Homosapien & World of Transition

The chain of incarnations is always progressive. The spirit’s speed of progress depends on its efforts, but it cannot Regress


God (eternal, immutable, immaterial, unique) created the universe, which comprehends all beings, animate and inanimate, material and immaterial.

Human beings consist of the following : a body, or physical being; a soul, an immaterial spirit incarnated in the body; an intermediate link, called perispirit or spiritual body, which unites the soul and the Body. Perispirit is a semi-material envelope, as opposed to the fully material envelope of the body. At death, the spirit sheds the body, but preserves the perispirit. The perispirit constitutes, then, an ethereal body that the spirit can render visible, or even tangible, as in the case of spirit sightings. Spirits have many incarnations and  belong to different orders; they are not equal either in power, intelligence, knowledge, or ethical excellence.

The chain of incarnations is always progressive. The spirit’s speed of progress depends on its efforts, but it cannot Regress.  According to Allan Kardec Philosophie

Author: Allan Kardec. Spiritist Magazine, October 1866

Source: http://www.oespiritismo.com.br and http://www.aksec.org/

Humanity realized until this day undeniable progress; men, for their intelligence, they came to results that had never reached in regard to the sciences, the arts and material well-being; remains them, still, tremendous progress to be implemented is to be among them charity,
brotherhood and solidarity, for ensure their moral welfare.

It is no longer only development of intelligence that is necessary to men, it is the elevation of feeling, and for this we must destroy everything that could overexcite selfishness and proud. Such it is the period where they will get from now on, and that will mark the Main stages of mankind. This Phase that is drawn at the moment, is the necessary complement of the preceding state such as manhood is Youth complement; she might,
therefore be foreseen and foretold in advance, which is why it is
says the time appointed by God has arrived. At that time, it is not a partial shift from a limited renovation to a region, a people, a race; It is a universal movement that operates in the sense of moral progress. A new order of things tends to settle, and the men that are the most opposed into it work with ignorance; the future generation, cleared of old world slag and formed of purer elements, will be found, lively ideas and different feelings of this generation that goes by leaps and bounds. The old world is dead, and shall live in history, and today the days of the Middle Ages, with their barbaric behavior and their superstitious beliefs. Moreover, everyone knows that the order of Current things left to be desired; after to see, of some sort, exhausting material well-being, which is the product of
intelligence, comes to understand that the addition of this welfare is not
but may be in development moral. The more we advance, the more it
feel that the lack without, however, still be able to define it clearly: the
effect of intimate work that operates for regeneration; have been desires,
aspirations that are as feeling a better stateOver such a radical change as to what is elaborated, can not be Held without commotion; the inevitable struggle between ideas, and who says fight, says alternative of success and setback; however, as new ideas are those of progress, and that progress is in the laws of nature, they can not help but impose on retrograde ideas.  Inevitably, this conflict arose temporary disruption until the ground is clear of obstacles that oppose the establishment of a new social building. The struggle of ideas that will emerge is serious advertised events, not disasters, or purely material catastrophes.

The general cataclysms were the consequence Earth’s forming status; today, no longer constitute the globe entrails stir, they are those of Humanity. Humankind is a collective being that operate the same moral revolutions in each individual being, with this difference that some are fulfilled in year by year, and the other of century by century. It is accompanied in their evolution over time, and shall be see the lives of several races marked by periods which give each time a particular physiognomy.  Beside the partial movements, there is a general movement that gives impulse to entire humanity; but the progress
of each assembly is on the degree of advancement. Such a family consisting of several sons of which is the youngest in the cradle and the
firstborn at the age of ten, for example. In ten years, firstborn will have twenty years, and will be a man; the youngest will take ten years and,
although more advanced, is still a child; but, in turn, will become
a man. So it is with the different fractions of mankind; the most late advance, but they will not know, of jumped, reaching the level of the
advanced. Mankind, already an adult, has new needs, aspirations more
wide, higher; includes the empty of ideas of which was packaged, the insufficiency of their institutions for their happiness; she no longer finds in the state of things, the legitimate satisfactions to which feels satisfied; that is why she launches impelled by an irresistible force, for the unknown edges for discovering new horizons less limited. And it is when it is very poorly on her material sphere, where life intellectual overflows, where the feeling of spirituality blooms, many men, pretended be philosophers, hope to fill the void by nihilism of doctrines and materialism! Strange aberration! These same men who claim to propel it forward, strive by circumscribe it in the strait circle  of matter,  where it aspires out and close it the look of infinite life, and tell her, in showing the grave: Nec plus Ultra!

The fraternity must be the   angle rock of the new social order; but there
is no real fraternity, solid and effective if it is not supported on a   unwavering basethis foundation is faith; not the faith for such particular Dogmas that change over time and People throw stones, because amuse the antagonism; but faith on the fundamental principles that all world can accept God, the Soul, the future INDIVIDUAL PROGRESS, INDEFINITE, THE PERPETUITY RELATIONS BETWEEN BEINGS.

when all men are convinced that God is the same for all, that such a
God supremely righteous and good, nothing may want to unfair, that evil Comes of men and not him, they will look like children of the same father and will the Hand. Only through this faith can get out the real moral progress, because it alone gives a logical sanction the legitimate rights and duties; without it, the right is the one who gives strength; a duty, a human code imposed by embarrassment. Without it, what is man? a little matter that falls apart, an ephemeral being that does not make sense to pass; With such thinking, where are actually the rights and duties? which is the goal of progress?
Alone, this faith is felt to man dignity for perpetuity and progress of the being. Not a future narrow and restricted to personality, but great and
splendid; his thought rises above the Earth; feels grow thinking that has his role in the Universe and that this universe is his domain
may one day go, and that death it will not make a nothingness, or be
useless to himself and others.

While the man is dominated by pride and by selfishness will use their intelligence and their knowledge for the benefit of their passions and personal interests; that is why it applies to processing of the means for
harm to others and to destroy themselves. Only moral Progress can ensure the happiness of men on Earth, putting a brake on the evil passions; only he can do reign including harmony, peace, fraternity. Is he that will lower the barriers of people who will fall caste prejudices, and silence the
antagonisms of sects, teaching men to look like Brothers, called for help and not between to live to each other’s expense.

A sign no less characteristic of Period in which we enter is the obvious reaction which operates in the sense of spiritualistic ideas, repelled
instinctively manifests against materialist ideas.Involuntarily, where the void is made, looking for something, a foothold, a hope. In this great regenerating movement, Spiritualism has an important role, not ridicule Spiritualism invented by a mocking criticism, but the philosophical spiritualism, such as understand who takes the trouble to look for the kernel under the bark. We have said elsewhere: “The more an idea is great, it is more opponents, and its importance can be measured by the violence of the attacks of which is the object.

The number of the ignorant is still great, no doubt, but what can
against the wave that grows, except into it throw some stones?

This wave is Regeneration which rises while they disappear with the generation that go at big steps every day. Until then will defend the ground inch by Inch; There is therefore an inevitable struggle, but a unequal fight, because it is the last decrepit falling into rags against youth future; stagnation against the progress; the creature against
God’s will, because the times marked for it are close.