Cleopatra & Soulmate

Love Story & Reencounter from other lifetimes


Dialogue  323 – Espírit: Exu Mirim CAVEIRINHA – Medium: Edgar Souza



Not long ago, at the time of the Pyramids, was reincarnated a woman who had a great magnetism. This woman was known to mankind as Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt. Did you know that, in our days, Cleopatra is a Chef of a  Pombagirias legion?

When she was reincarnated on the Earth, she had a great magnetism on men and People.

She used this magnetism in a destructive way, in which she changed several partners, for personal gain, selfishness. There were many, many  men.  She was so selfish that if she wanted a married man with children, she didn´t care.  She demanded that he be there to fulfill her desires. If he refused, his whole Family would be killed. Because of the flesh desires, especially because of vanity, many People were injured.

After she passed away and went to the spirit world, then she saw the way she lived, and what she done and so many destroyed Family.

In the spiritual world, your appearance which you bring to your PERISPIRIT is often the feeling that brings in the heart. She did not carried the appearance of the beautiful woman from another time, but the awful and creepy form the mirror of her Soul. Then she started to changing herself and started helping many families.

When God saw her effort, gave her another Chance, because she had acquiring knowledge of a lot of Magic and were also a priestess, been learning much spell.

Today she works helping the Gruppe of Pombagirias and very respected between others.  Today she try to bring peace and unification of families. Often, because of intrigue and gossip, many couples want to separate. Most of time did not happen nothing, it was all lies of jealous and envious People. Unfortunately many of you have a weak heart, are insecure and do not trust each other, so starting an obsessive process and distrust to your Partner. Then, the legion of Cleopatra of pombagirias comes to help, not only the Union between the couple, but whole family.

The Magic of Pomagirias is to bring the Balance in the sexual Chakra, rebalancing this force Center.

You know the meaning of a betrayal? I gonna tell you a Story about.

There was once a girl who was lucky. A Kind of  lucky that she got everything she wanted win. She was a good person and only wanted the good of all. God blessed her with all the vigor and youthfulness to do good. She was cheerful. She worked in a Umbanda yard. The entity she worked was the Caboclo Xango. Over time she met a young man who frequents the Yard, which both already had met in a past life. The connection came from the Middle Ages.  A spiritual romance, in which the two end up being hanged, but they sworn each other to meet again in another life. because they already knew about reincarnation and of eternal Spirit.

After they died in the Middle Ages, she wents to  higher plans while he went  to lower planes, because of Karma.

In recent reincarnation, she did not know who he was, because when you reincarne again, you Forget everything, bringing only the Tendenz you had as Spirit.

He was a very handsome young man, and when they met each other, it started a very strong magnetism between both and their unconscious worked to unite again.

So, they were three years together. After that period, she past away.

Do you know why? she was wasting away, getting sick, ended the joy of living. The reason was quite simple: This Young guy went began to betray her with other women, went in brothels, not being content with just the kindhearted wife.

When he went to the prostitutes, he returned home, imbued with energies of those women and people from the Environment.

Arriving home, often he had relations with his wife, transferring to it all the energies that were not healthy. Over the years, this energy was accumulating, thereby ending the life energy that she had.

In married life are are parts. When you have a partner, you have to take care of him or her also.  Does not mean giving gifts, jewelry and deliver flowers, but also in the energetic Level.  Because if you change partners, you are exchanging the energies also well. If you can´t be Faithfull, then don´t get married. Live your life as a free Person. Otherwise, you must to be responsable for your Partner, accumulating Karmas for yourself.