Mary of Magdala, Judas Iscariot & Francis of Assisi

Offset Love with Knowledge. There is a need, then there is no rule you love and not knowing. It is possible to know and love. You should not only say: I love. You should love!


You should not only say: I love. You should love!. But before love, you should learn! Study! Study till up blood out of your eyes! Because if you study, especially the past of the human race, you will see what you demonize such as fraternities and brotherhoods, what you call the esoteric and demonic, because you do not belong to these small cells. Because you can not have knowledge.” Exu Ventania

Universidade do Espírito 1 – Medium Fernando Parada

Youtube:      Date: 13.04.2014

After greetings between the Reporter Julio and Ventania:

1. Reporter Júlio: May I start my questions?

Ventania: Yes.

2. Reporter Júlio: When was your passage to the Earth?

Ventania: 16.000 years of reincarnation in this Globus. Some of them I gonna tell you but not all, but I don´t come from here. Indeed nobody. I come from a very distant source. I come from wars.

3. Reporter Júlio: You came from Orion, right?

Ventania: From Orion wars. However, I would like to talk about an incarnation I had XIV BC in Galilee. This was perhaps the most relevant, because after all I lived with people who participated in the History, or also the big lie that men have created around historical facts and that formed religions and concepts. There are big lies and great truths and some of it I was present when I reincarnated in XIV BC, near Galilee Sea.

I had not direct contact with Christ but I had contact with Mary, and I had also contact with Judas the Iscariot

4. Reporter Júlio: I have a question about Mary of Magdalene. Was she in fact a prostitute?

Ventania: Maria Magdalena was born in Magdala, was a special child. Same as you call an Indigo child, born at the wrong time. Or perhaps at the right time. She was intelligent, wise, a little priestess. Spiritually from Egyptian origin, and in her old age she became involve in the Sanhedrin.

Any woman who tried to sully the puruty of men in the Sanhedrin was considered a prostitute. No, she wasn´t. She was like a rag, because after all the men treated the prostitutes like a rag.

There was a passage at the Last Supper, where a Mary knelt at his feet, anointed with expensive oil, opening a bottle of alabaster, cleaned and wiped with her hair. These own hair would be what is called Charmut, it is the rag. The prostitute word, the language of Aran comes from the word Charmut. Some call Charmuta, chermout, charmiet but comes from the word Charmut, which is a rag. So it’s a way that the intolerant men of the time referred to a woman who was seen as impure.

Simon himself said that she was not pure enough to walk between them and the Master himself said: “I will make this woman as a man as you are!”

Only the man could receive knowledge? No, this is intolerance and foremost a bias, it all started

5. Reporter Júlio: Yes, I see. And where were the wives of the apostles? Since they are not mentioned in the Bible they abandoned their wives to follow Jesus or something happened to them or they came to follow him? I would like you to further explore this part.

Ventania: A big mistake would be to say that the men dropped their families to follow the Master, what the Roman Catholic Church preaches today. The man must be single, right? If man has his wife, because she not be quoted?

Their women were present all the time, they were at the Last Supper preparing their dishes, were preparing the rooms to sleep in their hostels, they were preparing food, were giving care and attention to their men. Women have always been the comfort and safe of their husband. So say that they excluded women is a macho posture and a big untruth. Therein also begins the Great Hoax, and still really believe in the lies. People do not believe Mary Magdalene could not have had any relationship with him because he was pure, do not believe that the apostles had their wives, concubines, do not believe that Jesus had his brothers, do not believe that Jesus had children, do not believe that Jesus’ parents had intercourse that he was born.

People invoke unbelievable miracles but do not want to believe the obvious the existence of a family, and the family was the basis of the existence of any men of Judea, Galilee, Adan, Aran, of Condrò.

6. Reporter Júlio: Then makes much more sense if you stop to analyze he had a family than he was born of nothing.

 Ventania: No one is born of nothing. It was the custom of the time women are born virgins, so I can quote a woman, I can cite one that was born five hundred years before him, was Gautama Siddhartha and the Mayan queen became pregnant after seeing a white elephant and Yasoda Mata was a virgin. It was the custom of the time that great gods, I prefer to say avatars, born of virgin women. I advance it is impossible to conceive of the Holy Spirit. It is not part of the way of procreation of people who are incarnated on this orb, it does not happen in your planet.

7. Reporter Júlio: Pulling over this part of Jesus, you yourself had been told that you did not know Jesus but did you know Judas Iscariot, you met Mary. I’d like you to tell me more about These people, both how you met, your knowledge of Iscariot, about Mary…

Ventania: Mary was a daughter of a great fisherman and trader in Sea of Galilee. Magdala was a thriving little town. Maria went through Caesarea, then she got to know different cultures, Greco-Roman, Persian. That was a great carfut, a major crossroads of knowledge. All merchant People crossed the Caesarea and and Mary was there, learning with the Gentiles and also she learned with the Israelites. She was like a sponge, and she learned everything. It was a wise woman. It would be called a philosopher if men didn´t call this woman as prostitute.

Judas Iscariot had nothing of traitor, he was what you understand today as a terrorist. He was an intelligent man, he was a man given to mathematics, to the accounts. He was responsible for the common stock of the apostles, he listened and was beloved by the Master.

There were two terrorists within that group, Simon, and Judas Iscariot. Why they were called a Terrorist? Because they were hit men. Sychar is a knife and they carried weapons, and the proof is that when they came up to the Mount of Olives, Lutsimani, asked if there was need of swords and the Master said no.

For henchmen were the men who walked through the crowd, the region was dominated by the Romans, which had the Fortress Antonia and any insurgent was crucified, taken to the Wood. So these hit men walked through the crowd and mysteriously cut the throat of the Romans and disappeared in the crowd. So I say that the word would be terrorist, because they caused terror in Rome, at least the cell in Rome who lived there. And they were insurgents, and two of them walked with Jesus.

8. Reporter Júlio: Demystifying a common myth, than Judas died then? It was really hung, or it was broken in half and torn their entrails?

Ventania: Neither one nor the other. There was no betrayal, the Master Jesus was an ordinary person, everyone knew where he was, everyone knew where he would sleep. He walked no hidden, he walked not hidden. There was no betrayal, no exchange of thirty pence. And because he would sell if he was responsible for the common purse? If he was the treasurer? No, there was no need.

He did not die of hanging. First reason: He was a religious Jew, he believed in the words of Jesus and I knew of the sin of suicide. A man hangs upon is the greatest sin a Jew can commit. So he did not even because he had the knowledge and illumination that the Master himself passed.

Of the four Gospels one says that he hanged himself, the other he fell and his bowels spread- If one says one thing and another says another there is a lie, there is a lapse, there is an untruth. So he lived many years. And this same Judas went to a Fortress Essene and there went up about his seventy years old when he finally was crucified as the Master. After crucifiction, many of them scattered, went away. One even denied three times.

9. Reporter Júlio: Judas is not in the Hell. Right?

Ventania: What is Hell?

10. Reporter Júlio: Something that we humans have created to be afraid and follow one thing it is thought good

Ventania: Hell is what you created, let’s call this Threshold. (Umbral) lower levels, Hades. How could he be in Hell if he did not commit a sin? If his conscience was quiet? If someone had to be in Hell would be who? Simon Peter, who would have gone to hell, because after all he denied Him, he was the man. And upon Simon Peter grew the great hypocrite church, which killed so many people in the name of Christ who did not even know it. So, they are guilty, they would be a rather guilty. Guilty of ignorance.

The same Simon today is the one who represent the masses. That one who madeinfantile questions, the same one who did not believe, discredited. Then when he had faith after a long time, he represents the lambs own. It would not be great, the first, true Pope, it would be the first lamb. But the sheep when they are misguided by evil shepherd, and many bad shepherds came, they become blind, and feed poorly.

There was a very large jealousy relationship between Peter and Judas, and they were the right arm and the left arm of the Master. The word means Xataná stumbling block.

When the Master said “Vade Retro Xataná” he is referring to Peter which always put questions, which was always uncertainty, with puerile questions. If he said Vade Retro Xataná, left behind. He would be the representative of the negativity that prevented it was the stumbling block, So Peter, he was the master stumbling STONE.

11. Reporter Júlio: So then it becomes much more compelling and convenient it demonize Judas, since he was very jealous of it and so on and so and he formed the talking religion that Judas was the betrayer.

Ventania: Not him specifically, but the whole theatrical creation around the growth of this church: “we demonize him.”

And this creation of good and evil, it comes from Persia, with Jews who were not present in Judea when they returned from Persia they brought that knowledge of Satan, it would be the knowledge of one God, Ahura Mazda, and the knowledge of a God who is always hurting human being called Ahriman. This concept of heaven and hell, good and evil is Persian. The Jews at the time were simply enriching their religion that was of little mythology The Jews at the time were simply enriching their religion that was of little mythology. Those who never had the knowledge, are with their empty cups , accept anything that is put to drink, do not prove the nectar or the gall, they just drink

12. Reporter Júlio: It is said in Spiritualism, it is taught that Jesus descended to Sheol and found Judas, then people mythicize that Jesus went to hell and found Judas while other people say that Jesus was the End of It, I wanted to understand only this type of Jesus actually came after finding Judas or if this does not happen, or was it just a common myth?

Ventania: For someone to go down to the mansion of Death, he needs to be on a lower level of spirituality frequence, unless he goes there with the Mission of  a rescue.

How he would rescue Judas in hell if Judas died at seventy? This is all a myth, but I say that Jesus descends into hell EVERY DAY, This is all a myth, but I say that Jesus descends into hell EVERY DAY, to rescue souls who are suffering and want to go out and evolve. This is closely linked to the cultural level, the spiritual level, the level of knowledge, the concepts and prejudices that the soul has to disincarnating. If she believes that there is a Heaven and Hell that’s where she will go, till up to one day get to heaven and the gates of heaven are closed until doomsday theoretically they would be in a place called Abraham Breast dormant (sleeping place) or Hell.

The concept of heaven and hell is not original Christianity, it is imported. So Jesus did not go down and he did not see, did not find him, though spiritualists theories say so. Any sources, all the spiritualist religions, spiritual has its myths, its up to you to believe or not. Not everything is true, not everything is a lie, so you have the right to consider what is treu or false.

13. Reporter Júlio: They are different cultures, because Jesus was his name while the incarnate, he disembodied should have another name, like Michael, and then he goes to the End of the Valley as it is said, but not necessarity to redeem (rescue), as you just told.

Ventania: He descends through his arms, the spiritual assistants, so we may call.

15. Reporter Júlio: your entire wing?

Ventania: Yes, that’s why he goes down, his light comes down, he returned to the bosom of his Mother. Look, I do not say father, his mother’s breast. The one who gives birth is a mother not a father, even if you look at the sky and say Father. The origin is maternal, the source is female, it is the act of giving a birth. He can be man and wife, but who is to give a birth is the woman.

A goddess called Barbelo, or goddess named Sophia, so said the Gnostics. Not the parent is all the time looking at what you do to punish you. punishment comes with the awareness of each.

16. Reporter Júlio: A question, let´s returning a bit to that part of Jesus’ apostles, some apostle of Jesus are reincarnate at the present moment?

Ventania: Today no more, some came, patriarchs came but are no longer incarnate. Several literature will say yes, that even very dear saints are incarnated today. It is normal due to lack of man that. yes there are great patriarchs, Abraham, after he died, reincarnated as Solomon as well as Simon, he came wandering over time. Isaac reincarnated as Daniel, Jacob reincarnated as Moses and Elijah, and others.

An example I give here: St. Francis of Assisi, the most beloved saint of the church, the world’s best known, all mean that he somehow manifests itself in their churches through acquisitions, through mains, (incorporation, canalisation) claiming that his great patriarch, its founder was the incarnation of Francis of Assisi.

The Francis of Assisi energy exists, but the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi does not come to earth, he has ascended, it was a spirit of kindness and unlike you think he was talking to birds, he tamed wolves, he tamed the people, he brought people to reality through holy poverty. While think that a beloved saint told because he was talking to the animals in fact he was taming the inner lobes of each of you. That is Francis of Assisi

17. Reporter Júlio: Pulling the subject of disembodiment, on the Francis speaking to animals, animals that are dead return to their owners?

Ventania: In the spiritual memory of their owners, yeah, like I said, it’s a hologram. If you believe in hell you’re going to hell if you were too attached to your pet, at one point of your evolution, you can even feel the presence of your pet but the consciousness of animals is not present within the orb of growth and evolution of the human being.

They go to their original Monad. There is a specific space for those beings who do not have awareness that human beings have, because they did not receive genetic mixtures, were not seeded, but they have called their awareness of Original Monad.

18. Reporter Júlio: Remaining the subject of animals, the first time humans stepped on earth were like animals. I think it’s you too, but many stepped on this 3 Dimension World like animals. I ask you: Our Monad evolved, or were of different monads only then to link this part of the animals, or they will one day become humans as well or not?

Ventania: The experience was made between those who have the race Adam Kadmon, which are human beings, that originate from other orbs. The experiment was done with Cro-Magnons Neardentais, then twenty outer races came mainly Constellation Lyra and mingled with the beings here.

There are other beings orbs as cetaceans, which are other planes. This is a great laboratory. So the human being, he can have two energies, positive and negative, because it was determined at Astral him to be an experience, could evolve from this mixture. There are quite Micaélicos beings, good, other luciferic and bad, except that there is no good and evil, but consciousness. One is endowed with higher Love and the other is provided with increased amount of knowledge. There is good and evil, good and evil is what each will do.

19. Reporter Júlio: Pulling a little of what has been said, then we will add to all this in a big question at the end. What was your second incarnation after his arrival in Galilee?

Ventania: In the Middle Ages, in times of persecution, I’d Benedictine priest extremely religious and that when I had access to bookstores, libraries, books papyrus and discovered the big scam, a great comedy, great drama, it was a great puzzles and a farce of the Church. That’s when I decided to study other mythologies, such as Sumer, how to Babylon, do other invocations. I changed the Love for the Reason, I changed a God by many other gods that were being demonized and when they found out, because anyone who flees the light of the Holy Mother Church, he is taken to the fire. And I was taken to the wolf.

The latest incarnations per hour does not suit me say but I had two other very important that over time will reveal.

20. Reporter Júlio: Well, now adding then you said that the other Gods, other religions were demonized and such, and are today unfortunately still belong to a hypocritical religion. But there really is the Devil, there is this struggle between good and evil? I’d like you to tell me about it, explain as much as you could.

Ventania: There is no evil in personified form, there is no Luciferus which is all the time trying topersecute and overthrow the human race. There is no Devil divides as the diabolo. There is no devil as a Daimon, which is a negative spirit. There is a human being who demonizes the gods of others. The good and evil, it depends on each action. But no, there is not a great evil and not a great good and the eternal struggle between them. This is mythology! Be more rational.

Reporter Júlio: Could you explain in an exemplify way a little more about the Michael energy, and luciferic, Temeluchus energy?

Ventania: Who was the morning star? Pharaoh or Jesus Christ himself was called by Peter as the star of the morning? What is the morning star, is the planet Venus? Lucifer would come from where Lucifer is this shining star.In the truth: Christ and Lucifer are the two complementary parts of  the same coin. A human being, it is completely michaélic, or it is completely luciferic. human beings from other Orbs because here was made a mixture and you can have both polarities in a body only.

When I say Tenebrisferus are those who live in ignorance, these beings are meant only to ignorance. And I worry too much about who loves too much but it is completely ignorant.

Offset Love with Knowledge. There is a need, then there is no rule you love and not knowing. It is possible to know and love.

Also I worry too much about these borrabotas (coward, lazy, incapable) churches, as I would say cancer, metastases they are creating and teaching wrong.

You should not only say: I love. You should love!

But before love, you should learn! Study! Study till up blood out of his eyes! Because if you study, especially the past of the human race, you will see what you demonize such as fraternities and brotherhoods, what you call the esoteric and demonic, because you do not belong to these small cells. Because you can not have knowledge.

So fetch! There is always time to seek knowledge, and not live in the darkness of ignorance that would Tenebrisferus! darkness Carriers, it is Tenebrisferus! Luciferus, the bearers of the light of knowledge.

21. Reporter Júlio: So Tenebrisfera is gloom, Lucifera light, if knowledge and michaélic and luciferic-one is knowledge, another is…

Ventania: Love. If Lucifer brought knowledge, Jesus brought love and the two are complementary.

You must know both, you gonna be hanging, pending. You must have knowledge and love. Then you will be able to  balance your energy, your polarity.

22. Reporter Júlio: I would like to open this space for you to say anything you find relevant, any message you want to move to our incredible listeners!

Seek knowledge! Read up blood out of his eyes! Always questioning, and not read only a book! Seek the universal knowledge. If by chance it was, many believe that this earth is Christian because it was God’s will, then I tell them: Just a historical accident! Catholic Nations by imposing Rome became Catholic and colonized the Americas!If by chance the browser was a Hindu, instead of a Christ Redeemer you would WHAT? A statue of Shiva! So do not believe that these lands are more sacred than others simply that they received the Cross! Nanny these sacred lands through love and knowledge! That’s what I want to pass along to you.

Exu Ventania

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Many thanks for the Report Julio, Medium Fernando Parada and Exu Ventania.

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