The greatest King of the World

The history haven’t been told in the Bible.
Because I am not from this world. When I came here, I came with a committee to monitor the evolution and be part of humanity, which is a unit as a whole.


A lot of you loose your life by very small things, without reason. Some things you should let go. Exu Mirim

Espirit: Exu Mirim Caveirinha – Medium: Edgar Souza

Resume of the Dialogue 488 –  Date: 19.10.2015



Exu Caveirinha: We are all working together, serving the same purpose which is to serve the great King of humanity. If  was not Jesus, there was no world anymore, because you guys would have destroyed everything. Human beings think aliens will come and destroy the world …  Have you heard about that?

Jefferson: Yes, i did.

Exu Caveirinha: But who can annihilate the world are you guys. Only you!

But let me continuing… Have you heard his history, when he was thirteen years old?

Jefferson: No.

Exu Caveirinha: Then I gonna tell you one… Before the King of the world came to Earth, there was a great preparation of the cosmos.

During this time, the higher spheres and I were there, following this process

Because me, Exu Mirim , I am not from this world. You guys may think I’m , but am not. I came from a place a little far from Earth. We came to monitor the evolution and be part of humanity, which is a unit as a whole. When I came here, I came with a committee, along with other brothers who migrated to humanity.

4000 years before the greatest King (Jesus) was born into this world, which you know today as Earth, the great Spirits of light began the preparation for his coming.

Before he embodied, must to be done a great cleaning in the lower spheres.

In each of the lower sphere was created points of light to make the maintenance of energies. In this epoch many spiritual colonies were created.

And during these 4000 years, came other brothers from other spheres to join the great moment of the coming of Jesus.

We did the cleaning of the darkest Points…

Some brothers which they were not in the vibration of the planet Earth, we send them to other planets, so giving a relief in the lower astral. Then 4000 years passed very quickly, like a blink of an eye.

For you who lives on the globe, 4000 years is an eternity, but for us it is a breath. Then, 4000 years came and with that, also the cosmic alignment of the stars…

Do you know what it means?  Because exu mirim not follow the human calendar, but the Calendar of stars… When I look at the sky, I see the days, moths and years. For you guys one day is an eternity. For me it’s nothing. Then, through the stars, I can see the happenings. The time had arrived, which the world’s King would go down on the Earth. Then I was looking at the stars, counting every second of his coming. But before he came, had to come others such as Moses and Buddha, for preparing his arrival.

The kingdom of heaven, especially the angels, prepared the womb of Mary to the arrival of the great king of the world. His family was not poor, they had financial conditions. But they were traveling when he was born. During his childhood, the King of the world was very threatened by the forces of darkness, who wanted to end his life. However, his light is so intense, so strong that darkness could not see him. His Aura was very, very great, especially when he was a child.

And I had the opportunity to talk to him when he went to sleep. At the time he was seven years old. When he was incarnate, he not only worked on the Earth, but he get out of the body and worked in the spheres of underworlds. Because, it was an opportunity he had while being incarnated. Did you know that?

Jefferson: No, I didn´t know.

Exu Caveirinha: Since then, when he was on earth, he moved the forces on the other side, down to the underworld. So he lowered his energy to not to be noticed.  There he met three brothers who struggled since more than thousand years.

When these three brothers were reincarnated on earth, they were very rich. One was poorer and ignorant than others. So he cheated and took all the richness of other Brothers.

Then, the other two have come together to put an end to his life. But the thief had informants and found out the plan of the other Brothers and he killed them.

A lot of you loose your life by very small things, without reason. Some things you should just let go.

So, after years, the thief died and disembodied, and so they began to fight on the spiritual side. As I told, since millennium of years ago, without end. 

Then Jesus came in the form of a child. And this child began to play near them. They are noticing and wondering themselves, from where have appeared that beautiful  child.

When they looked into the eyes of that child, they began to cry because, in his eyes there was so much tenderness, so much affection, and there was thousand years that they had no seen it.

Just a look of Jesus made them look inside, reflecting their own acts. When they began to cry, their vibration has increased a little bit, so they could see their mother.  So they ran to meet her.

Do you know who was the mother?  Was Jesus undercover…

And the mother looked to them with a hard look of disapproval, but also with the eyes of love…

So, they burst into tears, purging the energies of hatred, anger that brought in the heart. 

So the King of the world told them to build a house. Because they thought it was the mother, they obeyed. So they got together and began to build a house together, starting to understand eachother again.

This house was widening…And the King of the world told them to help other Brothers which they were also struggling, to build up a little house.

So, it started been spreading… Today, these three brothers have a great astral colony. This spiritual colony is calledMessengers of Peace and Light”.

where Jesus passed by, he helped and built to spread the kindness. You incarnated want to help by donating clothes and Food. But it is not all. You have to work on awareness too. The human being has to have challenges, if not, he shrinks and can not increase.

And today Jesus does the same Thing: Where there is war, there will be peace, there will be Union.

With the union, you guys can build up many things together, but not with individuality.  Individuality is for you to make reflections inside of yourself. Collectivity is to construct things together for the individuality. You are not an individual being. You’re also collective.