The Death phenomenon – Part 1

Allan Kardec killed the death, and shown to have the death of organic nature is the liberation of the spiritual being.


Spirits temporarily assume a perishable physical body, the death of which restores them to liberty. Human beings consist of the following : a body, or physical being; a soul, an immaterial spirit incarnated in the body; an intermediate link, called perispirit or spiritual body, which unites the soul and the Body. Perispirit is a semi-material envelope, as opposed to the fully material envelope of the body. At death, the spirit sheds the body, but preserves the perispirit. The perispirit constitutes, then, an ethereal body that the spirit can render visible, or even tangible, as in the case of spirit sightings. Spirits belong to different orders; they are not equal either in power, intelligence, knowledge, or ethical excellence. Spirits have many incarnations. From this we can conclude that we have all had many existences, and will have many others on Earth and elsewhere. The chain of incarnations is always progressive. The spirit’s speed of progress depends on its efforts, but it cannot Regress. The soul possesses its individuality before incarnating and will preserve it after the death of the Body. Allan Kardec

Interview with the Lecturer and Medium Divaldo Franco

Date: 03.05.2015


About Divaldo Franco:
It is with joy that we started the “Program Transition”, the spiritual vision for a new era.

We know that in the Spirit Doctrine the death not exist in the its literal sense. We can say that Allan Kardec killed the death. Still , it is an issue that raises many questions and many troubles  in the hearts of People, especially regarding our loved ones who have gone.

To approach this subject, we have our dear Divaldo Franco in our program.

The question is: What is your opinion regarding anxiety that people feel on the face of death of loved ones?

Divaldo: This anguish is inevitable, so the physical absence leaves a big gap in the uselessness of human being.

Often we have a pet, then he dies. Is a very big empty. Regarding the human being, because of the affectivity coexistence, relationship, death is undoubtedly a great challenging to our emotions.

However, if we compare the life of the spiritual world to the Earth, the Earth’s journey is nothing more than a trip of learning School. If we become aware of this transition, we will be getting ready for the moment of longing.

And, when it comes to the death of loved one, we conceptualize this is not the end. It is not annihilation.
The spirit happily shows through psychic experiences the communicability of the loved ones, that dying is only transfer of a vibration to another, of a organic reality for a transcendent reality.

So, death loses all that magic, all  mystery, the meaning of destruction, the goodbye forever, or as some religions say that souls are forever in a place, producing a separation from perpetual nature.

Fortunately, as you said very well, Allan Kardec killed the death, and shown to have the death of organic nature is the liberation of the spiritual being.

Question: What happens to the spirit when death Comes?

Divaldo: According to the lives of every man, so also it is death. Death is a transition from the physical world to the spiritual.
When we lay and lost consciousness, we can symbolize as the biological death.

The awakening of the next day will be accompanied by our reminiscences of before falling asleep. The peaceful people, which has a healthy objective reality and good communication by affectivity awakens impasse. We must always remember the mercy of  God. The loved ones await us beyondtombs.

If we have a dignified life, we will be greeted with jubilations. But if we choose the one full of emotional accidents, behavioral disorders, sensuality… Then, it´s obvius,  we gonna get wrapped in such harmful vibrations deleterious  and remain a long period of disruption.

To die is the natural consequence of living and awakening in the astral will depends how you fell asleep in the material