, you who are the division of a soul.


Jefferson:  Yes, and now I am a unity?


Pena Branca: You are a unit along with several others. When your “Higher Self” fragmented up there in the eighth, ninth dimension, it generated a lot of little children, small fractals, and these fractals can be here on Earth, They may be on other planets there in this universe of God and may also be in other infrastructure dimensions. Because, you see son, and there is no value judgment on it.Each experiences a level, we say so, conscience you want.


Because you have free will, which is a word that you like so much, to choose what you want to experience. So for some fractals of his soul, which they wish to experience, is on the lower planes. For those who wish to experience other things you do not want to experience here on Earth. So they are all energetically connected.

What you call ascension is nothing that the work of gathering, rescue these fractals soul that are scattered around in different dimensions. The role of the “I Am” actually is reconnect with their children. So this moment is so important. Because this is a time of gathering these fractals.

So, these fractals will be meeting again with your soul identity. It is not?


And there are many, many, many … many lost! Many otherplaces, many lost in life experiences that did not work, and are attached to the Karmic Wheel, many lost in addictions, many in other planes of existence, in other stars, many, many, many …

So that’s the point, so to speak, of collect all these experiences, right? And a lot of time to go through the experience, this soul fractal loses consciousness of who he is. It dulls, he forgets the love of God.


So our role as a worker of God is do remember, is to bring out that chest, sometimes  hardened by the harsh experiences of life, son, consciousness that we are all children of God, and to Him we will return. This is the law of evolution for all beings, even for this planet, which is also a fractal of God.

Jefferson:  Well, from what you said, then we can understand that not only God creates spirits. Sometimes a spirit that He created and became quite high too, have learned how to create spirits?

Pena Branca: We are all gods creator, son.

Jefferson: Ai, ai, ai …

 Pena Branca: All! You are God; this child is God; I’m God. Measure we will have more awareness, to the extent that grow, our level of consciousness, we can co-create, we can reach a level of Elohim, as  you know, co-create worlds, this is our role to return to Home, son.


But few people are aware of this, so lost, right? You imagine so son, let’s say that you have, as well, soul brothers to be, a five hundred, so to speak. When these five hundred fractals soul together in a, shall we say, Monad, you have any idea of ​​the degree of awareness of what are five hundred consciences with different experiences together?


Multiply your thinking ability and understanding by five hundred! So, up another level, that Monad will meet with other monads which are also scattered and having five hundred thousand experiments, all joining in a Supra-Monad, son. Do you understand why we are all gods?


Jefferson: Yes Yes. Now, in the past, I believe it was Jesus who said: “Ye are gods.” But the word “gods” before referring the spirits, saying “ye spirits and one with the Father.” So basically …


Pena Branca::  This is a Christian interpretation, son. What He meant that you are even gods! But do not use the Bible as a reference for understanding many things, because the Bible is a compilation, so to speak, the people of historical events Jew, with Sumerian myths, Assyrians, etc, etc, etc, reinterpreted the convenience of a Pope, right?

This serves to divide more than to join, is not it, son?


Jefferson:  Unfortunately …

Pena Branca: Yes, exactly.


Jefferson: Then when he says “are gods,” and if we use the word “Gods” and “spirit,” and if we use “spirit” how to be immortal in pursuit of perfection, we come to the same equation, because if we seek perfection and unity with God so … We achieve the moral and intellectual level of knowledge of all things, because it corresponds to perfection, so what then, of course, is what you said, “You are gods” in this sense, because of the possibilities available.


Pena Branca: Yes, but you’re putting it on a level, let’s say like this: “When you reach a level of development.”


Jefferson:  Yes, the timeline.


Pena Branca: But you are already a god. The work you do, son, enlightenment of the people, it is a creation of God. When you donate your love for humanity, it is a love of God. People imagine that the work of the gods, to create universes, planets … This will get one day when you have that degree of cosmic consciousness, so to speak, but you can be God in your day-to-day.

Umbanda comes to teach that love and charity, anyone can give, son. You do not need to be a king to do something.

A smile to someone who needs, has a much greater weight, my son, than any material gift you can give. So, believe it: as a divine spark, its capacity to create and touch the hearts of people have a ability to ignite the soul of that person, son.

To bring the flame of that person triune love that often she’s in need, and that the world denies him.

That´s the reason, Umbanda is charity and love, son. It costs nothing, is free, and everyone can give.

You got it, son?


Jefferson: Yes, yes … You spoke too, and to thank, a very relevant and important information. The lord spoke also, his White Feather, two things where I would like further clarification: about monads and also, after you also spoke of threefold flame. Now, monads, from what I understand and what you commented on it, is that as I would not join with other five hundred but people had access to his experiences as well, continuing with my unit and the person hers, and the other 498 with them, but …

Pena Branca: If fuse … His knowledge fuses a soul alone. It’s All in One.


Jefferson: Sure, sure … It’s like the experience of the hologram then? An image of a hologram.

Pena Branca: There is an image. So to speak, to put it one way quite simple: it’s as if you had various dumplings to make a cake. And these balls will be joining and a big cake. And every big cake, will be joining to there cake also increased, and so forth.

Every level of consciousness, every leap of consciousness, you’ll be joining more until merging into the whole. It’s All in One. That’s it.


Jefferson: Oh cool, so, there you do not lose your individuality but has access to all others, it seems like you are part of the whole.


Pena Branca: Exactly, exactly. You will only merge with All the above ninth, tenth; there you will join with your “I Am”, which was your original Monad, its Supra-Monad, right.

Child, has more questions, son?

Jefferson: Can you explain the threefold flame, which you mentioned just now?


Pena Branca:  The Chamatrina is the vital energy of the human being, that every human being receives at birth. It is when it is connected to your chest a link direct, with pranic energy, son. It is usually represented by three-spoke, three flames:  a blue ray, a rose and a golden son.

It represents divine protection, the blue ray;


It represents the divine love, the pink ray, and it

is divine knowledge, the golden ray.


Together, these three give support to your life. When the person is … when a person, so to speak, “Dies,” Son, you are disconnected.


Jefferson:  Then we…

Pena Branca: It is a way of energy Coupling, is not in this plan.


Jefferson: So even though many of us think we live a life completely separate, independent of Divine Providence, It is not how it works?


Pena Branca: All are children of God and all are attached to it, son.

It’s just that some are aware and others have not. Some prefer to forget your divine origin because remember that, will necessarily bring  changes in your life, do you, son? It is a lot easier sometimes you lead a life more material and more hard, more selfish, not thinking that everyone is brother, right child.

In God’s eyes, all are equal. The rich / poor, black / white, all polarities that you have here in this plan, son, are just a game scene, as you said, they are just a hologram, only an illusion. From the point of view spiritual, we are all children of the same source as it is.


Jefferson: And the “bad” things happen that are just a call to we understand our responsibility to the divine providence?


Pena Branca: Every experience, good or bad, is always a call awareness. It is to raise awareness, for to understand that nothing  lack you.

It is God incarnate. Christ said it very well. Only that people prefer to worship, what to do, son. This is the problem of humanity, we want idols. And you no longer need idols, son. You need to become gods, you. No more gurus, no more avatars! That’s it.


Jefferson:  When you speak “idols” are you referring to images in which were inspired or something else?


Pena Branca: Anyone, regardless of image, or religion or popular culture that can help rather than as an example, actually prevent you from developing. Why is this: you choose the idol. The idol is good, the idol is beautiful, the idol is fantastic and you are nothing! It’s so easy to think so.


Jefferson: Sure the television is there …


Pena Branca: You push for the idol everything you want to be and whatever you like to do and  you do nothing for your life, a complainer, only complains, complains only son … So, enough!


You do not need idols. You need to face as gods as creators, as divine potential incarnated to learn. That is the message, if you have sure if you talk to any messenger of God, what you wil hear is this. Our concern is with the embodied humanity. That is a lot of manipulation, lots of room, a lot of illusion, son! illusion …


Son, I need to go.

Jefferson: Okay so.


Look, I appreciate your visit with us, I hope we can have the opportunity to absorb more aware, if possible, but I greatly appreciate the time that you reserved for us today.


Pena Branca: Thank you son, for the opportunity to disseminate and raise the word of God in the consciousness of you who are here on this plane. God bless you, the lights of Holy Umbanda  accompany you, your guides, your entities, and can give you the knowledge you need to treat these topics with the necessary sensitivity, son, and make your word out the farthest corners of this planet.


So be it, my son.


Jefferson: Amen …

Tríade Brasil Ayahuasca Retreat – Meet the place


Umbanda: Lord of the cemetery Part 1

So if I start say that I am inferior or superior, in fact I‘m nothing. I am only a server, young. Exu Caveira

Dialogue 158 – Spirit: Exu Caveira Medium: Edson Rosa

Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi Website:


Date of Publication:  20.09.2013

Please check that the dialogues are very long, for lack of time we summarized and only put the essence, which is important for personal growth. Also, by having a lot of slang in the dialogue, I translate without them, in order to avoid misunderstandings.
Thank you for your comprehension and many greetings.  
I wish you fun and lot of  ♥♥♥♥


Hierarchy in the phalanx of Caveiras (Skulls)

Exu Caveira: good evening young man.

Reporter Jefferson: good evening. Can you share with us the name, the garb that you use to express yourself in Umbanda?

Exu Caveira: Caveira (Skull)

Reporter Jefferson: So I can say that you are the Exu Caveira (Skull)?

Exu Caveira: That´s the name people on Earth give me. 

Reporter Jefferson: But Eshu Skull is the head of the phalanx of skulls, is it?

Exu Caveira: I’m just one serving, boy. I do not care much, with the titles of chief.

Reporter Jefferson: Can you tell us how the caveiras organize themselves in the spirit world?

Exu Caveira: Full authority, has that one, who has dominion over all things, of all filthiness, of all  contrary things, which can harm his neighbor. This is the boss. The rest are all server. All employees of the Great Creator of life (God). This position as chief, colonel, commander, Captain … This is for your earthly army.
Salve the souls, young

Reporter Jefferson: Salve. In relation to the Tata Caveira, you’re in what we call the hierarchy, in a higher position?

Exu Caveira: He serves. He is a worker like me. 

Young, to talk about the Exu hierarchy, would have to speak of the entire consensual  of the hierarchy, and concencionale of human consciousness to the dualism of good and evil. 

There are hierarchies for those that vibrate within one conscencial field a grouping within one consencional which favors the belief and the faith of many adherents of a religion, with various grades and sub-grades of awareness in the things of the good, or, in perdition in the evil things. 

So if I start say that I am inferior or superior, in fact I‘m nothing. I am only a server, young

But there are those who say that they are superior, but not like, ya speak on earth, is because that’s how some consciences conceive as right, wrong, reality, realism for themselves as true, for the same incarnate, and similar fans and practitioners to this concept, in order to take place in their life towards the belief, and thus refining their faith in the things of the spirit of truth. Do you understand?

Reporter Jefferson: Yes, I do. What exactly is your work in the spirit world?

Exu Caveira: Young, Each Eshu, personalized, personified, is an anomaly or a human virtue. (he gives some examples)

John Caveira: a skull: Ignorance and also the virtue of comprehension. They are polarities.

Tiriri: It may be egoism, and also altruism. 

For people who are listening: It is not the Eshu who brings what is bad and what is good.
It is the exu who suit before the people, modulates it all within you, always respecting the free will. 8




The Apocalypse of John – introductio

Many people who are saints, they were beast in other incarnations. Not everybody are prepared to listen to what I’m talking about… Exu Ventania

Many people who are saints, they were beast in other incarnations. Not everybody are prepared to listen to what I’m talking about… Exu Ventania

Dear readers,
since  few months ago I had the inspiration to write a little bit about the  Apocalypse in the Bible.
Once this Gospel of John is  very controversial and with difficult of interpretation, I pray for God, Jesus and my spiritual mentors, to stand nearby me, with the light of knowledge. So, may I be able to deliver to you guys a safe  and easy understanding work.

For this work, I will use two different sources: Spiritism & Umbanda

Spiritism: The interpretation of the book “On the way to the Light“. Year: 1939, made by spiritist and professor André Sobreiro.

Author: Emmanuel spirit Psychography: medium Francisco Xavier.

Umbanda: the dialogues of Mr. VentaniaThe Lord of the Winds and Storms, which is incorporated in Umbanda, through the Medium Fernando Parada. 

In one of his reincarnations, Lord Ventania lived in Galilee, where he had contact with Judas, Andrew, Mary of Magdala and once stood and talked directly with Jesus.
A few months ago he made many revelations regarding to the events of Galilee at that time, and also the interpretation of the Gospel of Judas.

I pray to the winds of Orion to protect me and take all the negative energy away, so that in the near future I may also translate the dialogues, which has a lot of importance to the future generations.

Book: On the way to the Light. Year of Publication: 1939

A few years before the end of the first century after the advent of
new doctrine, since the spiritual forces operate an analysis of the bitterness situation
in the world, in the face of the future.
Under the aegis of Jesus, establish new lines for the progress of
civilization, marking the initial features of the European countries of the times
modern. Rome is no longer representing, then, to the invisible plane, but an
infectious focus that is necessary to neutralize or remove. All gifts of
High had been ignored by the imperial city, transformed into a
Vesuvius passions and breakdowns.

The Divine Master calls the soul of John to the spaces, who still found caught in the Earth’s bonds.

The Apostle, astonished and afflicted, read the symbolic language of the invisible.

So, recommends him the Lord, who delivered his knowledge to planet as a warning to all nations and all peoples of the world, and the old apostle of Patmos  transmits to the disciples the extraordinary warnings  of the Apocalypse.

All subsequent events  to the existence of John are there foreseen.
It is true that, often, the apostolic description penetrates darker ground; it is seen that his human expression could not faithfully copying the divine expression of their views of thrilling interest in the history of mankind.

Wars, future nations, the torments Forthcoming, commercialism, ideological struggles of occidental (Western) civilization are there, glimpsed detailed (foreseen).

And the most painful figure there related, which still offers a vision of the modern world, it is surely that of the wayward Church of Rome, symbolized in the beast, dressed in purple and drunk with the blood of the saints.


Revelation says that the beast could say great things and blasphemies
for 42 months, adding that her number was 666 (Rev. XIII, 5 and

Examining the importance of symbols in those days and following
the track of interpretations, we can take each month as of
30 years, instead of 30 days, obtaining in this way, a period 1260 ordinary years, precisely the period between 610 and 1870 of our era when the Papacy was consolidating after its appearance, with the Emperor Phocas, in 607, and the decree of papal infallibility to Pius IXin 1870, which marked the decay and a lack of authority of Vatican, in face of scientific, philosophical and religious developments of Humanity.

As for the number 666, without referring to interpretations Greek numbers in your values, we should use the  Romansnumbers in their significance, to be more publicized and well known, explaining that it is the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Church-who uses the titles of

Vicarius generalis DEI IN TERRIS“, “Vicarius FILII DEI” and “DVX
Cleri ” 


Vicar General of God on earth “,” Vicar of the Son God ” and ” Prince of the clergy. “

Suffice it to a student a little game of patience, adding the Roman numerals found in every title Pope, in order to find the same equation 666 in each tittle.
It is seen, therefore, that the Revelation of John has singular importance for the fate of terrestrial mankind.

As for the number 666, without referring to the interpretations with the Greeks numbers on their values, we must use the  Roman numbers, in the significance of them, to be more publicized and well knownexplaining that it is the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Church, who uses the titles of Vicarius generalis DEI IN TERRIS“, Vicarius FILII DEI” and “DVX Cleri “meaning,” Vicar General of God on earth ,” Vicar of the Son of God” and “ Prince of Clergy. “
It will be enough to the student playing a little patience game, by adding Roman numerals, found in each papal title, in order to find the same equation 666 in each of them.

It is seen, therefore, that the Revelation of John has singular importance for the destiny of terrestrial mankind.

But to return to our purposes, fulfilling us to recognize in the Gospels a wonderful and divine light, that the incessant flow the centuries has only been able to revive and rekindle.

They are who keep the summary of all textbooks of peace and truth into the lives of men, being the script of light and love, through which all souls may ascend to the luminous mountains of Wisdom from Heaven.

Out-of-body experience – Part 1

Any laboratory may proof life after death, but if you do not have own experience of visualize this, you will not be convinced. Dr. Sergio de Oliveira

Interview with Dr. Sérgio Felipe de Oliveira, spiritist,  neuroscientist physician, Master in Medicine from the University of Sao Paulo and researcher at the pineal gland.


Date of Publication: 23.04.2013

Photo: Miss Froggy – Sweeden 2012

Program: Transition Tv

Reporter Delma: Is there life after death?

Dr. Sergio: That´s a question… Today science is studying the question of Life after death , because materialism got no scientific evidence. If we consider, since the philosopher Kart Rene, 400 years ago, science was never able to prove that the Materialism is a  existential reality.
So, we are taking new directions, and universities has been researching on this event of afterlife, especially, the University of Arizona in the United States, in the psychology of college, where there is a research laboratory on the afterlife.

So, in the American official science this is already a reality. Already known are the
studies and research concerning reincarnation, but objectively afterlife being a current keynote in research.

Reporter Delma: And also in the Espiritism doctrine we have several
representatives books. The first one will become Movie Now on September 3 is the
our home”, psychographied by Chico Xavier

Dr. Sergio: The “our home” tells the story of a doctor who comes from the spiritual world, to bring news and tell how is in the astral world. This matter interests me a lot because it is a doctor who brings an angle on this. The book was written, psychographic by Chico in the decade of 40 and was seen as a religious belief.
Today, the universities are beginning to study, such as scientific hypothesis.
Now, I think, the question of life after death is a personal discovery

Any laboratory can find out (check) life after death, but if you do not have an experience (possibility) of visualize this, you will not be convinced.

I myself went through an after death experience when suffered a cardio-circulatory collapse, but I did not see the tunnel of light.
But I saw my dropped body.
Incredible is that the clinical reasoning remained intactI practically made my own diagnosis, as if dealing with a patient in the ICU. So, during this time, I had the living proof that life goes on.

So, this conviction is very strong inside of me, and science only goes to reinforce in parallel to this issue, then there is life after death.

People need to open the head to this hypothesis, because life has meaning only if she has a continuum. Otherwise, life is empty.

The Inner Journey – Know thyself

Start investing in your inner being. and do not think you going to stop there, because when you’re disembodied, being in the spiritual side of life, you will realize that the learning system is eternal. Exu Veludo

Spirit: Eshu Veludo          Medium: Robson Pinheiro


Date of Publication: 19.03.2015

About the Medium: Robson Pinheiro is medium, writer and therapist 


Good night people I‘m Velvet. Some call me Eshu, others call me Guardiam and has others that are very mad, they call me Menthor. However, I do not have any tendency to Menthor. I’m just a guardian.
My function is to work on earth, near of you, helping when help is possible, and today, since much is said in self-defense psychic and energetic, is appropriate us speak a little of what I know. I don´t know very much, however,  It is something that could help you guys enough.
When we talk in defense system, referring to the medicine was saying a few years ago regarding the immunological defense. But today, with the passing of time, medicine has remade this speech.
The defense system became system of balance, human equilibrium. You see, it’s very different from each other.

Defense gives the impression that the soldiers are very ready to attack.
Balance is an internal harmonization system, in which the parts contrary station virtually at the same level,  the system on which I will talk bout.

The balance system is not just the idea that you have perfection. No, far from it.  

The internal balance I refire is a coherent attitude to life consistent with what you guys do or say. Your attitude on a daily basis, in your behavior are consistent with his speech. So I will talk about this internal balance system.

Do not point any kind of external action, such as channeling, evoking spirit, have the best guardian at your side, if you do not have an internal balance system.
When I talk about balance, I mean for you to be well resolved with yourself.

We, on this side, so we light the condition of guardians, we study at least 40 years. Of these 40 years, it is a necessity that we submit ourselves to a therapy. In other words, we face our own fears, facing us our shadows, that we know to live with them and admit that many times we are not so good. We’re not as good as we disclose or as others believe. Ie live with us the way we are, with no pretense of holiness and without any pretense of superiority that I know more or of what I will win more than the other. that means I have to be in balance with my emotions, with my thought.

Now, I will transcend a little more, because talking to balance very difficult for anyone who is incarnated.Balance and imbalance is very difficult to establish.

However, if I talk to youthat is necessary to be consistent with our words, consistent with what we defend, consistent with what we preach, that attitude is consistent with what one speaks, then talk of consistency is easier for you to understand what internal balance means.

In other words, ie you need to stop wanting make  out of the body trips (astral journeys), but has the courage to take a journey into yourself. When you establishe this harmony, this inner acceptance as much as the knowledge of what goes on inside you, then yes we, the guardians can do something to your advantage. You guys can call us whatever guardians or Eshus. Be free to call us how are you feeling. It´s Alright. For us the words are of little importance.

What matters is the meaning behind the thing, then to maintain security, from
personal safety, since you hit the streets on a daily basis, being robbed or not, the spiritual security of having an attack of nonphysical spiritual or energy safety and any such type of security is up to you to be well with yourself, confronting and knowing yourself. I believe that the purpose of you
studying who are studying now, to do this diving, much more knowing than to defend

because once you know yourself, all systems of defense, self-defense, are immediately activated

I will illustrate: the human being has his defense natural system , which you know as aura. In a field with approximately 5 meters, from the physical center of the body, which the silver cord stretches with relative facility. Up to that point, from there it
also extends, but not with the same naturally, elasticity.

Inside this perimeter, then it establishes an individual  force field. However, from  the internal problems to external challenges, the difficulties of day by day, interpreted by the individual, may  break the electromagnetic structure of the substrate, that you guys call as aura. 

I will use this term because it is a term that you are used to. Now, if your aura is broken, exposes you to the risk of leaving your yard and the dog catch you, bite you. If the aura is broken, it means that there is a trauma behind it, or fear.
Fear exhale a smell of human beings. Who’s afraid, exudes smell, an appropriate odor. Who loves, exudes an appropriate odor. The one, who got energy security, security in himself, also exudes a type of  easily noticeable odor, with a vibrating frequency.

So, in some places in your worldoften they say that a person attracts thief. Not the thief is looking for the person, but the she attracts the thief. She attracts the dog to bite her… She attracts a lot of difficulties, because she is with a ruptured aura which makes exhale a  psycho physical elements  of this person, perfectly perceptible to others in certain situations.

See, we do not have the possibility to reverse this process, if you do not do an internal diving, to get to know your own balances and internal defense systems.

And I believe that this is the proposal to study on psychic self-defense. Especially is to study about yourself, making an inner journey without fear. Starting there, then you do not have to solve the problems but you will have to face them and be aware of how you are, and what your chances are…
Once you do this trip, whatever spiritual presence of a guardian or a mentor can do something to your advantage.

But if you want to transfer to another, either to the disembodied or for us to do, we have no absolutely no conditions to help those who do not help themselves.

This means that unethical behavior, done consciously, it is an impediment to the person to be helped.
This does not mean that we do not want, but we can not as spirits we can not do everything … Therefore there is the partnership on both sides. Join this.
The social evolving needs, Reincarnatory associates: Many people reincarnated in need of learning go through certain situations, with certain challenges and obstacles, so that they can bring out of inside of them values which have been squandered in past experiences. And against this, which is the higher law, a spirit can do nothing.
We can only, then, when that event occurs, we can delve deeply and understand what the message that life is bringing to each of us, at times of challenges.

This does not mean that we deserve. The issue here is not deserving, but the necessity of learning.we often need to go through the pain. It is not a question of merit or demerit, but the need so we can make an internal lapping and re-educate the way of seeing life.

For example, the crisis that everyone talks about all the time. Crisis is nothing more than the strength and the voice of the universe. The voice of life calling you to take a more dignified, honest and more streamlined approach under the circumstances. What you did not learn in good times, the crisis comes to teach. This can be personal, professional, emotional, the country’s crisis. It is a way that leads to life, to wake people up.
So often people ask: “Why the spirits did not  helped?  Why the guardians did not helped me? 
First we are not here to help you. We are also human beings. In my case, I work as a human being, with all human limitations.
And we are not slaves of the incarnated (people) to keep drawing you from the hole, every time that you guys voluntarily throw themselves.
We are neither slaves nor employees. So you guys have to change the concept immediately. Spirit is not employed by medium and not for anyone. If you fall? Your problem. If you want to get up, raise your hand, that we help. But you have to give a hand and make your effort.

We are not sympathetic in misfortune. We sympathize at the moment uplifting of the human being, to recover their moral values,
spiritual and human dignity.
If we were sympathetic in misfortune, we will fall into the pit with you and we would be lamenting the same way as you. This is solidarity of doom. Ie you fell. It was you who fell, I do not have to jump in the hole.
But I can put the ladder. However, you will have to climb each step, making your own effort. Me and the guardians will be there to give a hand to pull you but you have to make the effort.
Spirits do not come to eliminate proofs, even obstacles from human being. At least, not the spirits of my class and I may say that mine is no different from yours.
I am neither a mentor, but I am spirit that handles the dayto-day human situations. And look, I know of no one spirit, who throw in the hole and is weeping with his pupil.
Not. He will do his job, while the pupil stay there in the hole. The time that he wants to leave, he (the pupil) makes a prayer, asks for help and spiritual guide extends his hand, puts the resource, or shows the existing resource. But he, the pupil must have courage. Courage and a minimum of intelligence, to give step by step in order to get out of the situation.

We are partners and not substitutes for work. We do not replace the work you have to do.We do not replace the effort that is up to you. Also not have replaced your need for learning. No! We are partners!
We show you, “Look, turn your back, because there is a ladderAnd one may say, “But I do not want this ladder, I want a treadmill“I’m sorry, because life gave you this.”

To the other, we may say, “Turn your back, because by your side has a rope.He replies, “But I want a ladder I do not want a rope.“I’m sorry, for what you have only that.” But I hold the rope on the other side, so you will not fall.
But you have to tie the rope and make the effort. To see that the partnership is different from replacement. The spirit, especially the guardian
do not overwrite the effort of anyone. If it is not so, he is making the apology of laziness.
And here‘s side we have a lot to do, there are many people waiting to be helped.
To these we help yet must to have a conscience: Help is never what you expect. So you have to have a minimum of intuition. But intuition will only work if you work.
Intuition does not come to anyone who stays with crossed arms. The extra-physical energetic help of intuition, only works if you are hardworking, doing something.
If you are with crossed arms, asking the guardians, mentors and teachers with folded arms or kneeling in the corner, the intuition goes away and ascends the faith in other person, who is working.
And you remain in the same situation, until wake up. Unfortunately or fortunately, it was not me and have not been the guardians of the spirits who have created the system. (God law)

This system was created by the creator,  through the mind director of the universe.
We do not make the law. We make it be fulfilled. We are law enforcement officers, agents of justice, yet we do not create these situations. If you feel bad, talk to the creator.
It has always been like that and always will be. We have inserted in this context, as practitioners of justice, to make the law be fulfilled. But the law does not meet the benefit of “A” or “B”, to rid you of this problem or the other. It is not like this.

The law is fulfilled according to the harmony of the whole, and not the benefit of the parties. If one part wants to get benefit for his own, this is called selfishness. The law does not work that way.
So we can help you, since you are in the general context of the harmony of the cosmos.
A lot of people want to be helped to material matters, for professional or emotional issues. What we have to see is: Are you willing to benefit yourself, regardless of the general situation? If so, be careful what you ask for. It may be that some crazy being, on this side, may grant you. And then after three months, you will regret what you asked….
Therefore, even to ask for help, and spiritual energetic protectionhas to have a minimum of intelligence, to do a minimal evaluation of the situation.

Aquilo que o evangelho fala, é para nós um código de conduta, um codigo de psicoterapia, As the own medium sometimes speaks: The gospel teaches us to pray, to have faith. But it has to be, above all, intelligence to ask. Because maybe you can receive. But after you receive, you‘ll have to embitter with the result .

The spiritual help comes, she’s on our side. Genuine help, who has responsibility for the universal law of harmony of discipline as well There’s this help. It is present, close to all. But the effort is just yours.
Do an analysis if your attitudes are being ethical or unethical.
In an unethical, you may even take advantage. you may overlook the other, you can abuse the others. You can even win over the work of your neighbor.
But there is the law of return. And today, in the 21st century, I can
say to you: Even on this side (spiritual world) exists computer.

Not expected more for the next reincarnation. The answer comes in the same incarnation. And also, the dividends in interest and monetary correction (Karma), to whom acts of anti-ethical way.
Therefore, to be good is a question of intelligence. Being ethical is a matter of being intelligent.
To face the an extraphysical world, the invisible world, and having the inhabitants of the invisible world as partners, is intelligent.
We have no magic wands or a wand of Harry Potter, to make miracles a lot of people expect. But we have the ability to be at your side, to help you, if you take the first step, if you want a partner, if you set on you ownwithin your interior, at least one consistent attitude with your speech, coherence and attitude which is commensurate with what you preach with what you talk.
We do not expect perfection, but want to be a minimum of coherence. With this act, you already attracts the sublime forces of life, the positive energies and at the same time removes immediately, those discordant energies, which often can be distracting.
So, be aware of this, for you to understand a little more
about spiritual energy security, and even physics.
Be aware that the human being exhale light, but also exhale odors, aromas. In the human aura, everything is perceptive, even by the animals.

Start investing in your inner being. and do not think you going to stop there, because when you‘re disembodied, being in the spiritual side of life, you will realize that the learning system is eternal.

No one lights any position this side, if it is not through sweat and labor. No one reaches the podium without spilling sweat and without leaving pieces of himself by walking (Ego).

Merit” This is the discourse of religious, because no one has them. We have work investment. Those who do not invest in their own knowledge, those who do not open hand of religious dogmas, human misery, of wanting everything for themselves and nothing to the other (selfishness), who does not invest powerfully in his
spiritual growth, intellectual, professional, social and emotional

If you do not invest, you do not reache the podium of victory.
Because the crown of victory belong those who are studying, working, investing
without fear and boldly.
This is the word of Veludo (velvet), for those who like and for those who do not like.

Good night to you.


The World

When someone falls into error, we extend the arms supply of the wrong brother, avoiding criticism, which only precipitates even greater falls. Let us remember that tomorrow could be our turn to fall as well. Any spirit will build a ladder of ascent, without meeting certain requirements of mutual assistance. Bezerra de Menezes

It’s better, sometimes, dealing with those who say they have no religion and loves his neighbor, serving him, than with those who claim to be religious, not loving others and exploring them.

Spirit: Bezerra de Menezes     Medium: Francisco Xavier


Photo: Miss Froggy – France 2014

The World

The world is full of gold: Gold in the ground. Gold at sea. Gold in the vaults.
But gold does not solve the problem of poverty.

The world is full of space:  Space on the continents. Space in cities. Space in the fields.
But space does not solve the problem of greed.

The world is full of culture:  Culture in education. Culture in the art. Culture in the opinion.
But the culture of intelligence does not solve the problem of selfishness.

The world is full of theories:  Theories in science. Theories in philosophical schools. Theories in religions.
But theories do not solve the problem of despair.

The world is full of organizations:  Administrative organizations. Economic organizations. Social organizations.
But organizations do not solve the problem of crime.

To extinguish the scourge of ignorance, which cherishes misery; to dispel the shadow of greed, that creates the illusion; to exterminate the monster of selfishness, which promotes war; to cancel the worm of despair, which promotes madness, and to remove the crime of the pool, which carries misfortune, the only effective remedy is the Gospel of Jesus in the human heart.
We are therefore worthy, extending the Doctrine that unravels the letter, the construction of the New Humanity, radiating the influence and inspiration of the Divine Master, the emotion and the idea for the guideline and conduct, by word and example and paraphrasing the unforgettable concept of Allan Kardec, around the charity, proclaim to the world’s problems: Outside of Christ there is no solution.

About the Author: Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti (29.08.1831-11.04.1900) was a doctor, soldier, writer, journalist, politician and exponent of Spiritism in Brazil.


The value of Life – Part II

Today let’s talk about how important it is to fall in love into the life. Therefore, it seems of elementary importance that even understanding the seriousness of suicide, our action that is compatible to the gospel, forgiving 70×7 times and love the next as ourselves
André Trigueiro

Our biggest challenge at the height of desperation it is to breathe deeply and remember: Tomorrow is another day” André Trigueiro

7th Spiritualist Congress of Rio Grande do Sul – Theme: The Gospel in the world and in hearts

Lecturer: André Trigueiro, Journalist, editor in chief of Cities and Solutions, Expert in environment and author of several books


Youtube: https ://

Published: 06/11/2013

Photo: Miss Froggy – Germany 2015

The value of Life – Part II

Understand the pain means: It hurts, but I’m realizing that this is part of my evolutionary project.
It is deriving from the imperfect way in which I lay myself on the board of the physical existence. Now suffering is the deterioration from this state, in many cases, for us to be impatient and intolerant of certain processes that are part of life.

Depressive state is not depressionDepression is a mood disorder that determines the interference in the biochemistry of the brain.

The brain synapses are compromised. the passage of information from neuron to neuron happens slowly. This makes the depressive, are often unable not even get out of bed to take coffee, open the window, even to answer the phone.

It is an existence as “dead aliveand he suffers when someone comes to him and says: You have health, you have a job, you have a lovely family and you are lying down, sleeping… Stand up!

Anyone who has experiences to live with a person who suffers from depression, she knows how difficult this coexistence, and know how important is to provide support, help and solidarity for those who are going through this painThe worst thing you can say for a depressing is: “Get up!” There are other methods to deal with it.

What is the exit to confront the depressionI will quote the divaldiano method“:

Three basic providences:
1. Enjoy the privilege of being embodied in the 21st century and make use of what any other last incarnation has been at our disposal, in our hands: Antidepressant medication recommended by a doctorhaving the patience to see if the formula and dosage are compatible to us, waiting for the outcome.
What the Greeks in antiquity called melancholy, in many cases, are depression. Until recently there was not antidepressants. Save the world of regeneration, which is coming up with important cocktails of antidepressants to interfere with the biochemistry of the brain.

Solve the Problem? No, but he helps. Do not open hand of this first feature. He is the first therapeutic step. 

2. The indispensable and urgent support from the therapist, for him to helps the depressive person to better understand who he is, what bothers or weakens him, where this lack of courage or lack of disposition come from, the possible causes of this present life, who are causing this lethargy, this difficulty in handling of bodily existence. It is not possible to open hand of the therapy.

3. The last, and also very important: The fluid therapy. Lamartine Palhano Junior, espirita researcher says: In approximately 70% of cases, depression is associated with the action of obsessors.

By tuning law ((frequency)), it is appropriate to seek recourse from the fluid therapy, the magnetic pass (Please see: Franz Anton Mesmer), in order to get during this difficult period, having at least one rear protection of the action of evil spirits.

Still talking about depression, I’ll to repeat what said Joana de Angelis (spiritual Menthor of the Medium Divaldo Franco): The depression has its origin in the spirit that reincarnates with high dose of guilt when walking in the evolution processon negative factors that point out his march, and not resolve to be free definitively
This vulnerability, in large part of the cases, is guilty.

The depressive need to mobilize forces to, at least have hope. Patience, that that phase is going to end.

The psychiatrist Jaider Rodrigues de Paula, which is spiritualist, tells us: “The matrix of depression are insipid in the perispirit. The physical body reflects the spiritual body. If the reincarnating brings, carved into the psycho-soma, the matrix of depression, will influence the genetic selection of the elements that could, is a possibility, enabling the physical life; if the person concerned wishes.”
LOOK AT THE FREE WILL. Diseases are effects, not causes.

What does it say spiritism about suicide:

There’s no other spiritualistic philosophy, religion, mystical current that offers us so much information and subsidies to understand the reality of suicide in the spirit world.

It is important to know that, under any circumstances, the suicidal act will represent relief, either improvement of emotional conditions for the one who exterminates him or herself. However,  the spiritual destiny of suicide is not equal for everybody. One has to recognize gradations of postmortem experiences of the suicide of the body.

Example: The one, afflicted with schizophrenia, deeply disturbed by not able to clearly distinguish what is true from what is hallucination. And eventually the subject of hidden forces that encourage the abortion of this existential project. And when he kills himself, he can not and should not suffer the same fate of that other, which acts coldly, with no psychopathology disturbe, in which gives up life without purpose, a cold and calculating act.

This one which enjoyed full physical and mental conditions, to follow throughout the course of fleshly existence, when abandon existence, he will have to understand, pedagogically, through the pain, the mistake of this act.

Another important question. We lose time, in my view, when we ask, like that: “Who is the suicidal?and some will say, “it’s a coward who abandoned the existence” while others will say: It is a brave man, because we have a survival instinct. It is not easy precipitate own death

Let me say that this is an irrelevant discussion. What matters is to recognize that all suicidal, when they decide to make this imprudent act, they want solution. They want to solve a problem that causes a profound existential anguish.

This is my vision, and I may say that bothers me a lot to see Spiritist people pointing their finger, saying angry, calling the suicide as a criminal.

We are reincarnationists. Which of us can say that in a past life not commit the same acts, to solve problems? And if we left the hole we found ourselves because of this action, it is because, instead of pointing the finger, someone gave us the hand.

Therefore, it seems of elementary importance that, even understanding the seriousness of suicide, our action that is compatible to the gospel, forgiving 70×7 times and love the next as ourselves. This is the gesture that is expected in the direction of suicide.

Let me say, that bothers me also in the final prayer in a Espiritism institution, after a lecture or any other activity of the house, in which we remember the orphanage, asylum, the hospital, the abandoned dogs and kittens … We remember all those in need, poor, miserable, insane But do not remember the suicide. 

It is the taboo that I said in the beginning. The Tabu is present in some Spiritist houses, prejudice as well.
The suicide people are our brother in humanity. They went wrong and need us to move on.

We need this ethical positioning, do not condemn on principle, but, pardon on principle and extending the hand.

I recommend a book because it brings numerous messages regarding the suicide problem, psychographic by Francisco Xavier, which is called: ” Suicide and its consequence”. I will report a part of it, where Brother X interview a suicidal woman of 32, who passed away in Rio de Janeiro, ingesting formicidae. The outcome of the interview is presented in topic:

  •  She did not have any religious faith.
  • She remained completely lucid and for a long time when death occurred.
  • She suffered with terrible suffering, when found disembodied. 
  • She could hear the cries of her husband and young son, beseeching for help
  • When the hearse collects her body, she tries to stay at home but she could not.
  • She was in a morgue compartment, crying maddening
  • To find herself naked on the autopsy table, immediately trembled with shame
  • After two men open his belly, without any ceremony, endured showers of cold water on the exposed viscera.
  • Prayed, the way the desperate freaks, without any notion of God.
  • Although many friends and family, who were disembodied, tried to help her, was not possible. Because of her suicidal condition, she was still in its fullness of the vital physical forces. She was still materialized, under the body of flesh.
  • Attended the own funeral, with horror imaginable.
  • Being mentally blind of pain, she could not see the spiritual benefactors of the cemetery. This touched me the first time I read it, because even when we commit the imprudence of killing ourself, our guides and our mentors are on our side. We are never alone.
  • Does not know how long she was in the tomb cell.
  • When the magnetic rope broke (silver cord that unites the perispirit of the physical body). When the magnetic rope broke away, she were able to stand up in the grave.
  • After a long time of prayer and remorse, she obtained assistance from missionaries spirits, and was admitted to a treatment field in the spiritual world.


The reason she decided to kill herself was: Jealousy. Her husband, who were  sympathized with another woman.

Well. Humberto de Campos (author) asked her if that attitude had brought some benefit. She answered the following: Only complications

After 6 years of absence, hurt by terrible longing, she was allowed and had permission to visit the residence, which still thought and thought, be her home, she got a huge surprise. For did not help her own punishment: “My husband, still young, needed company and chosen to his second wife, the abominated rival. He and my son, they were on the care of the woman who raised me hate and anger.

In other passages in this book say that, people who commit suicide at the peak of hopelessnesssometimes the solution of the problem occurs hours after the fatal act, the next day …

It’s amazing to divine providence. It is time to overcome.

Our biggest challenge at the height of desperation it is to breathe deeply and remember: Tomorrow is another day

We have to allow time for the issue to take its course.
It sounds simple, but it is not.
And there are those who read the gospel at the height of despair, hoping a direct message, wanting an answer to his problem. Then he is disappointed, when finally become from the mediumship in the center, “came a message for you.” The light spirit, indirectly sends the message of strength and energy. But for him is not enough. He wants the spirit write, directly, about his problem. 

He crumples the paper and throw in the trash. Oh God, I prayed so much for an answer. And that’s what sent me a phrase that appears in any literary work of Chico, Divaldo, Raul?”

Any little problem, consults the spirits, not walking by own efforts 

Spirits of light, by definition, tends not to mix the smallness that beset us on a daily basis.

Evolution is merit. Evolution is a personal and not transferable process.

If the spiritual guide decides to write: Alberto, tomorrow don´t go to work. Trust me, and look for another job. In relation to your wife, you have to impose youself…”  There is no merit, there is no evolution.

The stone was placed and there is no reasons to celebrate .. An existence passes quickly, the solution expected for that project didn´t come. We should ask at this moment: Is it God who punishes?

Why punishment is not applicable here? I will give an example: It is night at home. Suddenly gives a problem in the electrical network and there is no light.  The father lights a candle. A small child decides to play with the candle and starts passing the finger between the flame, until burn out.

The question is that: God punished the boy because he put his finger on fire?
Do not seem to be the reason…

The encounter of a carbon structure, full of nerve endings, called finger” with the elemental energy of the universe, called “Fire“, with high calorific power, results in a degradation to the carbon structure, with repercussion on the nervous system.
It is the nature at work. Are the laws governing life and the universe.
It is not God’s punishment, if you burned your finger.

2.d Part: 44 min.


Thanks for reading and have a week with a lot of peace and good energy into your life. 

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Life is Beautiful

Even in the face of all the difficulties, life is worth being lived. miss Froggy

Spirit: André Luiz   Medium: Francisco Xavier


When you observe on the edge of discouragement, accelerate the footsteps forward, forbidding yourself to stop.

Pray, asking God more light to overcome the shadows.

Do something good, beyond fatigue in which you find yourself.

Read an uplifting page that helps you reasoning in constructive change of ideas.

Try to contact people whose conversation improve your spiritual atmosphere.

Look for an environment where it is possible to hear words and instructions that ennoble  your thoughts.

Do someone a favor, especially one for which you are putting off.

Visit a sick person, seeking comfort those going through more difficulties than yours.

Meets the immediate tasks that await you and preventing you any delay in dismay clouds.

Save the conviction that we are all moving forward through problems and struggles, the acquisition of experience, and that life agrees with the remake breaks our strength, but does not accord with the inertia at any time.

Reflecting in charity of peace and joy, for others, which will capitalize you, increasingly, your own happiness, surely you never lose patience and will know to bring the heart and on the lips the good word and fraternal smile by unceasing blessings of God.

The value of life – Part I

The value of life in a world where suicide is case of public health by André Trigueiro

Why it is part of life suffering, the experience of pain? Because it helps us to build spiritual musculature. Pain is obligatory. Suffering is an option

7th Spiritualist Congress of Rio Grande do Sul – Theme: The Gospel in the world and in hearts

Lecturer: André Trigueiro, Journalist, editor in chief of Cities and Solutions, Expert in environment and author of several books


Youtube: https ://

Published: 06/11/2013

André Trigueiro: Good evening. What cold spring. But this issue we will address tomorrow.
I do not know what you guys have earned at this time, after work, attend a lecture about suicide.
However, when the Espiritism speaks of suicide, he’s talking about life. And life in abundance.
The meaning of life and the absurdity of aborting a project realized with so much love and so much affection before our incarnation.
In truth, we must say at the start of this conversation that will be brief, the issue that brings us here today is a taboo. Tabu is what we prefer not to talk about, for cultural reasons, social reasons, mystical or religious reasons, or even Superstitious

Taboo is a forbidden subject. And suicide is a missing subject of society. And this is not good news.We explain why.

I will share some numbers from WHO, that lend, in my view, legitimacy and urgency to this topic between us.
It is estimated that each year, a number between 900,000 and 1 million people kill themselve worldwide. 3,000 cases accomplished by day 1 every 30 seconds. In Brazil are 26 deaths officially registered. We not appear in the rank of countries where this problem is more serious. However we are in the rank of nr. 76.

The number of people who commit suicide in the world today already exceeds that officially already registered of death by homicide or armed conflicts.

An estimated group between 10 and 20 attempt to kill himself without success. An attempt every 3 seconds.
It was recorded in the last five decades an increase of 60% in cases of suicides, especially in developing countries as Chine, India and Brazil
Although the polls show that the self-extermination happens in most old age, registers with concern the increasing case among the younger population. In Brazil, for example, the peak incidence reaches the age of 21.
For each case of suicide consummated, an estimated group of five to six people, next to the suicide, experience a searing pain, which is not rare, becomes trauma.
Are people who can no longer work with the same productivity index and need medical license, or therapeutic support to regain courage to live and move on without the company of the departed.
So if we have approximately one million cases reported annually, we have a large number of people suffering a lot, because of a very difficult trauma and as a rule, can only be achieved out of this psychological state with psychological help
Finally, the expectation of WHO is that the number of suicide in the world bend till the year 2030.
Suicide is an invisible issue, not covered by the medias and we, therefore, without information, not consider this a problem or mobilize efforts or devotes time and energy to solve.
However it is curious In the area of public health suicide demand information and prevention. So here I am today. I’m a journalist, in my work middle, but it’s not easy to break this taboo and this stigma, and there is still much work to be done in order to break this wall.
When people ask: Why this subject is invisible?
The first answer is: Depending on who one speaks of suicide, this may sound like a suggestion for those who are living a difficult, emotional time or existentially

The first evidence of this occurred in the eighteenth century, due to the first work of success, from a German novelist Goethe “the Sufferings of young werther”, year 1774. A novel in which the main character, disillusioned lovingly at the end of the story decides to kill himself.
And? So at the end of a particular period, after the disclosure of this work which was very successful in Europe. At same time, it was found that many young people at the height of romanticism, disillusioned lovingly chose the same method described by Goethe. Therefore, it is the phenomenon of mimicry

Who was experiencing an emotionally vulnerable situation, can be inspired by books, theater plays, movies or the way the press reports of suicid cases, to repeat the gesture
When marilyn monroe passed away in the US at that time was attributed to ingestion of barbicuris, it seemed intentionally, by mimetic effect, there have been similar cases
When the leader of the band Nirvana precipitated his return to spiritual homeland by suicide doors, verified, as result of imitation, young people, especially in USA, who repeated this process.

Moral of the story: There have to be careful on talking about the subject.

What does say the WHO about the correct way to talk about suicide?
The correct way is to remember that suicide, in 90% of the cases, is preventable

I’ll repeat: According to WHO, in 90% of cases suicide is related to psycho-pathologies, which are diagnosable and treatable .

So, there is not a fatality when someone mentions: I’ll kill myself” or when someone thinks the exit to the problems, is to kill and not there to do, there is no way out, it is a determinism, because the person has already reincarnated, thinking about it .

!!! in 90% of cases, there is what to do !!! In my hands is a report of a study by the health ministry, showing why, in 10 cases of suicide, 9 are avoidable:

The survey involved 15,629 obito certificates. So, they tracked the historical cases of consummated:

Then it was verified the predominance:

  • in 35% of cases the patient suffered of humor disorder and  depression: Those are sickness able to be diagnosed and treated.
  • Disorder related to use of toxic substances, drugs, alcohol was the second most important indicator.
  • Schizophrenia, personality disorder, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders.                    In 90% of cases there is something to do to prevent. We must act!

How is the prevention of diseases such as leprosy, dengue, diarrhea, AIDS, sexual transmissible diseasesThrough information.

In relation to suicide, my friends, the same! But there is no prevention without information. And where there is taboo, there is no room for prevention. 

We need to act in contrary direction of self-extermination! It is not enough to whine. It is not sufficient to pray. We need to act!

I mentioned here some mental disorders order.
Those who study today‘s area, the professional of this area is called suicidologo (investigation clinical psychiatrist). I am not a professional in the area but I have found that psychiatrists who undertake work in the line of investigation and research to try to explain these numbers: Why are so many people killing each other?

This professional investigates why so many people are jumping ship. The little that these professionals have found today is that there is no  determining cause for the suicide happen.
Let’s take an example: “A person, disillusioned lovingly read Goethe’s work, finds out that was betrayed and decides to kill herself.
My friends, let’s put here the statistical absurd it would be, if every  betrayed person, decide to kill herself

From an epidemiological point of view, it is not credible. Let´s put it in another way.

Now, if a person who finds himself betrayed, and this is the logic of suicidpsychologist, not had in childhood the period lap, attention, affection, affection, intimacy with parents or responsible. father and mother are working outside and has no time for children. It is understood…

But time is measured not by the clock. You can only have 10 or 15 minutes a day. But is not that moment when you see a movie, along with your children I speak. Are 10-15 minutes that, the son or daughter realize it belong them. Completely for the child: The heat in the lap, eye to eye, attention. The name of this is emotional nourishment.

What age which has more hunger for affection and love?  0-7 years of age.
Who grows in the domestic environment, surrounded by love and affection, builds a network of protection, which is not 100% effective, but it makes the difference for the rest of life, especially at times when we are needy, insecure, sad, depressed
I have stock of love inside me. I was careful with love, care and affection. And it follows me.

It makes the difference. He who killed himself because he was betrayed, owned any belief in a higher force?
You might call God or whatever name
He owned or not? No. He didn´t have Faith in some higher thing is a vulnerability factor, associated with others who can put that fragile person, in a risk group.

There are other associated factors, but I will not dwell on them. We live in a sexist country (Brazil), in the era of patriarchal society that does not tolerate homosexuality. Homo-affective relations are with prejudice target, at home, at school, at university, at work, on the street …. A person who does not feel part of society feels excluded. And she, depending on a number of factors may be part of risk group. I do not want to live in this world. This world is hostile to me. I‘m not accept even indoors. I am stigmatized for being what I am ” It is a risk factor.

Some research indicates that in Rio Grande do Sul, small farmers who handle pesticides of inadequate way, suffer the side effects of the toxins, which affect the nervous system, determining state of deep depression. Inadequate manipulation of chemical products is a risk factor, with serious side effects..

Indigenous communities, as we have in Brazil, new generations of Indians who are not recognized as Indians by the elders of the communities and by the white man, either. He do not know which tribe he belongs, which society he is taking part of. He does not feel welcomed anywhere. He belongs to a risk factor and this is serious.

Depression: Major risk factor for suicide. It is estimated that a group of 8 to 12% of the population are suffering from mood disorders.

In Brazil are about 20 Millions. worldwide are 700 Millions of depressive.

Important not to confuse depression with depressive state. Depressive state is part of life. Who does not experience sadness or depressive states, is not in full condition of health. Because, being incarnated on the planet Earth means be navigating on a roller coaster, in which there are moments of deep peace, joy, well-being Are those days, when we say like this: “Today I die happy“, while, there are also other times when even being spiritualist, believing in God, praying for spiritual guidance, nothing is going right. We feel alone, fragile and vulnerable.

Why it is part of life suffering, the experience of pain? Because it helps us to build spiritual musculature

As Carlos de Andrade says: Pain is obligatory. Suffering is an option


22 Minutes.


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L’euthanasie? ne pas!

Therefore live!
Enjoy every moment of life, every minute.
Because at every moment life changes and and what was a very great pain, it is a blessing for our healing for the future.
Divaldo Franco

Medium: Divaldo Franco

Source: 5th Congress of the Spiritist Federation of Florida: The Art of True Healing A Spirit Vision 


Date of Publication: 02.06.2015

What happens to the spirit suicidal?

He continues to suffer. And that his suffering is now added to the pain from the destruction of the body.
I always narrate the experience of my sister Nair, who committed suicide in 1939. In 1972, thirty three years later, when my mother was disembodying, she came to my mother.
But she had already often appeared to me during those thirty-three years.

Every time she appeared to me, suffering terribly, absolutely alive with the drama and conflict that led to suicide, along with the horrible suicide pain because she ingested cyanide mercury, and of course destroyed all gastric part of perispirit.

When my mother was past away, she introduced herself and said, come quickly to minimize my pain, I do not stand it anymore.
And my mother took care of her in the spirit world for over 10 years and then brought her to reincarnation, and she warned me that she was back, after more than forty years of stormy life in the afterlife … But I should not interfe myself to change the appearance of her, for she would come up with the marks of suicide.
Three years later came to the door of the mansion of the way” (an institution that medium has to attend poor people in Bahi, Brazil), a woman. She was a descendant of Africans and carried a little child in the arms, which was dying.

The doorman called me and I went there.
The little child was involved on rags. She was the daughter of a garbage picker, in which she informed me, both the mother and the baby, who are nourished of cardboard soup. 

She picked up the cardboard where there was leftover food, throw water on top, put salt and drank that water.

Immediately I took them to our medical center, which is near the entrance. I called my son, who is a physician, and we started to attend both.

The mother said: I will die, but saved my daughter She‘s all I have.

I asked, “What’s her name?
She replied, “Nair”. The same name as my sister. Then came my mother said: “She who came back“.

She had a cleft lip and Focal.It was the result of suicide. It’s a long story, but I will shorten. We started to pass milk on the lips, put away serum, and both survived.

When she was four years, she spoke with difficulty. The palate had very serious problems. The stomach needed very special power.
From time to time she had Blackouts crises but It was curious… One day, I through the kindergarten (nursery child) , she shouted: Didi”. It was like my sister called me for 70 years ago.

I was surprised, came running and asked, “Who called didi?
She replied. “I was didi I am Nair
I said, “But I know you’re Nair
She replied: No, the other Nair The one killed herself.”

So I put her in my arms, very moved. My mother came and said to me:” our daughter is back.
She will have a very short life to rescue, and then will return as a  normal child.”

When she was six years old, she asked me: didi, I’m going to die soon?
I said. “Yes, you will. You will die quickly, to return as a beautiful girl“.

Finally, she had double pneumonia and died 48 hours later.
Now she is back, beautiful as the brother, free from the tragedy of suicide.

It is the most cowardly act that the individual commits against himself and cosmic consciousness. It is cruel because he does not think those who love Him. His selfishness is so great that he wants to get away from the problem. Thus creating problems for people who love him.

Since my sister committed suicide, my mother never smiled. She felt a gentle joy, but always remember the dear daughter who was the oldest.

So, the suicide awareness is an unimaginable cruelty.
When I go to cemeteries and a rare thing, I see many people connected with the material remains, even when there is no more body. They’re half-buried, chronicling the tragedy of own suicide.
Therefore, no way!
It is a word that we should scratch from the dictionary.

Of course, there aggravating and mitigating. But even the mitigating factors not solve the problems. Because the intention to kill, and the intention is that it care, is a violence against God’s laws.

Therefore live!
Enjoy every moment of life, every minute.
Because at every moment life changes and and what was a very great pain, it is a blessing for our healing for the future.