Mother Earth

You are injuring the Earth daily!
United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015


Spirit: Ventania Medium: Fernando Parada

Summary of the dialogue Number 444


Climate Changes:

Jefferson: Why People call us in Brasil as chaotic in relation to Nature?

Ventania: I´ll give you two examples:

  1. Brazil was a penal colony at the beginning, in addition to pure human need of stealing.
  2.  You live inside the Gardens of  Americas,” the most beautiful country, richer, more perfect. Even so you destroy it. In your Country there is no Need of War, because you destroy yourselves and the whole world

You  are injuring the Earth daily!

Ventania: pray to God to help save the planet, if you’re sitting in a chair, made of a fine wood, where the tree took 100 years to grow up. The most beautiful furniture in the Altar with polished seats, but it was necessary to the death of a tree. I call it hypocrisy!

On Good Friday you want to eat the best cod or Tuna fish. Instead, go and buy a simple meat and divide with people who are starving. Share with your neighbor. That’s what the master of you, Jesus, preached.

You save your money to buy an expensive food and not think about the next. You do not eat meat, but like fish! What hypocrisy. Everything is life. The fish is a living being like a pig, ox or a dog.

Sin is not to eat meat, but to be selfish.

You want to keep a respectful fasting, because your belief requires? Eat what the Earth gives you. Potaoes, salads, and so on…

Then you ask: God, why do I die of cancer? You‘re the only one, who is killing yourself!