Portal between Dimensions

Many people are afraid of death. When they die, they are so afraid of , refusing to leave the physical body. When the spirit passes away, he will find in the astral plane what he believed when he was alive.


Espirit: Exu Mirim CAVEIRINHA – Médium: Edgar Souza

Diálogo 325 –https://youtu.be/5EyDymnmO6o

Experiences of life and death

Eshu Caveirinha: When the spirit passes away, he will find in the astral plane what he believed when he was aliveIf he believed in spiritualism, then he finds what was in accordance with what he learned from his belief. If he believed in Umbanda, then he will find something. If he is an atheist and does not believe in anything, then it will get a little lost, not knowing what’s going on.

Those who believe in Buddhism, you will find the other side, something like the beliefs of the land. It will go to a beautiful place, which has a very beautiful energy, with giant statues of Gold. If he believes in Muhammad, he will see temples that are so beautiful. It looks like the place called Taj Mahal, located in India. The Islamic temples are very similar. They are very beautiful colonies.

But if the person has no attachment to formswith a more superior understanding to the material things, then they’re going to unimaginable plans for you guys reincarnated.There are plans that do not have shapes, in which you know as the fifth, sixth and seventh heavenAre plans where scientists work, developing technologies and vaccines, medicines for the future until they reach the earth. There are also places where created other forms of life in which you will live in the future,  like  human Evolution.

For see, the earth is going through a very intense process of Transformation, in which is going to bring openings for new technologies, new forms of life that you guys will have.

About death

Many people fear to die, they are afraid of death. When they die, they are so afraid of , refusing to leave the physical body. So, we must to help those people, otherwise the body goes into  decomposition and they can go crazy, even after death.

So, what we do is: We look at the mind of the person, like a scanner, and look what he or she are most afraid. Once there was a boy who was afraid of rats. So we designed a big mouse and send to him. Then he ran away.

Another was afraid of Cockroach, another of snakes,So, we shape the animals and they left the body, running away.

Do you know why we do it? Because there are a lot of you, who die and keep on the matter (body)

Once there was a man who were afraid of water.

Jefferson: Water?

Eshu Caveirinha: Exacly. Then we shape the water and he too run away. When he leaves the physical body, always someone ist waiting for him. Someone’s family, friends of this or another reincarnation. It is very beautiful to be present at the reencounters. Often I come to cry such emotion.

One time a grandmother was waiting for the granddaughter. This granddaughter was a very evolved spirit, and died in a car accident. She got run over, but the cause of death was do not trampling. She died because of a problem in her head, after the accident. From the blow, even small, was enough to bild up a glaucoma. She had already fulfilled her life time.

Sometimes many of you fall down, takes a slight hit, without least expect it, you guys disembody. It’s all in the planning, because death on the physical plane has to have a reason, an Explanation. It’s like a battery, which emptied. She fulfilled her lifetime and I I came to get her.

We already knew because before she disembodied, she already could see the entity. – Before people die, most of them feel it and see the spirits near by them.- I gave her a rose and opened the channel and brought her to Gramda, and she was very emotioned. Thus, both of Them went to a more evolved plan, where they could wait for her mother.

This transition of worlds happens very often. All the time people go, while others return. This is a very natural process.