Ancient China

Nirvana, Fo-hi Chinese Ruler God, The philosophy of Confucius, the Wisdom of Laotse


Book: On the way to the Light

Autor: Emmanuel    Medium: Chico Xavier

Year of Publication: 1939

Interpretation: André Luiz Sobreiro, Participation:  Roberto

Study / Investigation Nr. XIX


Master, unconditional friend of all hours, thank you that we can come together again. Another Sunday morning, so nice and so fraternal, where the works of Emmanuel are being studied and investigated, although our limitations. Thank you teacher, by the assistance of your friend spirituality. Also, for all those good spirits has done for us, which, in most cases, without we are deserving. Simply of sheer kindness and mercy of the Lord. May our study be profitable this morning, and we can better understand the evolution of civilizations on the planet, through this magnificent work which is the book “On the way to Light”.  May we, in possession of this new knowledge, be able to improve and strengthen as Christians, as immortal spirits in the harvest of this immense work, which is the divulgation of your gospel, not only in words, but mainly by our examples. May we be supported in this study, and that once again we can be helpful in your vineyard blessed the propagation of your greatest light. So be it”

Chapter 8 – Fo-Hi

Jesus, in his protection and mercy, from the most distant times, sent missionaries to those groups of creatures organized themselves economically and politically, among the primary communities of the earth”

André explains: From the earliest times, which had been evolving on earth already received spirits of confidence of Jesus, in which Emmanuel calls missionaries. Greatest Spirits very evolved, not only moral but intellectually, in which they were being sent well before the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

The millennial China, even today, not being a Christian country, still they have not been disadvantaged by Jesus. For thousands of years before Jesus till now, they have another religion. Nevertheless, they were and are part of Jesus plan.

Roberto did a question: André, lets go back a litte bit.

China at the beginning of civilization, receive those missionaries spirits, as well as Europe and other parts of the world have received and we are still getting these missionaries??

André: Yes, that´s right.

Roberto: But these spirits missionaries who brought knowledge. Did they come of other planets or was reincarnation from the earth?

André: May be. That´s possible.

Roberto: What I understood in your studies so far is that: On planet earth at the ancient times, there was not possibility of very evolved spirits to reincarnate at that time, if they did come from Earth…

André: In another book of Emmanuel, he tell us, that, the holy Spirits were in the near of hemisphere terrestrial at those time. The Missionaries were members of this galaxy. It is written in chapter six of the Gospel according to spiritism. All manifestations of the gospel were signed by the same spirit. “The spirit of Truth”.

Ths constellation of spirits helped Jesus to form the planet

When the earth began to cool down, creating protoplasm and living structures, the holy spirit was already helping Jesus

Roberto: Now I understand why that every civilization the world had their missionaries.

André: The team of Jesus was already formed. But, what you told makes sense. Interesting your comment. Maybe we should think more deeply about it.

If the Earth was being formed, of course they could not have evolved on Earth. Jesus must have assembled a team, bringing spirits from other planets.

The Adamic races (the white races) had not yet reached the terrestrial globe. And among those people, already heard great teachings of the spiritual world, juice interest for the direction and solution to all life’s problems.”

André explains: Before the exiles from Capella sun acame to Earth, China was already organizing their civilization, and Jesus has already sent his missionaries to these people to their evolution.

Much before the Adamic races were came and populated the Earth, missionaries had already incarnated and already had mediumship communication.

This means that, even the Chinese people, despite, did not know about mediumship, there were mediums at ancient times being rebirth there. Ene if they the mediumship as an divine privilege or gift from someone receiving the message from heaven. How it is called has no importance. The important thing is that, they know Jesus did not forsake anyone on this planet.

My own comment:

(Like many religions call mediumship, no matter. It varies of the kind of religion.

For example, many saints the Catholic church who saw angels or heard voices, visions come from heaven… They were all mediums. And many were canonized after their death.or in evangelical churches, many speak different languages, in which they call holy spirit. All of them are mediums. But, to speak for them it’s mediumship, they do not accept, because they think that spiritism is a devil stuff)

André continues: Each civilization had his mentor. As is revealed in the book: “Brazil, heart of the world, motherland of the gospel”, ismael that the angel is the mentor of Brazil, so the civilizations of that era already had their own mentors (as Indien has many gods, or Tibet has Buddha and so on…)

Robert did a comment: In Brazil we have a habit of calling Mari, Jesus mother as the patroness of Brazil. I´ve heard few days ago someone tells that, she ist the pstroness of whole Earth.

André answer: Mary of Nazareth is a very high Spirit. It not only looks at Brazil, but for the whole planet. How long she had been preparing to be mother of the governor of the planet? (he means Jesus). Let´s continue.

“The story in the speech of other missionaries, coming before the great Fo-Hi, who was the compiler of their religious sciences, in their double trigrams, who were gone from preterit to very remote posterity studies”

André explains: Emmanuel said that Fo-Hi was the great organizer of all religious notions of the Chinese people. Hiss teachings has been, until today, studied in China.

In the coming items, Emmanuel will quote two more missionaries, who were sent by Jesus.

“It’s appropriate we examine the oldest tree of terrestrial civilizations”

André: He is saying that China is the first civilization on the planet. Long before the arrival of the exiles, China has already organized

Robert made a comment: I thought it was Egypt.

André: No, Egypt came later. Egypt was created by the exiles, coming from Capella.

Fo-Hi (Fu Xi) refers in his I Ging (Yijing), the great wise men before him, the painful path the acquisitions of spiritual knowledge.”

André explains: When he wrotes the I Ging, he told about the very evolved spirits, who came before him. Despite the history do not mention, it can be found, being cited in his work, there were others before him.

However, we should note that, he could not appear in his evolve spirit, starting to form a new civilization. That was necessary, before him, othe missionaries coming and preparing the soil.

The revelations are gradual, as we can absorb, depending on the stage of our evolution.

When the Fo Hi reincarnated, he found a Chinese civilization more or less organized.

His symbols represent the characteristic of a highly evolutionary science, revealing teachings of great purity and the most advanced metafisic.”

André: How is it possible 20, 30, may be 40 thousands years old civilization, be able to have the metafisic knowledge, if not through very high and pure spirits?

If, today we are not able to understand many of scientific concepts or the architecture of the pyramids, how can you explain that people were able to do what they did around thousands of years ago, if not higher spirits?

Following this great missionary of the Chinese people, the Divine Master sent them the words of Confucius, or Kong-Fo-Tzu, five centuries before his coming, (Jesus coming) preparing the ways of the Gospel in the world.

André: It was a spirit that was already in harmony with the gospel, preaching a doctrine of peace and love, preaching doctrines similar to the gospel, but within the culture of each people.

As example: The Gospel was preached to the Jewish people, it has complied with the symbols of the people.

And the same symbolism of the Hebrew people could not be preached in China. It has to be respected the traditions of the people, avoiding the clash of cultures.

However, the laws are the same: Love

Robert: So, we can not have a date when the gospel began?

André: In the Gospel according spiritism wuestion 621, Allan Kardec asks: “Where is engraved God’s law?” The spirits answer: In your conscience

What are all religious philosophies of the planet? Sticky notes. The Gospel is already in our conscience

If the law of God is in our conscience, why the need to be revealed?

Because, either we forgotten or underestimate.

Bible, I ging, the philosophical laws of India, Buddhism are all reminders.

Reminders of a law which we keep in our Soul, since we were created. Created by God simple and ignorant.

Roberto: But the philosophystarted in Greece. And then?

André: Jesus could not send his prophets only to teach religion. Must have a balance between faith and reason.

In fact, it should have to grow three pillars together: Religion, philosophy and science.

Unfortunately we failed in the twentieth century

The same proceeded with Greece, Rome and other early centers of the planet, sending them high spirits of science, religion and philosophy, some time before his admirable and wondrous words, so that the Humanity was ready to accept his (Jesus) teachings.”

André explains: Here we find a deep revelation.

He sent Socrates, Plato, and other great names to Greece and did the same with Rome and other early centers of the planet. Where were those centers of the planet? Where there was already an assembled civilization and an organized society, like China and some regions of Africa, India, where the missionaries were sent to start preparing these people and later to receive the gospel of peace and love.

As there was an imbalance in the twentieth century, science has grown and the moral ist is declining,

But this is our own faults, because we want to see everything with the logic eyes and forget the feelings about others.

In short: The intermediate lessons had to be planted before Jesus comes with his words and not shocking so muc the folk.

André makes a comment: There is a lot controversy and speculation regarding the incarnation of Jesus. According with the Spirits, he has been only one time in the Earth. But his emissaries were so high Spirits of greatness and purity, so, that many people saw in them the messiah.

If Jesus was coming before he would take humanity still immature. If today, after 2,000 years we can not understand his teachings, we imagine the ancient people?

My own comment: Tell those two brothers who fought and hate each other, to embrace and forget all grudges? And look, they were born in the same family and grew up together. Imagine the rest of mankind …


Confucius, the missionary quality of the Christ had to saturate of all Chinese traditions, accept the imperious circumstances of middle in order to benefit the country as of its possibilities of understanding.”

André explains: The lesson of Confucius was not perfect, and neither could be- Because people are not able to understand a very perfect lesson.

Then he had to sew all the Chinese tradition, in order to preach to the height of the culture of the people, respecting the traditions.

Then, the envoys, namely the missionaries, are very humble beings, they come with a much greater understanding, very ahead of its time, then, fit people, laws and epochs of orders, trying to make understood. If they do not accept the traditions, beginning to teach everything they know, they will be considered as mad people and the mission becomes worthless.

We can give an example. Likewise was also Jesus, which had to accept the laws of the religion of the Hebrew people, as the day of branches he entered Jerusalem on a donkey, to fulfill the prophecy of Zechariah 9.9:

Rejoice greatly, daughter of Zion! Shout, daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King comes to you!

He is righteous, and having salvation; lowly, and riding on a donkey, even on a colt, the foal of a donkey.”

He resurrects the Lao Tzu’s teachings, which was, in turn, a high messenger of the Lord to the yellow races.”

André: Lao Tzu was also one of the emissaries, which Confucius made to resurge his thoughts.

His lessons are full of the scent of fine moral wisdom.”

André: Moral, According with The Book of Spirits: Morality is a good proceed rule, discerning between good and evil, being the basis of the laws of God. The man proceeds good, when he does something good on behalf of all

The “Kan-Ing “, Lao-tse, here are some of his statements that nothing are due to your knowledge and exhibitions of modern religious thought: – “The Lord of Heaven is kind and generous, and the wise man is a bit of their manifestations. On the road of inspiration, they go together and the wise gets the ideas, that fill the life of joy and goods.”

André explains: He means that we are part of God creation.

André explains: Revelations is nothing more than God speaking to men and we can only progress morally if we have someone like moral example.

Usually revelations are made by mediumship and reincarnation. If the mediumship, the spirits inspire and embody the medium to transmit the message.

If the reincarnation, then the spirit comes and sends your message directly. In this case the emissaries.

For example the missionaries scientists. As they are more advanced than us, they bring the knowledge here. We are a very imperfect copy of Astral plan. What we discover on earth, in the spiritual plan already exists, for a long, long time.

According to Emmanuel, the emissaries come with the light of knowledge clearing the paths, so we can see.

My own comment: Imagine a closet from Ikea. Usually comes with various parts and instruction to get you mount it at home. If there is no instruction manual, as you will be able to fit all the pieces, if did not learned before?

Lao-Tzu, in which Confucius teachings made a point of the basis of his principles, he lived six centuries before the advent of the Lord, and, in the face of this religious, advanced and superior philosophy, we are required to recognize the profligacy of Jesus’ mercy, sent his

spokesmen to all points on the Earth, in order to make blooming in the spirit of the masses a better understanding of your Gospel of Truth and Love, in which the world, however, so far not They understood his teachings, despite all the sacrifices.”

My Comment: According to Wikipedia, Confucius was born 551 v. Chr. In the Chinese state of Lu. Confucianism belongs beside the Buddhism and Taoism to the “Three Teachings”. He impressed for many centuries the Chinese culture and society, and affects the daily life in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan.

In the center of the teaching stay the human being as part of society. The moral and ethical perfection are the purpose on the five wǔ cháng: Charity, justice, morality, wisdom, honesty.

If we look at today’s world, with so many politic and religious conflicts, selfishness, we notice that we didn´t learn nothing.

André did a very interesting comment about Spiritism followers: Fanaticism has in every corner of the world, even in Spiritism. Many spiritualists criticize other religions but they themselves are making the same mistakes, trying to bring people to the Spiritism doctrine.

If one feels the need to study the book of mediums, wonderful. If not, it is because he is still not yet ready.


To properly justify our opinion on the stagnation of the Chinese spirit, we must examine the interesting and high religious conceptions they have. Generally, ancestor worship is the principle of their faith.”

André explains: To explain in a very deep way, the reason of Chinese stagnation, Emmanuel will begin to explain about the conceptions of the people.

So, worship the dead, they already were doing. And so the belief in the mortality of the soul and The belief was already well grounded before the coming of Jesus Christ.

This daily routine and persevering cult, is the basis of belief in immortality, because of its manifestations point out the daily evidence of survival.”

André explains: The ancient Chinese believed in the immortality of the soul. And it’s very interesting to think about, because a isolated folk, so not having integration with other races, even so, also believed in immortality

Relations with the invisible plane constitute a common phenomenon, associated with the existence of the more obscure individual.”

André explains: Besides of immortality, they also were engaged with another fundamental principle, explained to us through the spiritist doctrine, which is the communication between the two plans: the material and the spiritual through the mediumship.

But, if I’m understanding, most of them do not see with good eyes about mediumship, but the relationship with the invisible plane it is quite common.

The idea of necessity for spiritual improvement is latent in every heart, but the deviation inherent understanding of Nirvana is there, as currents of Buddhism numerous, an obstacle to general progress.”

André explains: Even the Chinese know the need of spiritual progress, the inherent deviation from Nirvana, ie, the false interpretation of Nirvana.

Thenthe fault has never been the revelation of God through the prophets or emissaries. The problem is who interprets the law of God falsely.

Unfortunately there was a flaw in the interpretation of the teachings of by the Chinese people.

Nirvana, examined in its deeper expressions, should be considered as the permanent union of the soul with God, purpose of all evolutionary paths; never, however, as a synonym for imperturbable calm and beatific realization of not being.”

André explains: As Emmanuel tell us, Nirvana means elevation of the soul on the path to God

Peace of Jesus: The clear awareness of the work done

World Peace: Stagnation and self-indulgence

Life is the harmony of movements, resulting from incessant trade within the visible and invisible nature.”

André explains: Life has never been stopped. Life is dynamic, not static.

Exchange of helping, experiences, thus all human beings evolving together. This is part of the society, accornding to the law in the book of spirits.

What means “trade within the visible and invisible nature”? It can be as spiritual beings and also the microscopic world, like cells, bacteries and so on.

Its maintenance depends on the activity of all the worlds and all beings.”

André explains: Here is clear that we can not isolate the earth from other planets. Everything, all the galaxies and universes are interconnected, attached and influencing on each other.

The transition of the Earth, no longer being a world of atonement and proofs, transforming in a regeneration World, It is affecting the entire solar system.

So, in the book’s beginning study the meeting of Jesus with the Christic spirits.

And more ahead of our studies, we see that there was another meeting (nr. 3) defining the transition of the Earth.

For if the transition of the Earth not affect other worlds, Jesus would decide alone, with no need for meetings.

Robert: Let´s see if I understood. With the evolution of the terrestrial globe, so the human being with better thoughts and feelings, the energy emanating from the earth will reach other planets?

André: When the inhabitants of the earth emanate positive thoughts, yes. But not yet. To vibrate positive thinking also requires a big change in our daily habits.

BUT The transition and change of Earth is already affecting other globes. Already have spirits being exiled to inferior planets. While higher spirits are reincarnated on Earth. The proof is in the children coming born. Very most advanced, much more intelligent than and a large sense of preservation of the nature.

My own Comment: I heard in another Dialogue that, the global warming is also due to the spiritual planet modification.

André continues: However, we also have to take into account at this time of planetary transition, the darkness are working a lot to prevent the advance of the planet. Many mals spirits who know they will be exiled to other planets, trying to take other people together. How? Influencing people to do evil, and the violence against others.

But the kingdom of God is coming. On earth and inside us, in our heart, our attitudes on love of neighbor, the tolerance, care for animals, nature.

Each individuality in the proof, in redemption, as in the divine glory, has a defined function of work and raising its own values.”

André explains: That is, independent of the degree of evolution in which we find ourselves, we all have a task. From the simplest to those more evolved souls.

You can find a example in the Gospel of John 5, 18 “My Father is still working, so I am working, too”

We can teach others the right way, but in terms of progress, reducing our karma, we have to work alone, growing morally. Nobody can take our place and do it for us.

The light and the merits are are single, as well as faults and own mistakes.

Roberto: The best way to teach is through our examples

Those who have learned the goods of life and as many as teach with love, multiply on earth and in heaven, the infinite gifts of God.”

André: This is a passage from the Gospel: The multiplication of breads. I mean, if you do a talk to 20 people, then you are multiplying the teaching for 20, and so continue passing the knowledge ahead. Knowledge is the bread for spirit

China Today

The false interpretation of Nirvana hindered the high creative possibilities of the Chinese spirit, crystallized their conceptions and paralyzed their march to the great achievements.”

André: Everything because a false interpretation.

At first the missionaries was sent with the knowledge, including knowledge of Nirvana- The law of God is available to all people. The problem is the interpretation.

Crystallize means you do not change, turning to fanaticism. Sometimes reincarnating often with the same kind of fanaticism, without achieving progress, frozen in time.

It has created a vicious circle where science and religion were stagnate.

It is true that these achievements is not in machine guns and the cannons of Western civilization, full of multifarious facilities, but here I refer the general lack of understanding about the sublime lesson of Christ and his missionaries.”

André: Not only the lack of interpretation of Nirvana, but progress was made in erroneous mode.

If they had understood Nirvana, so they were very morally advanced. Nirvana is the Gospel applied to the Chinese people’s culture.

China, like other peoples of the world have to estimate this century the values obtained in its long and painful walking”

André: Values and knowledge, not only the Chinese people but the whole earth had enough. Not lack values, but the understanding and practice.

From these words, there is no inference that the Japanese invasion in their

incredible aggressiveness, is touched from a divine sanction. Japan may perform in the great republic, all the material achievement; using the psychology of conquerors, can improve the conditions for health of the people, tearing roads and multiply schools;

but no takes that persevering energy of the Chinese spirit, valiant and

resigned, whch it may even give them the very reins of government,

filling the fortune, magnificence and honors, without discredit

of its own value, because the millenary China know that the spirits of

prey drunk easily with the blood of the triumph of wine, and so

just the luxury they soften the fibers of desperation, all victories

return automatically to reflection, reasoning, culture and


What it is necessary to examine, is the stagnation state of China´s Soul

in recent centuries, to conclude by their urgent need

to commune in fraternal banquet of other nations.


It is true that the direct word of Christ, based on ist Gospel, in general, has not yet  rrived there, clarifying the way of all hearts, but a breath of life break the millenary shadows that fell on the Chinese republic, where millions of souls rest, improperly, the false understanding of Nirvana and the Absolute.

Valuable hands lifted the evangelical monument that world of painful antiques, and a new day will shine for the vast nation, which has become in symbol of patience and perseverance, for other people. Let us hope the providence of the One who keeps in his Hands august and merciful the direction of the world.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, the afflicted and the humble.” And their gentle and tender words remind us the millennial China

Who, loving peace, now suffers the insult of the dark Forces ambition, injustice and inequity.



The reincarnation is repeated several times. We are in a different degree of evolution. I took almost 40 years to accept the Spiritim. Before I was so scared. Now, it´s a very normal Stuff. Even if I o not agree in what´s happening aroun the world, I see it very relaxe, because I know everything is a learning process.  Before we love eachother, we must to learn to love ourselves. Love and respect, with all our faults, all our deffect. If we accept ourselves as we really are, then we can correct, gradually, our imperfections. Every failure we find in ourselves should serve to appreciate the good things that we bring in our character, in our heart. If we look at the failures that can change into good things, then we learn to look to the next with different eyes, with more tolerance, patience and hope. A hope that one day, all People will reach the same Moral degree. Miss Froggy


Source: Rede Amigo Espirita

Study / Investigation Nr. XVIII

A Caminho da Luz / On the way to the Light ISBN: 978-0-9829748-2-7

Year of Publication: 1939