Mr. Cipriano, the Soul guide

Love yourself. Love your fellow. love the nature. Extend the hand to those in need. Detach from the world extravagances. Detach from worldly goods, then you suffer will disappear.


If someone who is listening or reading, if that person lost a relative and finds himself desperate for the pain of loss, have patience and resignation. At the right time, all this will be understood and appeased. Don´t get attached to the dead, who already left. As much as the word death is painful, for more difficult it will be to experience this loss, not get attached. He or she have been going in the right time, no matter how difficult it is to accept. Because one day you will also through the same process. Then, detach, so that its passage be the best and easily possible. Try to make your passage less painful than the one who has gone.

Cipriano -Guide of the Souls

Pai Cipriano do Cruzeiro das Almas | Médium: Geison Morais

Dialogue 493 Youtube: Date: 06.11.2015

Jefferson: What is your name?

Pai Cipriano: My name is Cipriano of the Souls.

Jefferson: Many people relate the name with a Catholic saint. It has something to do? Are you the saint people called?

Pai Cipriano: No. I am not. People see what they want to see. People need saints images to symbolize their faith. But I am not the saint, I am another Spirit with the same Name.

Jefferson: What is the specialty of your line? And What is your function in the spiritual world?

Pai Cipriano: The line of the East. The mission I have is to work with people after they died. I come to them after they leave their body.

Because they go to the  spiritual world, bringing much affliction, agonies and desperation. On the spiritual plane has to have someone to guide these suffering souls.

Jefferson: What should we do to not we take to the spiritual plane earthly sorrows, the negative accumulations of the emotional body and the mental body?

Pai Cipriano: You guys need a better spiritualization. Be a better person, not trying to do evil, whoever. It is one of the most difficult things to do in the world, when you try to spiritualize yourself.

You always take things from the material plane to the spiritual. No one is able not taking anything. It is a normal process, otherwise you would be a Saint

As you take many bad habits with yourself when you die, our work is to receive you on the other side. Otherwise, you guys would be lost.

How can we let people dropped, not knowing what to do or where they go?

They already suffered here on the material plane and will still suffer more in the other side?

The poor guy gets there in despair, not knowing what to do, not knowing where to go … These people must have a guidance.

Jefferson: What are the main difficulties that you find on your spiritual duties?

Pai Cipriano: There are three things, which are the impediment to spiritual evolution: The lack of Love, attachment to the material things & the Ego

Jefferson: When you embodies the medium. What kind of work you performs?

Pai Cipriano: I only guide the needy.

Did you know that there are many people in this world who has the backrests and they did not know? (He means spirits who are near by us. Those spirits can be family members who died or spirits who vibrate at same frequence) So, people feel headache, delay in life. The person does not have succeed in the workplace. This is one of the informations that we bring those people. Not only embodied, but especially the disembodied, They need to understand that they should not return here to take revenge for something that has already gone.

Jefferson: How people know if they are been obsessed?

Pai Cipriano: It’s hard to figure out. People begin to realize that things are not well in personal life, emotional life. The plans went wrong, people begin to get desperate, they feel fear, depression. Many of these people seek a psychiatric clinic or seek an Umbanda yard, to get rid of the obsessor. Obsession case is very serious.

Many times you guys are the obsessor of yourself. The own negative thoughts attract what is not good. So it is important to exercise love, charity and prayer. Clear your mind through the prayer.

Jefferson: Many people define obsession as a thought form, and the the obsessor, someone who may have found in other lives. So, are you referring to a the obsessor?

Pai Cipriano: If the spirit comes disrupt a person’s life, it should be called an obsessor.

Jefferson: But if the person walking with a crucifix, a stone in the handbag or a necklace of Umbanda, are they protected?

Pai Cipriano: This is symbolism. People need to see and hold of something to feel what works.

The simple act of closing your eyes, put the palms of the hands together and make a prayer with faith, it is much more effective than any object.

There are people walking with crooked neck, full of protection collars, .but, inside itself, is not spiritualizing as they should, trying to change their bad habits, trying to think positive. The worst enemy of a person is himself. They should try to find own balance.

Jefferson: How do you see, in the spiritual world, the spiritual religions here on Earth? Lack union or something that should have?

Pai Cipriano: It has much dispute. But all spiritual home are equal. What people do not understand is that all people in the world are equal before God. But the ego of the people is still very present. Mankind’s Ego hits again in our doors I observe it with much sadness.

Jefferson: What is the meaning of life?

Pai Cipriano: Love for yourself. Love for his fellow. love for nature. Extend the hand to those in need. Detachment from the world extravagances. Detach from worldly goods, that the sufferings will disappear.

If you have two plates of food, share with the poor person. Give the hand to the one who is hungry, The wretched beggars who ask for a penny, and many ignore him… Spirituality is in the small actions, like The simplicity of movement, respect for parents, a fraternal look… Everything is love.

Jefferson: Can you talk about black magic, and how much it disrupts our lives or is it just silly talk of the people?

Pai Cipriano: It is not silly talk of the people. This is a very serious matter. People suffering of black magic have to be treated by very capable people.

Black magic is in the subconscious of all of us, in which it can be released through a feeling called hate. So, not nurture the hate, don´t have anger of others, because black magic will emerges.

Once my medium received a lady who had been the victim of black magic. Poor of her. Then, I had to transfer her magic for my medium. This guy had to be running the yard for hours, discharging the bad enegies, till he felt better. The black magic is inside of all human beings, which is feed by a feeling called Hate.

Jefferson: Please send a message to the spirits who are on the side of listeners.

Pai Cipriano: Sometimes the spirits become attached living people for a single reason: Missing, longing. Often they do not have evil in the heart, but want to stay close to the loved one, trying to pretend everything is ok, but their time is over. Unfortunately many are not prepared to follow the path on the other side.

For this reason, they need guidance. If they continue next to the living people, they will bring suffering to them and himself. Follow the path of spirituality at the right time. What’s past is past. The longing stay, the love, the memories and consciousness remain too.

Jefferson: What the spirit is losing, if he stays in our plan?

Pai Cipriano: He just loses own evolution. If a particular person is born, he lives his life in the best way, and the time comes where he should to leave to the other side, and he decides to remain in this plane without a physical body, he is breaking the law of evolution.

All of us, embodied and disembodied have to follow the path of evolution. We should not get stuck to what has passed. Time goes on.

Jefferson: If the disembodied spirit heard your voice and decided to follow the path. He is not watching you, just listening. What this spirit have to do?

Pai Cipriano: Are you talking about those who died (ghost)?

Jefferson: Yes.

Pai Cipriano: These spirits will be helped, especially those who were left, by living people.

Often the mind of a relative, such as a mother who lost a son, though it may be the separation suffered, It is a consequence of life. Death is part of life. Many deaths are natural, but many are traumatic.

but it is a karmic division that exists. Given the necessary time of grief, this mother have to let the son go. Many mothers cling to clothes, dead man objects. This holds in mental of the person who has already left, causing both suffering: The mother and son.

An advice is to give all objects to those in need, light once and pray for the dead man’s soul, directing the spirit to follow the path of light, the path of evolution.

Many of those who have departed, get stuck in this material plane, because the family members are responsible of imprisoning them here. Both are prisoners in the same world. Those who love not hold, leaves him free. Those who loves, doesn´t hold, they let it free. True love is which orients to follow the best way, even in suffering.

The prayer is the best companion in the perturbations, sorrows and afflictions.

If the person is holding the spirit at home, she or he is disturbed and need help and must have be directed. Everything has its time. You should not deny yourself and calling spirits.

If you are an incarnate, you have to live your life as best as possible. If the loved one left, you have to find the path you must follow.

Nor the spirits must intervene in the life of the incarnate. Or the living beings should hold the spirit near by.

There will be moments of reencounters.

But people who get calling spirits for fun or curiosity. These people need urgent treatment.

Jefferson: Now, I say the spirit who already died. What he should do? Pray?

Pai Cipriano: He will be automatically helped.

If someone who is listening or reading, if that person lost a relative and finds himself desperate for the pain of loss, have patience and resignation. At the right time, all this will be understood and appeased. Don´t get attached to the dead, who already left. As much as the word death is painful, for more difficult it will be to experience this loss, not get attached. He or she have been the right time, no matter how difficult it is to accept. Because one day you will also through the same process. Then, detach, so that its passage be the best and easily possible. Try to make your passage less painful than the one who has gone.

If the loved one is stuck in this spiritual plane, suffering, the main individual who is making him suffer is you.

Do not get hung up. Free yourself. True love is loose, is oriented, is free.

Jefferson: Last question: Why did you accept to do this dialogue?

Pai Cipriano: You have been advised (inspirated) by your spiritual guides to get in touch with my medium. From the moment that you had contact with him, I started to work on your mental, ate same time in the mental of my medium, so that this work would be possible.´Perhaps, sometimes I can be misunderstood, but spirituality always find means and channels for transmission of our messages, thus developing people to not give much value worldly things.

It’s time to tell some people that, there are three things in life that they must be detached:

Ego. The Ego is one of the greatest misfortunes of the world. Everything that is negative is below the ego. If you want to have someone or things at all costs, that´s your Ego.

The lack of love to yourself and lack of love of others is also another misfortune. How you might want to give love to the next, if you do not love yourself? Nourishes the love for yourself. This nurtured love, will be emanated to all.

I come with great simplicity tell you that, these three things have to be vanish from the mankind:

Ego, attachment to material things and the lack of love.

Love has to be nurtured. As a mother has love for her child, we also have to have love for our enemies, as they need plenty of light.

Pai Cipriano: Excuse me but my poor old medium is shaking. I have to leave him. We continued our conversation another time. Praise God and our Lord Jesus Christ, these dialogue can bring much enlightenment. Jesus be praised forever.

I wish you, that Oxala bless your crown and your work. I humbly thank you for the opportunity to be able to serve.

After 1:12 Minutes

Medium Geison Morais: Hello.

Jefferson: Are you Geison Morais?

Medium Geison Morais: Yes, that´s me. Are you ok?

Jefferson: Wow, your voice is quite different from Sir Cipriano.

Medium Geison Morais: Sorry, but am a bit dizzy. Just a moment… Did you get the interview?

Jefferson: Yes, thank you very much. After talking with the entity, I usually talk a bit with the Medium. How is it, when he is arriving?

Medium Geison Morais: Every time he comes, he is very subtle and gentle. He has a good energy. I like him very much, he is very lovely and I´ve been learning a lot with him.