The Death phenomenon – Part 1

Allan Kardec killed the death, and shown to have the death of organic nature is the liberation of the spiritual being.


Spirits temporarily assume a perishable physical body, the death of which restores them to liberty. Human beings consist of the following : a body, or physical being; a soul, an immaterial spirit incarnated in the body; an intermediate link, called perispirit or spiritual body, which unites the soul and the Body. Perispirit is a semi-material envelope, as opposed to the fully material envelope of the body. At death, the spirit sheds the body, but preserves the perispirit. The perispirit constitutes, then, an ethereal body that the spirit can render visible, or even tangible, as in the case of spirit sightings. Spirits belong to different orders; they are not equal either in power, intelligence, knowledge, or ethical excellence. Spirits have many incarnations. From this we can conclude that we have all had many existences, and will have many others on Earth and elsewhere. The chain of incarnations is always progressive. The spirit’s speed of progress depends on its efforts, but it cannot Regress. The soul possesses its individuality before incarnating and will preserve it after the death of the Body. Allan Kardec

Interview with the Lecturer and Medium Divaldo Franco

Date: 03.05.2015


About Divaldo Franco:
It is with joy that we started the “Program Transition”, the spiritual vision for a new era.

We know that in the Spirit Doctrine the death not exist in the its literal sense. We can say that Allan Kardec killed the death. Still , it is an issue that raises many questions and many troubles  in the hearts of People, especially regarding our loved ones who have gone.

To approach this subject, we have our dear Divaldo Franco in our program.

The question is: What is your opinion regarding anxiety that people feel on the face of death of loved ones?

Divaldo: This anguish is inevitable, so the physical absence leaves a big gap in the uselessness of human being.

Often we have a pet, then he dies. Is a very big empty. Regarding the human being, because of the affectivity coexistence, relationship, death is undoubtedly a great challenging to our emotions.

However, if we compare the life of the spiritual world to the Earth, the Earth’s journey is nothing more than a trip of learning School. If we become aware of this transition, we will be getting ready for the moment of longing.

And, when it comes to the death of loved one, we conceptualize this is not the end. It is not annihilation.
The spirit happily shows through psychic experiences the communicability of the loved ones, that dying is only transfer of a vibration to another, of a organic reality for a transcendent reality.

So, death loses all that magic, all  mystery, the meaning of destruction, the goodbye forever, or as some religions say that souls are forever in a place, producing a separation from perpetual nature.

Fortunately, as you said very well, Allan Kardec killed the death, and shown to have the death of organic nature is the liberation of the spiritual being.

Question: What happens to the spirit when death Comes?

Divaldo: According to the lives of every man, so also it is death. Death is a transition from the physical world to the spiritual.
When we lay and lost consciousness, we can symbolize as the biological death.

The awakening of the next day will be accompanied by our reminiscences of before falling asleep. The peaceful people, which has a healthy objective reality and good communication by affectivity awakens impasse. We must always remember the mercy of  God. The loved ones await us beyondtombs.

If we have a dignified life, we will be greeted with jubilations. But if we choose the one full of emotional accidents, behavioral disorders, sensuality… Then, it´s obvius,  we gonna get wrapped in such harmful vibrations deleterious  and remain a long period of disruption.

To die is the natural consequence of living and awakening in the astral will depends how you fell asleep in the material



Reincarnation & the Bible – Part 1

Council Lecture from Medium Divaldo Franco

Imperator City, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Date: 19.08.1988

If you wish to know more about the Medium, please take a look here:

Date of the Lecture: 19.08.1988

Date of Publication via Youtube: 21.08.2013 


Pray: “Jesus, unconditional friend, bless us”

Divaldo: The adorable Professor Charles Richet, considered the father of human physiology, also one of the fathers of human Metapsychics, asserted with depth, a epoch something is implausible, in another era is credible, referring the thesis of Metapsychics. At that time, the contemporary thinking refused any possibility of a transpersonal reality.

The physiology and psychology advocated anyone that death was the end of life . The moment was given to brain death, the deoxygenation of Neurons, the creature ceased to exist and of course the soul, who was perspiration cerebral, no longer has legitimacy.

The concept of Richet is to draw attention to new ideas, since that new ideas are always fought with wickedness.

And in the same epoch, the notable and pessimistic German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said:  Any new idea in the beginning is fought, then ridiculed and finally comes to become a reality fully accepted. So it’s been through along the history of revolutionary ideas.

This topic is to refer to an exceptional man which presents a thesis in which he has been denied vehementlyexperiencing sarcasm and mockery and which gives into consideration, the human creature incorporates to their daily lives. I wish to refer to the Indian parapsychologist Hemendra Nath Banerjee and the theory of reincarnation.

Coming from  the city of Jaipur in India, the psychologist concentrated his work at the observation of exceptional children. Those who were provided with the genius and others that seemed to have a not necessarily brain Memory.

Brain memory is the one that comes in the DNA code and accompanying the development of the rational, through the various periods of their formation organic.

Banerjee had found children who were able to give informations that were not acquired in the current existence. And therefore he created psychological concept of extra brain Memory.

He had the occasion to say that reincarnation is a thesis that surprises the Western mind. And when it comes to any means to about reincarnation, people not clarified, invariably assume any of four positions:

The first is the classic negation, pure and simple. Very comfortable and commodious attitude. The second is a posture of reaction, based on religious doctrines that the individual professes.  The third is the attitude of acceptance and the fourth is a scientific Approach.

He said that it was very comfortable deny. For denying, enough 2 words: I do not believe.

It had been refused for many centuries the reality of the heliocentric System. And notwithstanding, the Earth has ever been fixed.

Tried to negate the story through the law of universal Gravitation: When heavier the body, the less his fall. And yet, this is the law that rules the cosmos, sustaining the galactic balance.

So, those who deny the reincarnation without ever been concerned with any analysis, keep an attitude of convenience, an anti-scientific attitude.  These people do not deserve further  cultural consideration.

The second group consists of those who say:I do not believe in reincarnation, because the religion I profess denies the reincarnation.  For me, it does not have any Basis”

And we heard this assertive (statement), through persons linked to different ramifications to Christianity, as  Coptic Christianity Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic Apostolic, Protestant, asserting that  his  Religion  denies the reincarnation.

These people deserve human respect, however demonstrates that they do not know their Religion.

If we make an analysis about the historical reality of the Religions, we will verify that the generating of Christianity, the reincarnation doctrine is professed by Jesus and accepted by his disciples. Several times we find Jesus referring to reincarnation, notwithstanding, using another word as it is obvious. The word that translates reincarnation is of Greek nature, Palingenesia, doctrine of several births, the Genesis.

In Torah, the word reincarnation is in the vocable (sorry, I didn´t understand the vocabulary, but it sounds like guilagu), that means born again. The Hebrew Torah accepts reincarnation, which was part of the secret indoctrination of the primitive doctrine.

Jesus refered several times to reincarnation. All of us, Christians, we have read the gospel, remember us  for  a instance of  the Moment he arriving at the place, he met a man who was blind since birth.  And the disciples interrogate him”why he was born blind. On account of own mistakes or from his parents?

What does this mean the passage? They believed in reincarnation. Therefore, that that man had sinned before being born, of course that was in a previous existence.

And as he was not carrying any negative karmic manifestation, Jesus redargue: neither he nor his parents sinned, but is in order to fulfill God’s will, that is, so that I can break free from blindness, since he did not have any negative commitment by law.

Later we will have the opportunity to magistral  Dialog to hear Jesus asked his disciples, Whom do men say that the Son of Man is?

And they elucidate: “Some say that you are Elias, others say Jeremiah, while others say that thou art John the Baptist and others who says you are the prophet who returned”

Then he asks Simon Peter: And you who say that I am? And Peter, taken from a psychic emotion, replied: “I say that thou art the Son of God, the Messiah we expected“.

And Jesus concludes Simao: “It was not flesh and blood have revealed you. It was my father who is in the heavens who revealed to you”

Let´s analyze: The people said that Jesus was Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist or one of the prophets that alread were dead. Of course they thought that Jesus had been reincarnated.

But as he was not Elijah or Jeremiah, let alone Joao Batista, who desencarnava was little, and was not also none of the prophets, because Jesus was not reincarnated.
It is the sublime governor Earth, who became incarnate in order to serve as model and guide, leading us to God.

He asks Simao: Who do you say?
And Simao, who was medium, receives influx of divine Inspiration and reproof, Thou art the Messiah, the one we expected.

But if this is not enough, later, are the disciples who inquire: “Rabbi, it is not necessary to come before the Messiah comes Elijah?” And he clarifies: “But the Elijah who was to come, has already come. This, that is there, (they all understood he was talking about John the Baptist).

How could John the Baptist be Elias, if Elias had died nearly 800 years before? Only through reincarnation.

If we see the prophetic sermon, Mark 13, you will have the opportunity to draw the events of the end of the negative moral times. And in the final stage, he says: Do not pass this generation without all that I say, be fulfilled until the last Jota (a tiny Greek letter).

But we can see that it all about he said, did not happen.

Then he made a mistake or we misinterpret the Phrase. Will not pass this generation … From bodies or Spirits?

We will not be in humankind certain remnants of that spiritual generation. which has been reincarnated and that we are still here on Earth, waiting for the final Moment?

However, it’s wonderful the dialogue with Nicodemus, when the celebrated doctor of law who sat on the judgment seat of the Sanhedrin, one of 70 doctors of the law, keep an interview with Jesus and the gospel narrates the answer, the same as saying that there has been question: Verily, I say to you, it is necessary to be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven.

And the man who knew the Torah, the Mosaic Pentateuch, taken by surprise, requires: Lord, how is possible an old man enter the womb of his mother to be Born again?” He understood the answer. And Jesus makes clear: it is necessary born of water and of the Spirit to enter the kingdom of heaven.

The spirit blows where it wills, is like the wind, do not know where it comes from or where it goes. That which is born of the flesh is flesh. That which is born of the spirit is Spirit.

Later, the doctrines that descended from Christianity to Go to say that this revival is given through baptism, when the person is separated from the original sin. For those who are not informed,  of the sin of disobedience committed by Eve, who then seduced Adam. It is necessary that the person separates this grave sin, which led the two creatures to cohabit and entering the sensuality, they populated the earth. This is the explanation of orthodox religions.  Religions that much we respect, though we do not agree with their Explanation.

Let us analyze: If it is necessary to baptize, and those who die without the minimal possibility to receive the baptism like Eskimos, primitive people of New Guinea, creatures lost in the forests or in the cities children whose parents deny baptism and not grant them the purification. To where they go?  To limbo, a place of eternal indifference. But is it fair to punish a person who does not have any responsibility for not having been baptized? The answer is extravagant, exotic.

And those who were born before Jesus? Mankind had almost 4,000 years of ethical culture in civilization. Well, those Jesus redeemed with his blood, which does not let to be very comfortable.

Cambyses king of the Persians, Julio Cesar, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus had one unimaginable cruelty , who were evil, which destroyed civilizations, which ruined cities, Jesus has redeemed them.

And we, only because we were born later, we have to strive for own redemptionIt is a placement of logic, anti-Logical. Because it would be ideal that Jesus was coming first and taught to all and the disobedient ones would suffer but not dividing society: Those who were  born before, they are saved by the blood. And those who came later,  the bastards who is to be cleansed, making the doctrine of Christ one swing of nonsense.

But let us examine if there was original sin:

Says the Bible, and the Bible with all due respect, is a book of contradictions, starting of the so called creation, when God said on the first day: It makes the Light, and there was light. And this was the first day.

On the second day, God separated the land from the waters. And this was the second day.

On the third day, he created the stars. And there is a basic error. How can there be light, if there were no stars to Project it? How could there be clarity, if there was no sun? How could there be clarity in the chaos, if there were no stars?

The science uprising to protest and asserts that 15 billion years ago, two particles were stirred into chaos, was cloned as one another, absolutely the same nuclear charge carrier. Until an additional particle emerged and caused the Big Bang. Starting from there it espandem universal particles, which continue to expand in our universe, Law of Einstein. But if we look at the Bible, we find that the creation refers only Earth, which is an insignificant planet. It is a planet devoid of any astronomical value.

The extraordinary English astrophysicist Sir James Jeans, to give an idea to us, that we are not masters in astronomy, he says for example: So we have a dimension, if we consider our Milky Way galaxy, just our galaxy, with the dimension that comes from extreme northern of north america till the southern end of South america, the solar system would be the size of a dime of Dollar and the Earth would have the dimension of the tip of a pin and the sun would have the volume of the pin head. So we have idea of the Earth’s nothing significant if we analyze us that our galaxy is poor. She has only 200 billion suns. There are approximately 100 million galaxies bigger than ours. And the Hubble telescope is photographing daily galaxies that appear and others who succumb to black holes

But we take the Bible literally: God, on the seventh day, when his work is finished, he took a cake mud and modeled the being, He breathed into his life, giving this being the name of Adam, made of sludge, created from clay. And after meditating, God realized, literal words, which was not good for the man to be alone. Made him fall asleep, he took out a rib and made the woman.

We will enter now in the absurd area. Why it would have to be a rib? For the woman was perpetually dependent upon man. It’s a chauvinistic vision of the Jewish doctrine. God is man. The first being  is to be a man, a woman is a piece of the man, that should pay obedience.

And I wonder if it was not good for man to live alone? Why did it not another being men of clay, breathed into him life and gave him a Partner? Why he gave a female companion?

So, God says to them: “Here is the paradise”, which was in a Region next of Mesopotamia. “Here’s everything you want, but you can not approach or penetrate the tree of wisdom of good and evil. ”

The light of psychology was a classic mistake of God, because all that is forbidden is gonna be desired. And that God is omniscient , he should already know what was about to to happen after.  Otherwise he is not  omniscient, one of God attributes, the capacity to know everything that there is to know, past, present and future.

Starting from that moment the paradise is now the tree. If he had not said anything, they never would come next to the tree. because it was a enormous paradise. Then the devil,took the form of a Serpent, female. The lords notice how say the German psychoanalyst Dr. Hanna Wolf, the tragedy male chauvinism. Comes the serpent seduced Eve, it was weak. And Eve seduced, seduces Adam, who was not weak, but he has been enticed and then they disobeyed God…  We note that this is a myth. is a legend that deserves any affection of a historical legend …
… So, at this point they realized that they were naked…psychologically, they discovered the sensuality, because the were naked…

And of course they covered the prudish parts and God appeared angered… It can not be God. The supreme mercy, the supreme wisdom. Angry with those two children? It’s like we get angry with our children just for being bearer of ignorance, and instead of guiding,  we complained, we punish, and he became repressed.

then, Godin desperation punishes them… And how? “Today From you shall eat the bread by the sweat of your face”, making work a disgrace, transformed work into a punishment.

When Jesus told us, “my father until now works, and I also work“, because the work is psychotherapy. Let’s look at the retired who forcibly stop working, and of course makes the neurotic disorder of worthlessness, begin to consider themselves as marginalized People. And ours is a country of marginalized, because we believe that we already lived. We are already retired. The retired person has a disgrace timbre. And People talk like that, “he is retired, we are doing a favor for which he lives“.

Then, we’ll look at how the situation does not correspond to reality: “They were expelled and God punished the snake, forcing her to crawl…” It is another absurd. Incidentally, the snake walked on the tip of the tail? This to show the inconsistency. It is an analysis of psychological logic, it is not an analysis of ordinary criticism. It’s an Analysis..

Then they left the paradise, cohabiting and had their first child, a man. They had a second son, a man:  Cain and Abel.

Cain was bad, it was envy, was stingy. Abel was good, noble, was gentle.

We saw that this is a mythology that psychoanalysis interprets very well: It is the dark side and the light side of the creature, the duality of good and evil. They are not two people, as some try to apply us.

And God liked Abel, which is a negative father. He should like more  Cain. For who deserves love is the ill Person, not the healthyAbel did what pleased God, but the donation of Cain displeased him. So Cain was overcome with rage and killed his brother. I would have done the same Thing. Being despised by God, when I tried to please him? An while  he honor my brother, who was already beloved? This is a cruel prejudice! When we see in all social areas protection to the sick, the frail, the minority, the rejected, but our biblical God is an arbitrary being.

And when Cain killed, God appears and asks, “Where is your brother?” And found the crime, he expelled him. And he goes to other lands, where he married With whom? There were only five: father, mother and two brothers. Or rather,  four. With whom he got married? But our Protestant brothers would say: “For God nothing is impossible”. Go to it: For God nothing is impossible. Let´s say he got married.

And God took pity on Eve and replace your murdered child by another good one:  Seth. And they populated the earth…. With whom? There was only one woman, who was the own mother. I do not know if you already thought of that? I‘m trying to understand. Let us think together? With whom? If you discover, let me know.

“They populated the earth. And when the earth was populated, there was the predominance of evil and God repented that he had created man“. So it’s not perfect. He did not know what to do. Like us, the psychology tells us not to repent, taking a attitude of responsibility, nothing morbid regrets or self-blame. Releases of guilt and responsibility of the acts.

“He pronounces the flood”, but there was on earth one family that was fair: Noe, his wife and three children. Men: Shem, Ham and Japheth.

God comes to them and said:” I’ll send the flood. but I want to save you  and your Family. Build an ark and preserve into it a couple of each animal, that the land be repopulated again

Noah begins to build with three children the ark, which will never float, because it is an anti-nautical vessel because he did not knew nothing about marine engineering. But let’s say that God helped. He built and put a couple of animals of the whole earth. Those of  middle Brazi crocodiles, Jaguars from the Amazon, the polar bear, penguins They were all there. And Noah was placed in the ark, well organized   The lords see that it’s a children’s Story, even  ridiculous. And then he closed up the ark and caulking. And it rained for forty days and forty nights. The Ark floated and the waters flooded the earth… other nonsense. There has never been geologically a complete flood. There was always partial floods. Recently there was a wave of 30 meters in Indonesia and  several villages were damaged, because of a marine earthquake. China is still submerged in the waters of the river vyang ze Yang. We can say that there was a local flood. And 40 days of rains are not enough to flood even certain regions, so unless the entire terrestrial globe.

Noah sent out a dove, which did not returned. Three days later he sent another, which returned back, bringing in his beak a olive branch. other nonsense. Or there was the flood that put an end to all or,  some olive trees have been saved. Let’s pretend it is.

Noe opened the ark, sent the animals out, they were obeyed and went to the tropical climate, to the glacial weather to reproduce. Noah left the ark, with his three male children, and repopulated the land with whom?

The mother was the only woman, and she was already elderly. Because the children were adults.  At first I even accept the absurd. But twice is too much. But we se, it is a methodological proposal.

When we saw the history of Rome, Romulus and Remus fed by a wolf. And it’s one of the most fascinating psychological Image. When we see the story here in Brazil, which tells about the river Solimoes, designed by our Indians, which has the same characteristic of biblical history: Tupé ordered that the lands were devastated by the waters and Ceiciperi were fortunate enough to be warned. They climbed on a tree that was dragged. And when the waters went down, the river Solimoes was Born. And they nurtured of fruits, from the shadows, and protection of own tree 

This mythology is present in all villages of the planet, as what Carl Gustav Jung calls: The archetype from archetype of the  divinity. The process of evolution of our thinking, from primitive to lucid, rational  thinking from today, then we’ll see that there was not actually any sin because the carnal communion is not sinful. It is a physiological function for the reproduction of being. The imbalance is not sex.It is at the head of the wearer. The perversion is mental, it is moral, is not biological. Sex is similar to the stomach. With specific purpose, such as liver that secretes a substance, which secretes bile and certain hormones that reciprocally fertilizing, give rise to life.

It is the old prejudice of the atavism of individual imbalance, which he intends to self castrate, self punishment, the concept of sin. Then we move to the doctrines of psychological liberation, full of health,  in which there is no sin, and the positive experience, the negative experience. So do not be justified baptism. Born of water, it is taking a new Body .It is the embryogeny that explains us. Animal fertilization, specifically the human, is the  watery fertilization. When the sperm travels through the fallopian tube. It is a straw that will engage the ovule, another drop of gelatinous water. At the time that the ovule receives the sperm, which loses its tail, and defends itself the invasion of others, we have a drop of water with a quantum of energy. This drop of water goes up to fallopian tube, engages in the womb and begins to nurture amniotic  liquid, Water. The creature develops in adulthood has on the body 68 per cent of water, minerals and other substances that consolidate the matter. And born of water is composed of new physiological Body.

Then Jesus said, “It is necessary to be born again.” Here is evidenced the reincarnation.

And if we advance in the history of Christianity, we see that the Christians were reincarnationists.

Some Protestant brothers are saying that the Apostle Paul proclaimed that life is unique and then came the judgmentThen they  come back to us triumphant and ask, “What about reincarnation?”

But we never said that life is multiple. Life is unique. The physical existences are several.  The creature enters the body and out of the body without entering even get out of life, like we change clothes without being changing body.

When the apostle Paul said that after death comes judgment, of course it happens. When the person Divaldo Franco disembodied, will come the judgment of the acts of Divaldo Franco character.

The spirit who has lived  as Divaldo experiences will have to give evidence and shall elect recovery a new stage (Karma), but no longer as Divaldo. The spirit is the same with the nomenclature another personality.

To make it easier understanding, the personalities are multiple. Individuality is eternal, the spirit is unique. I’m not Divaldo Franco. I’m being temporary Divaldo Franco. I was being John, Anthony, Daisy or whoever. But I am the sum of  experiences as immortal Spirit.

The child enters from the culture, going to a maternal school. After the day care, then to School… The child is the same, but the formation of personalities are diverse… The elementary school, high school, university, MBA, doctorate, master’s degree. It is the same being in different stages of the evolution process.

Then, when they claim that comes judgment because it ends the life which is unique, they are giving one interpretation that does not correspond the truth. Because spiritism does not say several lives, but many physical existence.

 Later these disciples of Jesus created a neo-Platonic school of Alexandria. Plato was reincarnationist.
Socrates was reincarnationist. The neo-Platonic school gave us Origenes, who created the doctrine of principles, the basic doctrine of the church, which was convicted in 553. Tertullian, the author of apologetics. Pocleos, Jambricos,  Eusebio, Agostinho, and a whole elite of reincarnationists  thinkers.

In the year 553, the Roman Empire was divided into two wings: What had by capital, Rome in the West and who was the Byzantine capital Constantinople in the East.

Ruled over the empire of the East Justinian, who had been married to an admirable woman, but she had had a very frivolous and erratic life. Theodora had left a brothel. According to history, he married her and she was the empress who administered the empire. She managed to create a number of Problems to the Vatican. It is sufficient to read about her life to know about that.

She died in the year 548 and had asked her husband, at the first opportunity, to become heretical the doctrine of reincarnation. Because she did not wanted to return to rescue the errors she committed in the past. She had so much horror to her own  past which, according to history, she ordered the killing of 500 prostitutes, her fellow profession, not to have any inheritance.

And the husband who was in love with her in the year 547, imposes the pope Virgilio, who transferred to Constantinople, under penalty  to create the schism. The pope, to accommodate the situation, came and the emperor demanded to be done the second ecumenic council of Constantinopel. which was do not universal. The pope opposes, wished it was Rome. The emperor with weapons, threatened. And this council started in 52 and was up 58.

In the year 53, the theory of reincarnation was put on Trial. And as he was a very democratic emperor, he said: “Those who voted against, I will pass by the sword” and won 3-2.

The reincarnation was considered a heretical doctrine. Since then she was rejected. The Catholic,  Apostolic, Roman church not deny the reincarnation.

And I will thank any Catholic, that brings me an ecclesiastical document of a council, in which reincarnation is considered heresy except the year 553, that do not have value, because it was not of universal character.

here you can read the whole Ecumenic Council.  Document in German language: Council

Immediately, he began to pursue reincarnationists and, according to history, he killed more than one million at that time. The church was used to continue decimating reincarnationists and came to cuminar last century, when finished killing the Cathars who lived in France and some in Spain.

So, the reincarnation is a Christian  fact. When a person says that she  does not believe in it, because of her Religion, she demonstrates that does not know the history of her own Religion. 

First Part: 44 Minutes.

Thanks for reading.

I wish you a New Year with Peace, Love and all the Best!

























The greatest King of the World

The history haven’t been told in the Bible.
Because I am not from this world. When I came here, I came with a committee to monitor the evolution and be part of humanity, which is a unit as a whole.

A lot of you loose your life by very small things, without reason. Some things you should let go. Exu Mirim

Espirit: Exu Mirim Caveirinha – Medium: Edgar Souza

Resume of the Dialogue 488 –  Date: 19.10.2015



Exu Caveirinha: We are all working together, serving the same purpose which is to serve the great King of humanity. If  was not Jesus, there was no world anymore, because you guys would have destroyed everything. Human beings think aliens will come and destroy the world …  Have you heard about that?

Jefferson: Yes, i did.

Exu Caveirinha: But who can annihilate the world are you guys. Only you!

But let me continuing… Have you heard his history, when he was thirteen years old?

Jefferson: No.

Exu Caveirinha: Then I gonna tell you one… Before the King of the world came to Earth, there was a great preparation of the cosmos.

During this time, the higher spheres and I were there, following this process

Because me, Exu Mirim , I am not from this world. You guys may think I’m , but am not. I came from a place a little far from Earth. We came to monitor the evolution and be part of humanity, which is a unit as a whole. When I came here, I came with a committee, along with other brothers who migrated to humanity.

4000 years before the greatest King (Jesus) was born into this world, which you know today as Earth, the great Spirits of light began the preparation for his coming.

Before he embodied, must to be done a great cleaning in the lower spheres.

In each of the lower sphere was created points of light to make the maintenance of energies. In this epoch many spiritual colonies were created.

And during these 4000 years, came other brothers from other spheres to join the great moment of the coming of Jesus.

We did the cleaning of the darkest Points…

Some brothers which they were not in the vibration of the planet Earth, we send them to other planets, so giving a relief in the lower astral. Then 4000 years passed very quickly, like a blink of an eye.

For you who lives on the globe, 4000 years is an eternity, but for us it is a breath. Then, 4000 years came and with that, also the cosmic alignment of the stars…

Do you know what it means?  Because exu mirim not follow the human calendar, but the Calendar of stars… When I look at the sky, I see the days, moths and years. For you guys one day is an eternity. For me it’s nothing. Then, through the stars, I can see the happenings. The time had arrived, which the world’s King would go down on the Earth. Then I was looking at the stars, counting every second of his coming. But before he came, had to come others such as Moses and Buddha, for preparing his arrival.

The kingdom of heaven, especially the angels, prepared the womb of Mary to the arrival of the great king of the world. His family was not poor, they had financial conditions. But they were traveling when he was born. During his childhood, the King of the world was very threatened by the forces of darkness, who wanted to end his life. However, his light is so intense, so strong that darkness could not see him. His Aura was very, very great, especially when he was a child.

And I had the opportunity to talk to him when he went to sleep. At the time he was seven years old. When he was incarnate, he not only worked on the Earth, but he get out of the body and worked in the spheres of underworlds. Because, it was an opportunity he had while being incarnated. Did you know that?

Jefferson: No, I didn´t know.

Exu Caveirinha: Since then, when he was on earth, he moved the forces on the other side, down to the underworld. So he lowered his energy to not to be noticed.  There he met three brothers who struggled since more than thousand years.

When these three brothers were reincarnated on earth, they were very rich. One was poorer and ignorant than others. So he cheated and took all the richness of other Brothers.

Then, the other two have come together to put an end to his life. But the thief had informants and found out the plan of the other Brothers and he killed them.

A lot of you loose your life by very small things, without reason. Some things you should just let go.

So, after years, the thief died and disembodied, and so they began to fight on the spiritual side. As I told, since millennium of years ago, without end. 

Then Jesus came in the form of a child. And this child began to play near them. They are noticing and wondering themselves, from where have appeared that beautiful  child.

When they looked into the eyes of that child, they began to cry because, in his eyes there was so much tenderness, so much affection, and there was thousand years that they had no seen it.

Just a look of Jesus made them look inside, reflecting their own acts. When they began to cry, their vibration has increased a little bit, so they could see their mother.  So they ran to meet her.

Do you know who was the mother?  Was Jesus undercover…

And the mother looked to them with a hard look of disapproval, but also with the eyes of love…

So, they burst into tears, purging the energies of hatred, anger that brought in the heart. 

So the King of the world told them to build a house. Because they thought it was the mother, they obeyed. So they got together and began to build a house together, starting to understand eachother again.

This house was widening…And the King of the world told them to help other Brothers which they were also struggling, to build up a little house.

So, it started been spreading… Today, these three brothers have a great astral colony. This spiritual colony is calledMessengers of Peace and Light”.

where Jesus passed by, he helped and built to spread the kindness. You incarnated want to help by donating clothes and Food. But it is not all. You have to work on awareness too. The human being has to have challenges, if not, he shrinks and can not increase.

And today Jesus does the same Thing: Where there is war, there will be peace, there will be Union.

With the union, you guys can build up many things together, but not with individuality.  Individuality is for you to make reflections inside of yourself. Collectivity is to construct things together for the individuality. You are not an individual being. You’re also collective.





Jesus & the heretics

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. And know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.
Jesus of Nazareth

“If you talk to God you’re religious. If God talks to you, you’re psychotic.” Dr. House

The theory that Jesus did not die on the cross isn´t new to me, but it was also not important, since I was not very religious

HOWEVER, since few Months I changed my mind …
Last Friday my old friend * Josephine (name changed) invited me to drink a beer. She is a psychologist in a big hospital in the town.

I told her that I am schizophrenic and would like to spend a few weeks in the university hospital.
After she had looked at me for a moment skeptical, She nodded her head and said: Yes, yes If you need help, you can talk to me.” I said her: “No, thanks”

The problem with me is, when I look to the world and see so much dispute and war because of Religion, I become sickFor example, about the life of Jesus…

Why is it so hard to accept that Jesus had a family? Why people still believe the Noah’s Ark Story?

According with cientists, we have about  8.7 Million species on the Earth.  with 6.5 million species on land and 2.2 million in oceans. Now we multiplicate it 2 times (a pair). How many Noah´s Ark are necessary to Transport those animals. An adult tiger eats from 18 to 35 kilograms of food a day while elephants eat between 149 and 169 kg (330-375 lb.) of vegetation daily.


Another example: Lazarus. How many people were being buried alive because their relatives believed that they were dead? Here a Reportage about: Buried alive

Please do not misunderstand me. I love Jesus today more than ever. But there are so many wrong interpretation

When I was very young, where I had constantly to read the Bible, I could not believe that Jesus really exist.
Many times during my prayers, I asked that I needed a proof of his existence.

After all, my family was multifaceted regarding religion, which they had their own Interpretation of the Bible.

At the end, they were all dead and no one was right. Or maybe?

If so, who was it? My Catholic  mother, which died when I was  8 years old, my Protestant sister, who also died 2 years later or my Spiritualist father who past away when I was 14?

One day I dreamed that I was in Jerusalem, and it was the day of the crucifixion, so at around 11 clock in the morning. It was a hot and very bright day 
I just could not
raise my head, so I must to keep looking all the time to the floor. Then, a voice tells me that I was not worthy to see him.

Unfortunately, I do not know how old I was,  when this happen,  but I remember of each Detail.

The second time was in August this current year.

I  was in a 40-60 m2 Room and it was also from 10.30 11.00 clock in the morning. There were  two small oak windows on the left side and on the right was the door. Jesus was in the center and next to him were many men who spoke loudly, accusing him. I was in a higher step, where I could observe the whole scene. sinedrio

Suddenly they catched on his arm and were taking him out. I started to cry and the only thing I was able to say was: They‘re going to kill him, and nobody do nothing against”.

Then He looked at me and mentally He said: It will be all in vain if you do not tell the truth“.

Yes, I know the truth, but I am very much misinterpreted. Even my friends do not believe me. And sometimes it is very frustrated.

Because I love him, it doesn´t mean that I shall accept the lies made by men.

I pray to God and Jesus to continue holding me, strengthening and take away from me my own pride, arrogance and selfishness.

I wish you a merry Christmas with much Love and Peace.

Independently which Religion you follow, we are all brothers and sisters.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Cheers , miss Froggy

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.

For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?

Jesus of Nazareth

Christmas means hope

Pai Joaquim de Angola –

Medium Fernando Parada           Website:

Date: 24.12.2015


The great Obligation of Umbanda is to allow the brother practice their own religion.

Respect the Religion  and the God of your next.

Even if your neighbor does not celebrate the birth of Jesus, Jesus will be born in his heart and also in yours.

The name of Jesus I will translate with the word hope.

Because hope is the last word that dies. Hope is the birth of a better day.

With these twisted words I have, I wish this x-mas evening there is not so much killing of animals.

I wish you guys much happiness. Not of giving Gift, but to be present with your family, with your loved ones and even your little animals.

It is not to give Gift but to be present and be presentBe present on the day of Advent, before God, before yours.

This is the greatest gift you can give God: Being present.

That´s it my children. And a Merry Christmas to all of you.

Pai Joaquim de Angola

Warnings from Spirits

Human beings are made of body, mind and spirit.
Of these, spirit is primary,
for it connects us to the source of everything,
the eternal field of consciousness. Buddha

Each of us is here to discover our true Self, that essentially we are spiritual beings who have taken manifestation in physical form, that we’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences, that we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences. Unknown

It seems that my dog Freya is able to see Ghosts.

Everytime I start translating the Dialogue, my dog goes away, as she  would see someone  in the room, then goes away as if she was afraid. 

I’m a kind of person who hard to accept criticism. As one of the Reporter did a comment about my bad english, I was so Angry.  My first reaction was to take all the text away.

Yesterday morning I was very nervous, thinking about giving up everything regarding the astral world.

During the day while working, I listened many beats and noises. Mentally I say to them that could do what they wanted, however I would not change my opinion, and I didnt not care if I have to reincarnate again with bad Karma.

Around 4:00 pm, as I was at home, I felt so tired and slept. Around 6 pm awake up, ate something and fell asleep again.

Today morning my husband took a shower, while I made coffee. Then he called me, I went there and he showed  a mark of a hand between hisbetween his chest and Liver and said was a Ghost today morning. I did´n´t believe him, and I thought he had done himself, once the hot water leaves marks on the Body.

When he sat on the couch, I looked closely and the mark was still there. I not could not believe what my eyes saw and did some pics with my mobile with different effects.

Because he is an Atheist, many times me mockes me, what makes me a bit sad, but he swears it was not me who did him.

If it is really some spirit who did it to him, there are two possibilities of Explanation:

  1. A warning for me to continue the translation
  2. Because of the anger I felt, my emotional vibration dropped to a low level, so getting in tune with evil spirits that are against this work.

I am not scared but I don´t want they hurt my Family because they have  nothing to do with. That´s the reason I keep going this work forward. However, I need a break.


Thank you for reading and have a nice Sunday.



Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 1 Corinthians 13:4

As Pascal said once: “In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t.”

However, I did not mention a fact, because it is very difficult to accept myself and sometimes I think am alucinating.

In August this year, I dreamed of Jesus. He was in a room in the Sanhedrin, full of people. Was a commotion and all spoke very loudly. Suddenly he was being taken out. I started crying and said: They will crucify him and nobody does anything

Then, he turned and looked into my eyes said: “Tell the truth to people, otherwise, my suffering will be in vain” Since then I have experienced very large inner conflict

Thanks a lot for your attention and I wish you a nice Weekend!

Miss Froggy


In the long term we can hope that religion will change the nature of man and reduce conflict. But history is not encouraging in this respect. The bloodiest wars in history have been religious wars.
Richard Nixon

Apologize for my poor English

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.
Kofi Annan

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. Marcus Garvey

Today someone told me that many translations are not in accordance with what has been explained in Dialogues of the Spirits.
For this reason some of the Article will be removed for an undetermined period until the errors are corrected.  Let´s see what future bring us 😉

Please notice that, most of the translated Dialogue are a Resume to People like you and me. There are some parts you guys would not understand, as I do not understand either, once we do not belong to Umbanda Religion.

At my Point of view, would be losting of time to write something we are not able understand, as for example: “Vovó nao Quer casca de coco não terreiro parágrafo nao Lembrar dos Tempos do Cativeiro.”, tha means: “Grandma does not want coconut shell in the yard not to remember the times of captivity.”.  By the way, did you know there was slavery in Brazil? If People do not know about Brazilian culture, how they can understand some meaning?

 And I act according with my consciousness 😉

Only those Mediums who practice the Umbanda Doctrine since long time, are able to understand their own Religion.

I would  like to apologize for my human failure. Unfortunately is not easy to get time translating. I have three diferent Jobs, a Family and another Blog in german Language, where I write about Politic, Philosophy and Religion.

As I said  at beginning, “about this Blog”, my english is not so good.

Thanks for your Patience.

So, in the next few months I will concentrate my Energy, trying to translat part of the Books from Emmanuel: On the way to the Light, year 1939. Hope you enjoy it!

By the way, the Gospel of Judas is quite controversial and not all People are ready to read it. If you are interesting to see what Ventania told about, please send me an email and I will send you the Password as soon as possible.

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year with a lot of Peace and Love.

Thanks, miss Froggy

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
Albert Einstein



Homosapien & World of Transition

The chain of incarnations is always progressive. The spirit’s speed of progress depends on its efforts, but it cannot Regress

God (eternal, immutable, immaterial, unique) created the universe, which comprehends all beings, animate and inanimate, material and immaterial.

Human beings consist of the following : a body, or physical being; a soul, an immaterial spirit incarnated in the body; an intermediate link, called perispirit or spiritual body, which unites the soul and the Body. Perispirit is a semi-material envelope, as opposed to the fully material envelope of the body. At death, the spirit sheds the body, but preserves the perispirit. The perispirit constitutes, then, an ethereal body that the spirit can render visible, or even tangible, as in the case of spirit sightings. Spirits have many incarnations and  belong to different orders; they are not equal either in power, intelligence, knowledge, or ethical excellence.

The chain of incarnations is always progressive. The spirit’s speed of progress depends on its efforts, but it cannot Regress.  According to Allan Kardec Philosophie

Author: Allan Kardec. Spiritist Magazine, October 1866

Source: and

Humanity realized until this day undeniable progress; men, for their intelligence, they came to results that had never reached in regard to the sciences, the arts and material well-being; remains them, still, tremendous progress to be implemented is to be among them charity,
brotherhood and solidarity, for ensure their moral welfare.

It is no longer only development of intelligence that is necessary to men, it is the elevation of feeling, and for this we must destroy everything that could overexcite selfishness and proud. Such it is the period where they will get from now on, and that will mark the Main stages of mankind. This Phase that is drawn at the moment, is the necessary complement of the preceding state such as manhood is Youth complement; she might,
therefore be foreseen and foretold in advance, which is why it is
says the time appointed by God has arrived. At that time, it is not a partial shift from a limited renovation to a region, a people, a race; It is a universal movement that operates in the sense of moral progress. A new order of things tends to settle, and the men that are the most opposed into it work with ignorance; the future generation, cleared of old world slag and formed of purer elements, will be found, lively ideas and different feelings of this generation that goes by leaps and bounds. The old world is dead, and shall live in history, and today the days of the Middle Ages, with their barbaric behavior and their superstitious beliefs. Moreover, everyone knows that the order of Current things left to be desired; after to see, of some sort, exhausting material well-being, which is the product of
intelligence, comes to understand that the addition of this welfare is not
but may be in development moral. The more we advance, the more it
feel that the lack without, however, still be able to define it clearly: the
effect of intimate work that operates for regeneration; have been desires,
aspirations that are as feeling a better stateOver such a radical change as to what is elaborated, can not be Held without commotion; the inevitable struggle between ideas, and who says fight, says alternative of success and setback; however, as new ideas are those of progress, and that progress is in the laws of nature, they can not help but impose on retrograde ideas.  Inevitably, this conflict arose temporary disruption until the ground is clear of obstacles that oppose the establishment of a new social building. The struggle of ideas that will emerge is serious advertised events, not disasters, or purely material catastrophes.

The general cataclysms were the consequence Earth’s forming status; today, no longer constitute the globe entrails stir, they are those of Humanity. Humankind is a collective being that operate the same moral revolutions in each individual being, with this difference that some are fulfilled in year by year, and the other of century by century. It is accompanied in their evolution over time, and shall be see the lives of several races marked by periods which give each time a particular physiognomy.  Beside the partial movements, there is a general movement that gives impulse to entire humanity; but the progress
of each assembly is on the degree of advancement. Such a family consisting of several sons of which is the youngest in the cradle and the
firstborn at the age of ten, for example. In ten years, firstborn will have twenty years, and will be a man; the youngest will take ten years and,
although more advanced, is still a child; but, in turn, will become
a man. So it is with the different fractions of mankind; the most late advance, but they will not know, of jumped, reaching the level of the
advanced. Mankind, already an adult, has new needs, aspirations more
wide, higher; includes the empty of ideas of which was packaged, the insufficiency of their institutions for their happiness; she no longer finds in the state of things, the legitimate satisfactions to which feels satisfied; that is why she launches impelled by an irresistible force, for the unknown edges for discovering new horizons less limited. And it is when it is very poorly on her material sphere, where life intellectual overflows, where the feeling of spirituality blooms, many men, pretended be philosophers, hope to fill the void by nihilism of doctrines and materialism! Strange aberration! These same men who claim to propel it forward, strive by circumscribe it in the strait circle  of matter,  where it aspires out and close it the look of infinite life, and tell her, in showing the grave: Nec plus Ultra!

The fraternity must be the   angle rock of the new social order; but there
is no real fraternity, solid and effective if it is not supported on a   unwavering basethis foundation is faith; not the faith for such particular Dogmas that change over time and People throw stones, because amuse the antagonism; but faith on the fundamental principles that all world can accept God, the Soul, the future INDIVIDUAL PROGRESS, INDEFINITE, THE PERPETUITY RELATIONS BETWEEN BEINGS.

when all men are convinced that God is the same for all, that such a
God supremely righteous and good, nothing may want to unfair, that evil Comes of men and not him, they will look like children of the same father and will the Hand. Only through this faith can get out the real moral progress, because it alone gives a logical sanction the legitimate rights and duties; without it, the right is the one who gives strength; a duty, a human code imposed by embarrassment. Without it, what is man? a little matter that falls apart, an ephemeral being that does not make sense to pass; With such thinking, where are actually the rights and duties? which is the goal of progress?
Alone, this faith is felt to man dignity for perpetuity and progress of the being. Not a future narrow and restricted to personality, but great and
splendid; his thought rises above the Earth; feels grow thinking that has his role in the Universe and that this universe is his domain
may one day go, and that death it will not make a nothingness, or be
useless to himself and others.

While the man is dominated by pride and by selfishness will use their intelligence and their knowledge for the benefit of their passions and personal interests; that is why it applies to processing of the means for
harm to others and to destroy themselves. Only moral Progress can ensure the happiness of men on Earth, putting a brake on the evil passions; only he can do reign including harmony, peace, fraternity. Is he that will lower the barriers of people who will fall caste prejudices, and silence the
antagonisms of sects, teaching men to look like Brothers, called for help and not between to live to each other’s expense.

A sign no less characteristic of Period in which we enter is the obvious reaction which operates in the sense of spiritualistic ideas, repelled
instinctively manifests against materialist ideas.Involuntarily, where the void is made, looking for something, a foothold, a hope. In this great regenerating movement, Spiritualism has an important role, not ridicule Spiritualism invented by a mocking criticism, but the philosophical spiritualism, such as understand who takes the trouble to look for the kernel under the bark. We have said elsewhere: “The more an idea is great, it is more opponents, and its importance can be measured by the violence of the attacks of which is the object.

The number of the ignorant is still great, no doubt, but what can
against the wave that grows, except into it throw some stones?

This wave is Regeneration which rises while they disappear with the generation that go at big steps every day. Until then will defend the ground inch by Inch; There is therefore an inevitable struggle, but a unequal fight, because it is the last decrepit falling into rags against youth future; stagnation against the progress; the creature against
God’s will, because the times marked for it are close.


Portal between Dimensions

Many people are afraid of death. When they die, they are so afraid of , refusing to leave the physical body. When the spirit passes away, he will find in the astral plane what he believed when he was alive.

Espirit: Exu Mirim CAVEIRINHA – Médium: Edgar Souza

Diálogo 325 –

Experiences of life and death

Eshu Caveirinha: When the spirit passes away, he will find in the astral plane what he believed when he was aliveIf he believed in spiritualism, then he finds what was in accordance with what he learned from his belief. If he believed in Umbanda, then he will find something. If he is an atheist and does not believe in anything, then it will get a little lost, not knowing what’s going on.

Those who believe in Buddhism, you will find the other side, something like the beliefs of the land. It will go to a beautiful place, which has a very beautiful energy, with giant statues of Gold. If he believes in Muhammad, he will see temples that are so beautiful. It looks like the place called Taj Mahal, located in India. The Islamic temples are very similar. They are very beautiful colonies.

But if the person has no attachment to formswith a more superior understanding to the material things, then they’re going to unimaginable plans for you guys reincarnated.There are plans that do not have shapes, in which you know as the fifth, sixth and seventh heavenAre plans where scientists work, developing technologies and vaccines, medicines for the future until they reach the earth. There are also places where created other forms of life in which you will live in the future,  like  human Evolution.

For see, the earth is going through a very intense process of Transformation, in which is going to bring openings for new technologies, new forms of life that you guys will have.

About death

Many people fear to die, they are afraid of death. When they die, they are so afraid of , refusing to leave the physical body. So, we must to help those people, otherwise the body goes into  decomposition and they can go crazy, even after death.

So, what we do is: We look at the mind of the person, like a scanner, and look what he or she are most afraid. Once there was a boy who was afraid of rats. So we designed a big mouse and send to him. Then he ran away.

Another was afraid of Cockroach, another of snakes,So, we shape the animals and they left the body, running away.

Do you know why we do it? Because there are a lot of you, who die and keep on the matter (body)

Once there was a man who were afraid of water.

Jefferson: Water?

Eshu Caveirinha: Exacly. Then we shape the water and he too run away. When he leaves the physical body, always someone ist waiting for him. Someone’s family, friends of this or another reincarnation. It is very beautiful to be present at the reencounters. Often I come to cry such emotion.

One time a grandmother was waiting for the granddaughter. This granddaughter was a very evolved spirit, and died in a car accident. She got run over, but the cause of death was do not trampling. She died because of a problem in her head, after the accident. From the blow, even small, was enough to bild up a glaucoma. She had already fulfilled her life time.

Sometimes many of you fall down, takes a slight hit, without least expect it, you guys disembody. It’s all in the planning, because death on the physical plane has to have a reason, an Explanation. It’s like a battery, which emptied. She fulfilled her lifetime and I I came to get her.

We already knew because before she disembodied, she already could see the entity. – Before people die, most of them feel it and see the spirits near by them.- I gave her a rose and opened the channel and brought her to Gramda, and she was very emotioned. Thus, both of Them went to a more evolved plan, where they could wait for her mother.

This transition of worlds happens very often. All the time people go, while others return. This is a very natural process.