Expelled from Paradise

Expelled from Paradise


On the Way to the Light

Autor: Emmanuel Medium: Francisco Xavier

Explanation: André Luiz Sobreiro

Participation: Roberto

Source: www.redeamigoespirita.com.br

A Caminho da Luz / On the way to the Light ISBN: 978-0-9829748-2-7

Year of Publication: 1939

O Consolador / the Comforter ISBN-13: 9788573285482

Year of Publication 1941

Prayer: Lord Jesus , thank you that we can start another study, another meeting you , where books trainer Emmanuel will be investigated in the maximum depth that we manage to absorb. Lord because we know that our capacity is still small, but well-intentioned we are for studies of these works that go bring so much light to our path and so understanding of your gospel of peace. May we all be enlightened and blessed Lord , so we incarnated as the disembodied who came here .

That his Gospel becomes understood by us, but especially to your Gospel pass to be practiced by each of us , we need your intimate reform and the growth of immortal spirit .

That the Lord thy light is shed upon us in this study so blessed opportunity. So be it.

Book: A Caminho da Luz / On the way to the Light.

II Introduction 5. Paragraph

Then Wins the unbroken film so many centuries of earthly experiences, bringing together the harmoniously races from each other, so that constitute the treasure of immortal soul, in his glorious ascending to infinity.”

André explains: There is an unbreakable thread that holds the centuries, connecting centuries one in the other, a continuity of learning the experiences harmoniously in each other in order to form the immortal treasure of the human soul.

If there were this unbreakable thread, each of these experiences would be lost.

This unbreakable thread is the immortal spirit .

What he (the spirit/Soul) learned several previous incarnations, he keeps in his perispirit , even if he did not hare happened in past lives , carrying the instincts and intuitions ..

In fact, these instincts , such as fear of doing some things very reflects the experiences we’ve been through in previous incarnations , but we can not remember. Instead emerges that instinct : I think I should not do thisso that constitutes the immortal treasure of the human soul experiences. – Those experiences that go causing us to detach the imperfections gradually to the future we reach the spiritual perfection .- in his glorious ascension to infinity – immortal spirits that has no end . We will never cease to exist. André makes a comment : I hope our progress will be very long… if not, what do we do with our time ? Wisdom of God.

Next paragraph:

The races are replaced by souls and generations constitute stages of their learning and achievement. Languages ​​are forms of expressions , walking to the only expression of brotherhood and love and people are awakened members of a large family, working the ultimate establishment of a universal community. His most imminent children on the plane of spiritual values, are graced by the Supreme justice that decree aloft for all the worlds of the universe and can visit other astral home, returning to the orb, the blessed effort of regenerating missions, within the churches and academy earthly .”

André: This paragraph is very deep . It is like this: The races are replaced by souls. Always the same soul that returns a different race, a little more evolved and generations constitute stages of their learning and achievement.

The trend is that the front generation knows a little longer than the previous one , up one the doorstep up. he continues– Languages are languages, are forms of expression , walking to the only expression of brotherhood and love-

André: Why are there multiple languages? Because there are countries with their borders. The spirituality of intention is that in a while there are no more borders. The whole world talking the same language . So the aim of Esperanto was that he was the international language , for everyone to communicate and not have the problem of traveling to another country and coming to grips with the intolerance .

Have you considered the day that in the world there are no more borders? Farms no longer need fences ? For now is a otopia , but we will get there one day .

he continues –And people are scattered members of a large family . – That is, every human being is part of the family in Brazil , Europe, Africa … a big family. – Working for the definitive establishment of a universal community.

André says : This is interesting, because there are some Brazilian states wanting to separate, formating an independent country. Look how interesting! Look how we are disconected with the Gospel. In the book of Spirits in society laws, when spirituality will tell us who is more forward in evolution , have to help those who are behind. What people should understand here is this : Jesus wants to unite. So there will be no more borders. But we want to be separate .

Jesus wants to unite and if possible everyone speaking the same language and understanding . What is left to me, I orereco to another and so on. And it continues: – their children more eminent- eminent means high , high, sublimes- in terms of spiritual values, they are graced by divine justice that legisa on top of all the worlds of the Universe – He is speaking of spirits very, very high and evolved . The values ​​of spirits are not material values ​​. It is not to be rich, or clever , but kind. he continues– and can visit other ciderais homelands , returning to the orb in efforts blessed in regenerative missions within churches and earthly academies.- they are missionaries.- They already have the merit to live on other planets or in other galaxies , but they come back . – the transmigrassoes . Because just as there is the transmigrassoes of the most backward spirits , such as Chapel of the exiles who came to Earth , the spirits earlier also back in missions . So , watch what he says here: – can visit other ciderais homelands , returning to our orb, the earth, the blessed effort of regenerating missions , within the churches and earthly . – it means: Some of them comes to religion , so he cited the church. Not only espirita , Catholic , but also where is necessary to help. And the academy are the sciences .

  • Some comes to science and others to the religion . Sometimes a missionary who lives on another planet , comes to bring a solution that already exists there , but here not yet possess. In this case drops the concept of saying that we create , we invent something. We did not invent anything. In the earlier worlds has been around a long time.

    One more paragraph: – In magical screen of our ECAN studies , – Ecan is a blank canvas and you design what you want. This chapter we saw last week – the magic screen of our studies , we highlight these missionaries , the world often crixificou in incompreencao of vulgar souls , but in everything and above all, beaming the light of spirituality wire , which deifies the matter , chaining the work of civilizations and above, ofscando the ECAN of our observations from our studies , we see the sources of extraordinary light , from where the first geometric point of this thread of life and harmony , which balances and saturates the whole earth a movement of apotheosis and divine clarities –

Emmanuel is saying: this magic screen highlighted these missionaries the world often cruxificou in incompreencao of vulgar souls. An example is Galileo , Socrates , Buddha , Jesus. When he refers to the cross is quoting Christ . But it says there were also other missionaries who came down to earth to bring teachings and we do not recognize .

I really like the story of Socrates and, if I’m not mistaken , is quoted in the work later on. And it continues: –but in everything and everyone beaming the light of spirituality wire that deifies matter. If anything there is this spirituality wire that will deify the matter . Will use the material for good and will do the very material progress , until the day when we no longer need material body, encadiando the work of civilizations .

André question: Why encadiar ? Because a civilization needs to create something. The second no longer needs to create the same thing. Then will make a more specific work.

The third generation will continue the work of the previous , and so on . So he spoke ” encadiando the work of civilizations ” . – But above , overshadowing the ether in our observations and our studies , we see the source of extraordinary light. – He is saying that the light of God , which is the common thread of all this, the screen dims what he is seeing , such is the light of God , leading it all, all civilizations , all these souls . The light of God is behind it all .

Where part of the first geometric point of this thread of life and harmony. All part of God which fills and saturates all the earth , a movement of apotheosis and divine qualities .- He is saying: Every social and political movement , for all this never lacked the light of God . The problem is that the political leaders are not always in tune with God. They do not want the good of the group ( people ) , but the good itself. We deviate from the divine goal when we forget the common good of all and only want our good. Most of us do not matured enough to understand the purpose of God. We should not do what interests us , but do thinking in the group. While more evolved we are , the greater our group.

When we are too selfish , we do for us , for us . If we are less goistas , so we thought the famila , but still a small group of 4 to 5 people .

One day we will think the welfare of the whole city , then the entire world, to understand that the entire universe belongs to our family. .

As we will dematerializing , we understand this concept .. And he continuously- Our poor eyes can not discern these specially fascination .

André makes a comment : Look Emmanuel being humble : there’s a lot I still do not know , I still can not see. Continuing: – but we know that the thread of light and life is in your hands. He who sustentatodos the assets and liabilities of planetary existence . The divine light through Christ. At its heart august and merciful is the beginning of the verb –

Here the Emmanuel is bringing us the very beginning of the Gospel ” in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” So he’s talking about the beginning of the verb. It is in reference to the first verse of the Gospel of John . Means ” in the beginning there was divine word acting .” he continues – a blow of his will can transform the face of all earthly horizons – Look how interesting. For a breath of His will can make all things and the world be in this mess ? He’s waiting for us to repent and populate the light.

There is a prayer in the Gospel according to Spiritism when it is said that: Prayer for the obsessing spirit:

If it were God’s will , he would have finished co his obsession , but he’s waiting for you to repent and change habits.

It is labor law. God does not do our job. Including other day we read in the book of mediums that when it was said there in the book of Genesis: “and gather and eat of the fruit of their labor , after Adam and Eve sinned in symbolic meaning, God would have said, you will eat from now what you planted.

According to the book of Medios , which is the consecration of labor law: We need to plant in the material sense as in the spiritual sense. Interestingly, the book of mediums is clarifying the book of Genesis Kardec . And close paragraph: – and his gesture may transform the mien from all earthly horizons.André: By the time, when Jesus decides, a country that is not inhabited, will be… Country that is inhabited , shall not be .

From time to time the Earth’s axis changes and the countries that are inhabited filled with water, thus resulting in another part of the land that could be inhabited , which was at the bottom of the seas. As an example: Atlantis and Lemuria.

When Jesus think it’s time , then the Earth’s axis will change. But even if the country disappear, and the population die, the spirits will reincarnate in another part of the earth . It is necessary, according to the law of destruction and renewal , which is found in the Book of Spirits .

I mean : Why is the destruction ? For renewal.

Some things have to be cut up , because they are well done haphazardly , or just utiliade them or they are being used for the wrong purpose .

That is why we read last week in the Book of Emmanuel , that poor civilization of the West should disappear. André make a comment: But it is logical . The civilization only think about money. but their Souls will go continue reincarnating and progressing . Only It will be destroyed the civilization , not the children of God.

We even quoted in the other study. Where is the Roman Empire ? It is gone. Where the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman ? Are gone.

And the capitalist empire is coming at the end.

From time to time there is a global crisis. Because? God is showing us that this capitalist system is unsustainable .

While one is a billionaire , the other goes hungry . As he spends million reais to build football stadiums in Africa have much child starving.

It says that Arms industry is the most profits in the world … and also say that when the stocks of arms are full , they invent a war. And the interesting thing is that there are misses that if you put a pebble on the ground, he hits , it is highly accurate . But in time of war it never hit military bases, only children , old. Anyway, the innocent people.

Conclusion : It is not error missile but human failure who is behind, being in charge – They spent the generations of all time with their worries and anxieties – has passed all. Each had its concern , each worried about something – the wars have bloodied the scripts of people in their incessant pilgrimages to the superior knowledge .. They fell the throne of the kings and fell to the millenarian crowns –

Emmanuel is saying : Everything passes . We should no be excited with power. You may have a power now, but in a few days can no longer be more . You will reap that you planted , while you were in the power. There were people who thought his family would be in power for several generations. It fell because Jesus is greater . And he continues – The princes of the world returned to the theater of his proud vanity, in the humble garb of slaves. –

Emmanuel is saying that many of them reincarnated in a terrible social situation , they had not even what to eat or wear.

It is not punishment , is a mechanism in the law of God to lower our arrogance . And continuing – and in vain dictators also urged the people of the land for morticilio and for disposal.

It is in vain . Dictators who are wanting to make wars , wanting to punish , dominate or kill , will fall one by one, because Jesus is greater – Each of these ancient people reincarnated all together in a different situation and a different country. Later on , he will speak in this book here , you have to have a little patience , because we have interesting informations. And he continues. – The determinism of love and good is the law of the whole universe and the human soul emerges from all catastrophes in search of a better life. – sometimes we find ourselves in disasters , discarnate , but we will reincarnate in another situation seeking a better reincarnation – Only Jesus did not pass the painful walk to the races , aiming at the disruption of all boundaries for the universal – Jesus does not want to borders, this will end. Jesus wants the whole world interacting. All brothers , no rivalries, but a universal embrace hug. So that the entire universe embrace , and all see themselves as brothers. – He is the Light of the principleJesus –

in his good hands lie the destinies of the world – Where the world is going to? Where did Jesus think we have to go – his magnanimous heart is the source of life for all earthly eternity. His love of the Gospel message is the eternal word of resurrection and justice of brotherhood and mercy . All human things passed. All human things have changed . But he is the light of all earthly lives , inaccessible to time and destruction . –

Look how Emmanuel giving a lesson to us. What he’s saying is this : He is the light of the principle and in his good hands lie the destinies of the world . The world will walk where Jesus find we have to go, because the highest point of view that he sees , he knows what is best for us.

In our selfishness , we just want for us. The world will walk to where is best for the whole world . If this walk was in our hands , it was to walk where it would be better for us – your message of love in the gospel is the eternal word of resurrection and justice – eternal word to resurface for us to understand the justice of God– of brotherhood and mercy . All human things will change everything we do, is human and one day ends.

As we said , cade the empires that were so strong and everyone thought indestructible ? One day is over. – However it is the light of all earthly lives , inascessivel to time and destruction .For the immortal spirit , especially for the Christ spirit , like that of Jesus , time does not exist . Jesus is unreachable to time and destruction .

We will finish the last paragraph of introduction and next week we start chapter 1 .

  • EAs we speak of mission of the twentieth century , contenting dictators of today , which pile in executioner of crowds , we must if we turn the accomplices eyes to the infinite mercy of the Lord, begging him peace and love to all hearts, fulfilled if we turn the accomplices eyes to the infinite mercy of the Lord,begging him peace and love to all hearts – Emmanuel closes the introduction by saying the following : while the twentieth century was full of dictators who would ultimately extinguish million of lives, for example , the 2nd . World War II Hitler , Mussolini and minor dictators like Saddam and Osama Bin Laden Russen, Emmanuel is saying this: While we judge , we should turn our eyes to the mercy of Jesus and ask for light to these creatures .

Book: O consolador / The Comforter

Now begin the book The Consoler, chapter 1 , the planetary genesis.

The first part Emmanuel will begin with one of the aspects of spiritualistic doctrine , which is the scientific aspect.

Question number one : Does have spiritualism completely need of the Earth science?

It is being asked this: Spiritualism need fully the science of the Earth?

O Emmanuel is gonna answer: – This need can in no way be completely – In a way up needs because the science is proving much that the spiritualist doctrine had been saying for a long time , but it is not completely.

That’s why he’s talking – This need can in no way be completely. – Spiritualism walks without human science , is what he is talking about. Continuando. – The scientific contest is always helpful when coming from the enlightened conscience and sincerity of heart..

André comment: In that sense the spiritualist doctrine needs of science ? When scientific knowledge, according Emmanuel, comes from an enlightened science and sincerity of heart. Unfortunately, the science is still proud. When science is more humble and less selfish, will contribute greatly to the spiritualist doctrine.

The problem of science , is that they make the discovery of the cure of a disease , for example, and does not share with the world, wanting to make money (profit).

When they find the AIDS cure, but if the science is unclear sincerity and heart, what will they do?

Keeping the cure of AIDS for themselves. So, poor countries will have to pay very expensive for the treatment. Poor people without financial condition vain die for selfishness of some pharmaceutical Industry. And he continues – It considers however that the science in the world if you do not want to continue in the role of accomplice of tyranny of destruction , has absolute need of spiritualism. – look what Emmanuel is saying: – with the divine purpose and the lighting of the sacred feelings of moral improvement of man characteristics .he is saying that if spiritualism has no need of science , the science however, if she fail to have a role morally wrong , needs of spiritim . Spiritualism illuminates the soul. The science illuminates the matter, as it studies the laws of matter . Unfortunately we study , using all scientific knowledge for evil.

How can we reverse our paper, using knowledge for good?

Evangelizing us and inserting morality in science . When the moral enter the scientific field , it will only be used scientific discovery for good.. This is what Emmanuel is saying. And the educator of souls, in the moral sense is Jesus.

So , what has to be inserted in science ? The Gospel .

Being a spiritism teaching the gospel revived , the consoler promised by Christ, you have no need of science . But if science wants to use what they know to the welfare , need to improve morally through the spiritualist teachings , educating souls.

If the science in the world don´t wish continue in the role of accomplice of tyranny of destruction , it has to change – What are you saying is : For example ,

it is a cruelty when a chemical keep refining drugs or a physical building atomic bombs. He studies the hydrogen to build bombs and wipe out thousands of lives. Look : a scientist who studied , very smart , but using their intelligence to evil. The day scientists are moralized then there will be changes . Hence the need of science come together to spiritualism .

But spiritualism has no absolute need of science , because we could walk morally .

Question number 2. Now let’s get into the fundamental sciences .

If we recognize the chemical , the physics, biology, psychology and sociology as the five basic sciences , what is the position of science of life in relation to the other ?- André comments “clever question!” Emmanuel answer: –The chemical and physical studying the intimate action of the bodies in relation to each other and the remaining , It is the stuff of science, catalog (list) of values – he means that the physical and chemical sciences are of matter. – Psychology and sociology , examining the landscape of feelings of social problems, They represent the board of classifications of intellectual achievements of science – so what he’s saying, if the chemistry and physics are sciences of matter , psychology and sociology are sciences of the human intellect – In the centre to all is the biology , meaning the science of life in its depths , revealing the transcendence of origin, the spirit , the divine word

Emmanuel did a list (catalog):

Chemistry and physics: material science.

Psychology and Sociology : the intellect sciences , studying the intelligence and behavior of people.

Biology: It is the center of all , it is the science of life in its depths , revealing the transcendence of origin, the spirit.

Because the mind influences the biology. The spirit of the vibration changes all the biological field, if it subentenda body of flesh. So far biology is also imprisoned in materialistic scholl of the Earth – biology is still trapped within the scientific patterns and do not see the immortal spirit .. – However , in its most legitimate expressions , will evolve to God , with its sublime demonstrations , serving us recognize that , even today, his deep eigmas are the noblest appeals to spiritual reality and examinations of divine existence of sources – he says that so far the biology is also embodied in the materialistic schools of Earth, within those work schemes within those scientific cadres , who do not still see the immortal spirits , refusing to get out of this circle.

André did a comment: If you talk to a biologist that behind a physical body has a spirit , they do not believe. However , in its most legitimate expressions will evolve to God – the most sincere and loving cientists will take biology in direction of God , proving the existence of God and the immortal spirit – with their sublime demonstrations , containing recognize us that even today, his deep puzzles are the noblest appeals to spiritual reality –

What’s puzzle ? In this case the findings that did not happen . And why did not happen ? Just for not admitting the existence of the spirit .

What biology has not proved it is the largest of all the evidence of the existence of the spirit.

An example: Scholars of thought believe that those who think it is the brain , not the spirit . The head of neurology, who thinks is the brain. But, they can not figure out how the thought arises .

Although they already understood the synopsis which is the transmission of the impulse of a neuron to another, But who stimulates the first neuron?

They do not know. Still, it has to have a beginning. The first neuron must be stimulated.

It transmits to second and second to third, and so on… But who stimulates the first ? So they can not figure out, exacly because that, they should understand that, who gives the first impulse is the spirit , not the brain.

That´s the reason Emmanuel says que the deep puzzles , this part that biology can not understand , proves precisely the spiritual reality. For not understanding how the brain thinks, they should not think that the brain the responsable, but the spirit.

The own link between the spirit and the body , through the perispirit , the science does not yet see.

But Francisco Xavier told, much that happens to the body and that science still does not prove , the PERISPIRIT help understand.

Many chemical reactions and biological , such as the hormones without putting the spirit , can not be understood

Let’s wait for science to evolve in this way.

Now we enter the chemical , question 3 .

In the chemical field, the forces of the spirit helps the earthly man ? – he is asking: The upper spirits assist the chemical? Emmanuel answer: – The representatives of Jesus spread in all human work sectors – let’s take a break. All human labor sectors. It has spirits of confidence of Jesus in chemistry, biology, sociology , medicine, psychology. Jesus is helping in all areas of knowledge.

and at all times they cooperated with the man , in his duty improvement.- at all times , whatever was discovered , the hand of the men of confidence of Jesus was helping . And he continues: – by the way scholars and scientists of the world did not create the chemical phenomenon, which have existed since the dawn of time , claiming the top intelligence – means that we do not create chemical reactions , we study chemical reactions . They have always existed – that have always existed since the dawn of time – not only the begining of Earth, but the begining of Universe.

However, we do limit ourselves to the planet earth, so let’s limit our speech to the planet earth. We did not create the chemical reactions because they have always existed – claiming a higher intelligence – a little later on in the studies , he will say that, nature is the divine book.

It is in nature where all the chemical reactions happens . We are not inventing anything but copying , trying to understand these reactions .

Next paragraph: – In fact men learned the chemical with nature, copied their associations, developing their study field and invented a names, reducing chemical values ​​, without them learning the divine origins – We place names in chemical elements such as chlorine, hydrogen, oxygen and so on. After combinating them, we give names. But We did not create anything , but we copy and study .

We are creating situations to reproduce this chemical combination in laboratories .

But the laboratory is very limited and we do not always get good results.. In nature it comes naturally and perfectly. Look at the wisdom of God!.

And we think that being in a sophisticated laboratory, we know a lot.

Emmanuel goes on – Indeed , men learned the chemical with nature. Nature is God’s book

When science tries to bind two atoms to create a molecule, actually, It is not creating but copying of nature, which is the divine book. – developing their study of history –:will study , increases, developing knowledge.

But knowledge is something that exists in nature . We did not create anything- and invented names, reducing chemical values, without learning the divine origin. – It comes from God , but we think we understand and be able to recreate.

As we are understanding the chemical and because of our pride and selfishness, we are not seeing through the chemical the creation of God.

One thing we can not create , even if God creates through Jesus , then we think that those chemical reactions that science can not produce in the laboratory , nature produces without difficulty.

Question number four:

In chemical studies evaluating been about a quarter of a million, that means 250,000 , the substances of the earth , which can be reduced to originate approximately 90 elements –

He is saying that the chemical assesses some 250,000 substances in the ground, which can be reduced as originating approximately 90 chemical elements, combining to form these 250.000 substances

When the study of these sciences are enlarged, it can be reduced even further Orino sources ?- It can reduce even more ? It is possible that these elements 90 , for example 2 comes from the same source? And he said: – The chemical needs to present this division of elements for the cataloging of educational values ​​in order investigations of the scientific nature of the world – André makes a comment : I think he says the following : That the chemical needs this division of the elements to create a didactic table.

It must have the division of these elements in order to explain so we can understand.

So, Emmanuel is saying that this cataloging is more didactic than scientific. More to understand and convey than exactly scientifically correct –

However , if the base station on the atoms in the highest expression diversity still tend always tend to substantially unity . Overcome with spiritual truths and the sources of origin – if in the base of the chemistry are the atoms, that join to form molecules, the chemical will always tend to the substantial unity. It means, the chemistry will one day understand that, underneath these elements , these atoms , there is a substantial unity, which Andre Luiz gonna call in the Book “Evolution in two worlds” …..and also in the Book of Spirits ISBN-13: 978-1612038988 “ the cosmic Universal fluid” (BLACK MATTER) is the basis of all chemical elements.

One day science will understand that all these 90 elements depart from the cosmic Universal fluid. And where part of this fluid ? God.

In the second paragraf, he is saying that ” Without them learn the divine origin ” all the chemical elements come from cosmic Universal fluid, which is one emanation of the creator.

André Luiz told that in the book Evolucao em dois mundos/Evolution in zwo worlds. “Everything emanates from God.” It means that , the osmic Universal fluid Is the emanation of God Himself , that way all the chemical elements.

Then all the atoms come together to form molecules, then turn join together to form more complex substances. The theme is very deep.

  1. paragraph to end the study for today.

Incidentally, in the case of chemical individualities , have known that the hydrogen in the context of terrestrial knowledge, is the simplest element of all –

Emmanuel is saying that, in the late 1930, science already knew that of all the elements the hydrogen wasthe simplest . –

If the atom is the primary form of planetary matter , being absolutely the simplified system, because is composed of a single element , a single electron, from where the other individualities of the evolutionary mechanism of matter, in its rudimentary expressions. Rudimentary expressions are mostly single-celled organisms . This hydrogen is the basis of life from single-celled organisms. Only that single cells vain learning the other chemical elements , capturing and evolving till to get where we are . But they starts from the hydrogen.

André makes a comment :

Note the Emmanuel entering deep in chemistry… And that occurred in 1938! A chemical that science today do not even know.

Beings in their rudimentary and unicellular expressions rely heavily on hydrogen .

So they’re going evolved and capturing other electrons , other elements able to get where we are.

But he (Emmanuel) is speaking in synthesis. only cites the line of reasoning , not reaction.

Only with this question would be able to make a deep research.

Ending the study with a final prayer.

Let’s thank Jesus for this blessed opportunity study of the two fantastic works of this spirit we know as Emmanuel.

Master Jesus , mentors spiritualist center Light Portal in Severina , mentors of the spiritualist centers Jesus is the way, the Monte Azul that came together with Roberto .

Thank you very much for the blessed opportunity of the studies,

For all the evolution of society studied in The path of Light , all this scientific evolution studied in the beginning of the book The Comforter will serve in the future, so that we deeply understand your Gospel.

Master , this study starting is the basis of our understanding of the Gospel.

That the Lord’s light illuminating come in gradually , so that when we enter deeply in the study of your Gospel, in the second part of the book the path of Light and the third part of the book Emmanuel, we are well informed about the basis for this deeply understand passages of your Gospel .

Let your Light, Lord finds home in our hearts that already tired of so much pain , in consequence of our own inferiority. So be it.”

A Message from the Medium for you:chico xavier

Jesus Christ did not ask much from us, He did not demand that  people climb Mount Everest or make great sacrifices. He just asked that we love one another.

Every little bit of peace I bring someone is worth the peace I never had

When each one of us become an active and living book of lessons for those who see our examples, the boundaries of religious interpretation will give way to the new era of brotherhood and peace we’re waiting for.

We need to get rid of hate, envy, jealousy, discord in ourselves, so we can reach a solution in terms of peace in order to feel that time has come for human happiness.

Do not be angry with an ungrateful person; probably they are confused or inexperienced.

Avoid trouble with those who are fanatics; they remain imprisoned in exclusivism and deserve compassion just as any other prisoner.

When we have faith and discipline everything becomes easier. Patience is the mother of all virtues. With anxiety all our lives become worse.

The soul that acquires the virtue of forgiveness won’t find any more trouble. No matter what happens, he will know how to run his life …

In terms of changes, the spiritual mentors teach me that I must not forget those relating primarily to improve myself.

I’m not irreplaceable … I’m nothing but grass growing on the ground; when the grass dies, another one replaces it …” Chico Xavier