The Lord of the Cemetery

Eshu Caveira: You did a lot of evil your entire life. Short before you’re dying, you ask for forgiveness, the priest comes and absorbs you, then you go to heaven? Karma Law, Power of the Word and Thoughts, After death, Cemitery Rules


Hierarchy in the spiritual World, Karma Law

Spirit: Exu Caveira Medium: David Pereira

Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi

Youtube: Dialogue 287

Interview Date: 08 April 2014

 Hierarchy of Spirits (Eshu)

Jefferson: What area do you work?

Eshu Caveira: Magic breach, protection and opening paths. Healing is the responsability of another Eshu.

Jefferson: What kind of accessories and animals use to work?

Eshu Caveira: We did not use anything. you guys are who invented and mystify. We do not need symbols. The only thing we need are the beads to work with the mediums, for protection and firmness

Jefferson: You mentioned that there is a hierarchy in the spiritual world of Eshu. Please explain better.

Eshu Caveira: We have to respect eachother, because it is all a complement. To resolve an issue, it has to be done meetings here in the spirit world. It is not like the material plane on the Earth, all unorganized and without structure .

But in the spiritual world has no boss, like you, who are incarnated. Everyone knows the own responsibility and mission it has to fulfill. As a company, we are all colleagues.

The boss is only God. But there is a big Respect between us, a very important law

Karma Law

Eshu Caveira: Be careful what you guys do on Earth while incarnate. Then when passing to the spirit world, you will suffer, depending on what you have done

You guys think, is to repent and everything is perfect then?We’re going to get straight to paradise?

You guys think you can fool God? Only in your head!

Jefferson: But if people can´t fool God, at least they can fool you and spiritual guides, or?

Eshu Caveira: They can not!


Power of the Word and Thoughts

Eshu Caveira: Thought and word has power. Be careful what you guys think and talk!

The spirits can “hear your thoughts”. If you guys think of doing evil to others, ya go down your vibration.

If you’re in a low tune, the lower spirits hear what you guys think, and can do harm to the person you wished evil. Then everything what you wished to others will return to you guys. It is the law of Karma.

Everything we do good, whether in material or spiritual world, increases our merit, increasing our light and thus reducing our Karma

Jefferson: It is important to ask for protection, not to be exposed to danger?

Eshu Caveira: The prayer is very important for personal protection.

Jefferson: If someone does not like your medium and makes a magic or voodoo to him. Returns you to the person?

Exu Caveira: Why should I do this? If I do, I’ll be doing evil.

Jefferson: You notice, even in the spiritual world, when someone speaks your name?

Eshu Caveira: Yes, I do. Everybody do. If you think about someone from your family who died, she or he is gonna feel.


Cemitery Rules


Jefferson: Do you work in the cemitery?

Eshu Caveira: Yes. I’m the porter of cemetery.


Jefferson: If I am in the cemetery and not see you, I can go calm?Eshu Caveira: If you are from Umbanda, you are obliged to greet because you know the Eshus are there. If you do not greet, it is very bad.


Jefferson: How many cemiteries do you take care?

Eshu Caveira: Three. But the Eshu Caveira phalanx is huge. For each cemetery in the world has the phalange which is responsible


Jefferson: Another Eshu can get into the cemetery without your permission?

Eshu Caveira: It depends. Everything in the astral plane is well organized, has law. Must be marked a meeting before you enter a region protected by an entity. It is not invading without permission. You have to respect the field


Jefferson: Why in the Cemetery has a doorman?

Eshu Caveira: Everywhere have gatekeepers to keep order. The cemeteries especially as it is a sacred place, which have many Souls, many vital energies



Jefferson: Who is your biggest supervisor? Is a higher skull?

Eshu Caveira: Not. It is God.

I’m already a high level, where I can speak the name of God, but the first law in the astral is the law that is not fulfilled on earth: Not talk the name of God in vain.

Everything that happens with you here on the material plane, you guys say: Oh my God, please do it my God … For respect you guys should not talk his name in vain

After death

Jefferson: After you died, did you find pretty much anything on the other side?

Eshu Caveira: Just in your dreams (sarcasm). You are received in accordance of your actions while incarnated. I´ve done very bad things…

After you die, you come and talk to God. Everybody goes to him before. Then you go to the appropriate place for the actions that you did.

Each place has his hangman. Then he shows the Film your life, with good and evil you have done during your life, while incarnated. Then you feel a pain in your Soul. I can´t explain the feeling. You must wait till you die, then you gonna figure out what I mean.

The pain of the Soul is the worst pain you can imagine. Much worse than a burn over the whole Body.

 Karma Payment

Jefferson: How the person is released from this pain?

Eshu Caveira: You have to pay for your karma. It is not possible to get rid of. But after you paid, then they send you to a better plan. Maybe a light plan, it depends of them.


Jefferson: Let´s see if I understood well. At first you reap what was sown on Earth during the last incarnation. But there are some things in which we are forgiven if we repent before dying

Eshu Caveira: (He laughs) You think you’re dying, then you ask for forgiveness and the priest arrives and absorbs you… So it’s okay?

No Chance, no chance! You have to pay! (He repeats several times) I get angry with such ignorance.

You kill a lot of people, then repents and everything is fine? If so, everybody would be in heaven.


Jefferson: If we speak ill of someone, make a gossip, has no problem …

Eshu Caveira: I told you, the word is powerful. Be careful when you talk badly about someone.

Jefferson: Say policing, but it is not easy.

Eshu Caveira: It is part of the human being to speak evil or wish ill from others. But you have to try to see the good side of other people, changing your own behavior. It is good you you, helping yourself not accumulating new bad Karmas

Obsession/ Possession

Jefferson: Please tell us a history of obsession, which you helped someone.

Eshu Caveira: It happened a long time ago, but is not common. The person was possessed by a demon, was very sad and ugly. The person who was possessed  thinks only evil, falling the vibration.