Global Warming & Collective Karmas

Knowledge has to be touched in the heart. Drink from all sources, hear from all sources, but use reason to separate what is good from the bad. Everything has its period and its time to achieve the degree of consciousness.


I hope this audio gonna spreading the four corners of the World, so that others can also hear. Because  it will make a big difference in the life of others.  

Remember  this date of May 31, 2014. In a few years you‘ll hear it again and will understand what I‘m talking about.  Pena Branca

Spirit: Caboclo Pena Branca – Medium Marcos José Felipe


Salve Caboclo Pena Branca and his Line

Public ‘s questions about global warming, Europe collective Karmas, knowledge of self, Moral, Et´s and Reincarnation I

Question: I am Oxossi son and I wonder if the path I am following is the right way. Can you tell me something about?

Answer: what is the right way? Perhaps this is the great dilemma of humanity. The right one is the one that makes you happy , that gives you access to God and fullness of life.

If he is the Oxossi son´s it means that he is gonna follow the paths of knowledge and prosperity. Not material prosperity but ability to have everything within reach to get more knowledge. if he is happy and balanced, he must answer himself. Sometimes due to lack of awareness, we deluded. When the illusion takes place in our life, is the end of happiness, because the only thing that gives us joy is the absolute truth.

Question: we all have guide since since we arrived on Earth (from birth, reincarnated). usually these spiritual guides (mentors) have lived with us in other life. The work between guide and medium starts because of affinity in the astral world. I´ve been heard, that the spiritual guides work also with different mediums in another location. So, the link between both is only because of affinity or there is a karma discharge between medium and guide?

Answer: Both. Actually he did four questions. Let´s answer one by one.

1st. Yes, there is astral affinity between medium and the entity he works with.

2nd. Yes, there is a Carmic link between both. Please do not understand Carma as negative stuff. It can  be only two spirits which got together to perform a task.

3rd. Yes, the entity, Mentor, spiritual guides may work with different mediums in different places. The spirit can be in different places at same time. For you, incarnated, that´s impossible because you have a linear idea of time and space, but time and space is a spiral, which you can appear in several places at same time.

4th. Not all entities, working with you, are Carmic bond. May be only because of Love. That´s the secret for you. You will be a well-developed mediumship, when you learn that all entities, any form are yourself in another reality. My advice is: Love your spiritual guides, love your entities.

World disasters:

Question: I would like to know about the issues from last Dialogue about the World disasters in the early future. You said, Brazil will be the homeland of refugees. Brazil will be affected? how we should behave? It has to do what Mr. Ventania told about social gathering (council) for 2018?

Answer: Let´s answer one by one.

2018 means that, the Earth will be with the force Center (Kundalini Energy) working at Maximum velocity. The Kundalini line was diverted and is right now in Argentina ground.

What it means? Is like a mercury light, warming slowly. all meteorological fenonem you see and think is the el nino effect or greenhouse gas emissions effect or melting of polar, in fact is global warming because the planet need to take a quantum leap. It means, to be able to receive a greater light flux, it needs to vibrate the highest speeds. How do you increase the speed? Warming. If you heat the water , what happens? That´s one Thing. The catastrophes that concerns you, it can happen in greater or lesser degree, depending of merit and worthiness of each nation. Because it has certain peoples with collective karma, like Japan. Surely they will pay a high price. Spain and part of USA, as Ventania told, have also a collective karma and will also pay a higher price.

What we wish is, after this apocalyptic period, humanity finally can see and understand, that, when nature imposes, there is no power or money to hinder (block) regress in humanity.

What should you  do during this period? Pick up on basic things, mastering knowledge that today are almost forgotten.Unfortunately you guys live in a very articial society, can not do anything, without relying on the industry.

Instead always going to the supermarket and buying things, you should start learning grow your own food, like potatoes or learn to sew, learn cook, take care of kids, being sentinels, especially learn to love the next. May be that is the best preparation that you can do. Also, perhaps to have a space where you don´t depend of the big industries, not depending of large cities, because gonna be very big chaos in those cities and they gonna be inaccessible.

The Triad Retreat, following the advice of spirituality, is preparing a place where you can plant your food (agriculture), ensuring the future of your family. A place where you gonna have peace and go through these hard and troubled time that are coming.

Everybody and every continent will be affected, including t Brazilian coast and Amazon jungle. The highlands, despite being a safe spot, even they gonna be affected.

I can not give you a safe date, but 2018 matchs with the prediction made a while ago.

All types of prophecy serves as a warning, but it does not mean that will happen as planned. It depends of worthiness of each one. Pray for the planet, asking for peace and calm. That´s what you can do.

When the time comes, the planet will decide what to do. You should not see the planet as Earth, but as a living spirit, part of each creature of this world. You should understand that, the planetary consciousness, I mean a controller of a consciousness of a planet knowing as monad, which knows each of you.

Collective Karma

How the collective karma can be just if it hits innocent People?

Because justice is not just a vision, or a life or at a time. The Vision of justice  is when you go up in a level and see all flattened.  One that was bad here, it will be very good there … At the end of the process is all sacred geometry. everything fits. 

When  we speaking: Do not judge, it is because judgment of you is based on that reality in which you are experiencing at the Moment, but you do not have notion of the rest of what’s happening. Maybe that person you condemn, may have been a version of yourself, in another level of consciousness. Everything works by resonance. If I call that neighbor one gossipy person, probably I‘m also gossip. Because you can only understand in this consciousness plan what has resonance with yourself. Often certain realities who are in front of you, you guys can not see.  Understand the role that you are experiencing is temporary.

How to know if a soul is old, ie experienced?

When the spirit overcomes the 100 incarnations, he starts to tire. He also looks at humanity with less critical eyes, for he has experienced different realities, went through various experiences. If he sees a person making mistakes, instead of criticizing, he will extend his hand, helping this persone because in his PERISPIRIT he remembers that also made the same mistakes. This means wisdom.

What is xango? It is the great harmonizer. In the cosmic vision is the harmonization of what is out of harmony.

Question: As Umbanda the universalism teacher, do you think it is important the telluric energy study and their effects? Does the study improve affection of curing work and astral cleaning?

Answer: To clarify, all planets, all telluric energy are distributed as if they were eletricas networks. You have certain points of strength which are more beneficial for specially types of work, than others.

At the dowsing there is a area called geomancy, which is possible to measure the Earth energy for certain things. There are more propitious places to do certain things.

When it says: “to make an Oxum offering, go to the waterfall” or “If you want Jemanja offer, then go to the sea” is because there you have a point of strength (force) for that specific energy, not because the waterfall is beautiful. Those place represents the kind of energy which is circulating around the planet. To limit the answer to our house, to get a knowing of geomancy is nice, but will not become a better person. if your place is suitable, there is more to do with the quality of energy that circulates, than where this energy it is.

You have certain places that are cursed, like haunted house or cemeteries of Indians, but it depends. To do certain works in the Omolulu line, where do you go? Cemetery.

It is important that the spirituality decides where to be reordered the points of energy (strength), not the medium, because the place were choosed by them, and it doesn´t matter if is a beautiful place or not. But the energetic maintenance has more to do with the medium own energy and his psychic.

The way of his resonance with his social enviroment (milieu)

Question: Some old civilization used to mark this current as stone monuments (Stonehenge). These monuments act as energy antennas (aerial)

Answer: Many old civilization had already the dowsing knowledge (radiestesia). For example, if I’m going to make an offering, I have to have my holy place. since the beginning of mankind existed sensitive mediums. Those people went to them and asked the best place to make an altar. So, these mediums choosed where the most strong energy points. Sometimes those enegy were chosed from the ground (Earth energy) and sometimes from stars. But everybody is, somehow a medium because everybody has own chakras, also called point of force in their body, perispirit. Some chakras are more active in a person, and less in other. The same happen with those places. Some has neutral energies, some negativ and some has positiv energy. That´s it.

Question: The digital media has showing a big communication channel, instruction and communication with spirituality. To what extent point it is advantageous? Are we not exposed to dark attacks? It is not a low spirituality vehicle (channel)?

Answer: That´s a thorny isso because the comunication channel in neutral. The question is: What you do with the use of it? If you use the Internet to spread a message of light, that´s a good thing. At same time you get for example, TV network, which manipulate the news because of his own interest. Summing up: the entire economic system uses the media to manipulate the consumer Population. Think about this: If you want to be a handler, beware. There is the law of Karma. I always say that if the product is good, there is no need for advertising.

Yes, there is manipulation, there is a secret government, which many people call as illuminati. It is nothing but the powerful people connected to a bunch of ET and black magicians, who are on the planet for thousands of years. They are the masters of the planet. you guys think you are the owners of this planet?. Actually your are slaves from a system, created to manipulate you.

But you are letting this period now. Exacly for this reason so many changes are happening and will shake a lot in the next few years.

You go work and enslave yourself to buy things you do not need, having an inappropriate lifestyle, thinking that is all of life. Wake up from your illusory world!

Question: What role interdimensional stations plays? Would these interdimensions bases facilitate the spirituality of communication with us? They say those are scientific bases for extraterrestrials experiments…

Answer: Have you already heard in Transcommunication? It means: “I am in a fifth dimension and I have to communicate with the third dimension but am not a medium.” What do I do? I create a radio.

In that case is the opposite. That´s called Lendel, because he was one of the creators of this type of research. The goal was the communication with the beyond, that supposedly captures sounds or images of spirits in another dimension. In the sixties and seventies it was very investigated on this matter. In many case it was only the parallel imaging of the earth itself, not from another dimension. However, was an advancement in this area.

While you guys walk to the multidimensionality, this type of technology is completely obsolete, because you as a medium has access to other consciences who are residing in other dimensions, without the necessity of a physical technology to get those contact. Just plug yourself in what you want, to get the information. The earth is moving in that direction, without necessity of old technology.

There are several extraterrestrial bases at the sea, the moon and other planets, serving as a comunication base, like for example, the office of the nasa or Seti, which any people are working to get a contact. But that has nothing with Transcomunication. That is a totally different thing.

Question: In mediumship there is a genetic factor or just spiritual factor?

Answer: Normally genetic. When you transmit your gene for the child through the GNA, because the GNA are 12 spirals of DNA, then you transmit all Information. It is very likely that mediumship parents gonna have mediumship children. It is not necessary to be the same mediumship. As an example: If the father was the ability of premonition, his son will have the ability of seeing ghost, while the grandchild may be sensitiv and so on.

 When parents have an advanced psychic ability, they passes it to the children. Nowadays mediumship is seen as something strange, and you guys feel like fish out of water but mediumship is the most normal thing in the world. The ability to bind other realities is very normal. Today you are the minority, but will come a day where many people will have it.

But genetic is not the only factor. For example, a spirit that has specially karma and want to come to work spiritually doesn´t need to come into a family with mediumship. He can choose which Family he wants to be born. Right? But in many cases is genetic, because there is a continuity energy, which many entities have been working with the parents, continue working with the children, in another energetic factor (level).

If the triad will help the population in difficult times, how to prepare for this increasing load?

The Triad is a project that started small but the astral being configured to suit many People. As this global crisis is taking shape, people go get desperate in crisis with own values.

The role of you is the consciousness point of view, the awakening of these people, so that they understand why the events disasters and financial crises are Happening in the Earth.

What you guys need to do to be prepared?

mediumship development, intimate retirement, cleaning of heartbreak, be open to the next humbly, passing feeling of welcome to those who are suffering, without prejudice.

Practical point of view: You guys need to create a service structure, which is not what you have at the Moment, far away from the metropolis, so  where that people can get Food .

This Triad project is to be a community where people can think alike, and who are willing to accept to welcome other people that go be in crisis with their  life, where they can be teached. That´s the reason you should be attached eachother.

The spiritual plane is ready. Only depends on the will and initiative of you.

Why the mediums in Umbanda use allegories, such as necklaces, extravagant clothing, smoke and drink alcohol?

Most of the time, because the Ego of the medium. No need to wear any clothing or objects to do good. But there is also the entity’s free will, ritual magic from the elements, which are fire, water, air and earth. Me, for exemple. I don´t Need any clothes or drinking. It is not the drinking or alcohol, but the etheric Element of the Plant, which brings you to determinated enegy. So, the drinking is an energetic inducer. Cigarette smoking is the same reason. When the old black Man is smoking his pipe, doesn´t mean that he is addict, but he uses the element Fire to work with your energy and at same time, defumando and cleaning up the atmosphere.

But the allegories, for example, the costumes are to cheer you guys. But we have no Need of it.

When Umbanda emerged, it was necessary to mark this type of religion, through symbols.  From the time that human beings evolve, there is no more need for it.

To Resume: So, Umbanda is a religion of Magic and will always gonna be, because she works with natural and etheric Elements. What should disapear are the allegories and fancy Outfits. For these same allegories make the mediums are focused on materialism ,stirring a lot from the ego and wanting to have the best garment that other mediums use.  That´s very negative and should be changed.


I heard that Hitler made a karmic collection, in which killed who had committed the same act in other lifes, thus contributing to the law of cause and effect. Is it true?   It is not wrong anybody do evil with another evil? All Jews had done something wrong to pay with their lifes in such terrible ending?

Pena Branca: Collective karma is very complicated to explain. For example: If I destroyed a tribe of Indians, then I will have to return somehow to understand the evil that I practiced before. Because the only way to learn is to experience.

What happens it the collective Karmas, is that, the collective Karma involves People in the process which they are not really involved in that process.

The first reincarnation of Hitler in this earth plane, he was King David.  What King David did during he was ruling the People? He destroyed the Philistines, Phoenicians and other Folks. He is seen as a great king, but in reality he was very evil

What happens is that, these kind of people return to rescue their own Karma. Yes, Hitler came with the task of rescuing.  This kind of spirit can not be anyone. Are spirits who proposes to do this type of work.  They are spirits fluttering in the negative frequency. Any spirit of light does this what he did. No spirit of Light will predispose to do evil to someone.

There are negative spirits with Karmic rescue Task, but it doesn´t mean that they shall do it. They have their own free will, like you and me.

Collective Karma

It not means that all jewish People did something wrong in other life.  The notion of karma is very complex, like a game of dominoes. You give the impetus in the first Stone, and the entire system Drops. Who is lastly be the first to be rescued after.

You guys decide to live in the bad and good polarities.  The right it to go in the middle way.  As Ventania tells, everything you negatively interfere in the karma of another Person, you are buying the karma of others to yourself.

Yes, there is evil. Yes, there is the inconsequence, because sometimes People are blind. They don´t know what they are doing.

But Hitler knew what he was doing, so getting involved with the history of humanity, to have the power he had.

Let that be an example for you guys: Every person with a lot of power on this earth plane, have somehow a connection to the dark side. There is no person of great power without being part of black magic, corruption, power schemes in general. No one is powered for no reason.

Who has power for nothing and Change  to the good side, do not have a penny. But he has the power of the word, and he has power by example.

But collective karma are complex. By the way, Brazil has a collective Karma. Do you know which? The Paraguayan War. it was a real massacre. That fire that club in Rio Grande do Sul, which killed many young people. Those young people were descendants of those same Nazis who murdered the Jews in Germany. What happened was collective rescue of Karmas.

Think about it: All the karma that you accumulate can also come to your Generations, therefore all groups embody by affinity. That is one of God´s law.  What do you do here, if you do not pay, the next from you will carry your debt.

Can the big black magicians do us harm if we are in a low tune with negative thoughts?

You should understand that, you are the black magician, everytime you Thing evil of someone. When you say big black magicians, they are usually wizards with great powers and great features. A black magician of this size will not waste time in persecuting normal People.

A large black magician will worry about a president of a powerful country, in which he could earn a lot of power. To sum up: The black magicians are the same you guys, every time that you guys fluttering in the negative. So, be light, vibrating  in the light that the darkness  will not reach you. Of course you suffer attacks, because there are two poles. The one who vibrates in the light side has spiritual harassment, but there is no reason to fear.

What to do to vobrar in the light? Do not get in a low mood, complaining of life, speaking evil of others, not feel victim. Otherwise you will  attracts spirits sufferers, negative spirits, which will be on your side, feeding of your anger and negative energy.  In addition to attracting the negative energy incarnate, as work colleagues and so on.

In another dialogue, he said that Brazil will be one of the countries to host the European people, who are fleeing from disasters and changes. What should we do to educate our children, thus instructing them to adapt to changes?

Teach them to create the own survival in periods of  planetary transition. People will have to learn to all manual skills, in which grandparents learned how to sew, plant and so on. At the time the school is facing the area of technology, but during the transition period, this kind of  technology can not be used, by flaws in the electrical systemSatelite system breakdowns, and other Problems.


Teach children not to have prejudice against other people, not being selective in what they gonna do, in their Food.    

Teach children that material life is just one side of the coin.  Because if you guys educate the children in materialistic values, they will be deeply unhappy, because the material goes missing at this period.

Then they will have to learn to work with their hands, which will be a great learning experience for you guys. As transgenic foods is not possible to reproduce the seeds, you guys will have to learn the ancient technique of ancestors for the conservation of seeds.  The Norwegian government is developing a kind of Noah’s Ark, because they already know the tribulation when the planet will pass through.  The Noe’s Ark in the Bible,was a ship that kept genome, for they knew that the planet would undergo a major transformation climatic, which was the deluge. They  have collected all and then replanting again or bringing back the animals. Of course, at that time they did have not yet, sufficient knowledge to understand a ship with other beings. What is  unbelievable is,  that you guys aindam believe in the allegory of Noah’s Ark to this day. You guys really believe that it was possible to store an animal couple on a ship? When we say that humanity has to wake up, it is because it has certain truths” that are unfounded in our knowledge and evolution today. Practically impossible to perform. A symbolic language that‘foi well developed for previous generations, and you guys still believes and argue.

Although Brazil suffer concussions, will not be as affected as other continents. Then, the geographical density of Brazil is able to receive people coming from around the world. Here on this continent, here in this country will emerge the sixth and seventh race of this planet.

It will be a mixture of everything. And when you guys come in the seventh race, you will leave this earth, going for other spheres, because you guys have completed the cycle. So the planet earth received another civilization passing through the same proofs, in which you guys already passed.

What means to be humble?

Put yourself down. Being humble means self know and know what are the Limits. If you do not know your Limits, you are arrogant. Being arrogant is when you are going for what you is not in your essence. If you know yourself, you know what‘s good and bad inside yourself. When you know it, it becomes easier and saved up a lot of energy because you do not have to live your life like a theater, trying to be what you are  not. To be humble is to be what you are, without creating expectations for others.

To be humble are not lower himself, but accept what the other has good and bad

I heard some entities say that is no  past time nor future, as we know, but there is only the present. That’s why we remember the past and have visions of the future?

Understand that one dimension are a sheet of paper. This sheet of paper exists. The hologram is ready. Where you focus your experience, it is going to define the time and space, that you will take with that experience with it.

But, while you use the time and space in tis specific experience, you may also live other experiences or other Spirits, in other time, in other specific space, which happens at same time. Then, you can be here, but you may also be in the future. You can have a soul fractal a thousand years ahead, as you may have a soul fractal as a soldier of Hitler.

Then understand the multidimensionality.  You become multidimensional, when youare able to understand that the plurality of experiences, in fact, is only one Version of yourself. Then, you are the unite consciousness with all other, experiencing other things,  whose learning will take you to light in Person. To reach this level of understanding, you need 500 reincarnations.  This is the maximum limit that allows the spirit to achieve this degree of experiences.

If you live the experiences in the same spiral of time. Can we see or feel it?

You have access all the time. Learn to differentiate the Focus.  When you are focused on reality, the perception is for this reality. But that does not mean that,  you on a higher level or an altered level of consciousness, do not have access to other experiences, or other levels of consciences. If you take the focus of this plan, you will hit other dimensions.  Sometimes you see a color, a sound or a smell, in which you know, but never saw. That is what you call as parallel realities.  parallel reality is not is nothing more that detach your thinking of this reality here, so jumping to another.

So we always give the advice: Not to focus intensively on the problem, because it is part of reality, but it is not reality. Everything is ilusion, like a movie that you guys projected to experience a reality that you guys have proposed. Ended the movie session, you change to another.  Do not care so much about life on the material plane. Life on Earth is a great learning experience and great fun. So, be merry. Be happy with what you   have.

Do you want to give your last message?

Always try to improve the personality, seeking the point of not judging. Begin to understand what you  call life, in fact, is one of many, or a different perspective of various other, trying to become a better Person. Spirituality accompanying you guys actually is like an army that goes along to handle the difficulties of this world of third Dimension, which in lack of awareness, it turns out to be all very limited. So, be less hard on yourself and others.

Create your children to be happy and not to accumulate material goods.

Create your children to learn that this planet is a divine gift.

Create your children to love one another, and not to hate eachother. This is the message that I can give you.

I hope this audio spreading the 4 corners of the world, so that others can also hear, as it will make a big difference in the world. And remember: There is collective change. There is only individual Change.

Everyone stay in peace Oxala, light and love, because I am the messenger of love and peace.

Salve Pena Branca, salve this date, May 31, 2014. In a few years you‘ll hear it and will understand what I‘m talking about.