Christmas means hope

Pai Joaquim de Angola –

Medium Fernando Parada           Website:

Date: 24.12.2015


The great Obligation of Umbanda is to allow the brother practice their own religion.

Respect the Religion  and the God of your next.

Even if your neighbor does not celebrate the birth of Jesus, Jesus will be born in his heart and also in yours.

The name of Jesus I will translate with the word hope.

Because hope is the last word that dies. Hope is the birth of a better day.

With these twisted words I have, I wish this x-mas evening there is not so much killing of animals.

I wish you guys much happiness. Not of giving Gift, but to be present with your family, with your loved ones and even your little animals.

It is not to give Gift but to be present and be presentBe present on the day of Advent, before God, before yours.

This is the greatest gift you can give God: Being present.

That´s it my children. And a Merry Christmas to all of you.

Pai Joaquim de Angola