Ancient races: Egyptian, Hinduism & European civilizations

Ancient Egyptian, Hinduism & European Races – Part I 

The good person is always good, humane, and benevolent with everyone, without distinction as to race or creed, because they see all men and women as brothers and sisters. They respect all sincere convictions in others and never launch reprobation against those who think otherwise.   The Gospel according to Spiritism

Book: On the way to the Light

Autor: Emmanuel    Medium: Chico Xavier

Year of Publication: 1939

Interpretation: André Luis Sobreiro, Participation:  Roberto   Study / Investigation Nr. X  


Friend Spirituality, mentor of the spiritism center Portal de Luz, we thank you the blessed opportunity to be reunited, another study of trainer Emmanuel Works. Many Light, Lord, we have been offered by this spirituality friend through the works of this guidance, which both stress shows these blessed works. Many peace that has brought to our hearts, the comfort and the consolation that your study offers. The study in the morning today is bringing more light and we finally understand, Master that the purpose of receiving the light of this instructor, is nothing but the reflection of your light, Lord. Our wishes is, absorbing this light, we finding peace and we can offer this peace to those in Need. We finally understand that every spiritual acquisition will serve to our growth and we can offer this peace, this gift, this progress to those not accompanied us. This is the most correct way, according to your Gospel, to love God and to love your next.    So be it”.

Book: The Comforter

The Book: the path of light, closing the Chapter 4, sub-item: Redemption. The egyptian Civilization.

After this extraordinary building, the great initiates of Egypt returned to the spiritual plane, the relentless course of centuries”

André explains: in the first paragraph, the instructor Emmanuel is telling us that after building the pyramids, in which he calls “extraordinary building”, in which we studied last week, the great initiates of Egypt returned to the spiritual plane, the relentless course of centuries”.

Now I gonna read the second paragraph, to complete the commentary:

With their return to the blissful worlds of Capella star, disappearing sacred knowledge of Theban times, which was given by the great Priests Memphis.”

André comments: What is amazing in this passage? First: There is a revelation, when he said: “ With his return to the blissful worlds of Capella star, he tell us that, when the egypt race (Adamic) left Capella and came to the Earth, the Planets from this solar system were an Atonement and proofs worlds, short before to be transformed into a Regeneration world.

Over the thousands of years, when they returned to their home-planet to which they belonged, Capella was not more a world of regeneration, but a level higher, belonging to the categories of happy worlds. In the Book of the Spirits, Kardec explain, that

There are five different types of worlds: Primitive worlds, Atonement and proof (Earth), regeneration, happy worlds (fortunate) and the sublime (where Perfect and Christic Spirits inhabit).

André explain it again: “After this extraordinary building, the great initiates of Egypt returned to the spiritual plane, the relentless course of centuries, with his return to the blissful worlds of Capella star, disappearing sacred knowledge of Theban times”

The first group of Egyptians to return to the Chapel, are the great initiates, not the folk. It means, they did not come back together, but in different groups. The folk the people lacked of feelings and knowledge.

The mysteries of Isis and Osiris, follow another one the Eleusis, naturally transformed in the initiations of Greece.”

André explains: There was a progress, there was a substitution of mysteries and there was a readjustment. Due to the initiates have returned to Capella, was a necessity for others to take their places and interpretation forms had been changed.

Maybe we should research the meaning the mysteries of Isis, Osiris and Eleusis, if we wish to deepen the knowledge.

In a few hundred years, they met again the spiritual planes the former exiled, with the sacred blessing of Christ, their patron and savior”

André explains: the exiles, who had stayed behind, begin to disincarnating and were waiting for the others in the spiritual sphere, without necessity of a new reincarnation, because they fulfilled the mission, in which Jesus had promised, before coming down on the terrestrial plane.

Most of them returned back to the solar system Capella, where hearts take comfort in the sacred hearts of the purest afflictions, BUT, large number of these spirits, scholars and selfless, kept up in the ranks of Jesus, obeying the sacred imperativ of feelings and, with the divine influence, often have incarnated on earth to carry out generous and blessed missions. ”

André explains: after a few centuries, they’re going disembodying and not reincarnate more, waiting for the rest of the Egyptian folk completed their task, to get back together. But a big number of the exiled stayed on the Earth.

Then, the noblest spirits, failed to return to homeland , to help Jesus in the task he had for the earthly civiization, bringing and teaching the revelations of the knowledge of God’s laws.

Chaptel five: The Indu Civilization – The second grouping of the exiles of Capella

From the banished spirits of the earth’s environment, those who gathered on the banks of Gandhi, they were the first to form a podium in an organized society, which the nucleus would represent a large percentage of the ascending of the communities of the future. The indus organizations are the very source of previous Egyptian civilization, and preceded a lot of, the Israelites groups, from where they left later notable personalities such as Abraham and Moses”

André explains: The Hindu were the first to form an organized society.

The way of life of the Hindu society predates that of Egypt, and the Israelites, although they arrived all together.

They were the first to organize themselves as a society.

When Emmanuel said: “from where they left later, notable figures like Abraham and Moses.” he wants to say, that the Hindus society were previous of the Israelites.

If we think about the genesis of Moses, in a symbolic language, it says: “God has searched Abraham in a pagan land and told him: leave your family and go where I order you. As Abraham didn´t understand God´s word, He said: Look at the sky. Can you count the stars? For your offspring will be so large, as the stars of sky”

As you see, Abraham was the greatest personality in the Bible, which he was the “father, the originator of Hebrew people”. So, Emmanuel tell us that, before this calling of God, the Hindu society was long formed and organizated as society.

The souls exiled in that part of the Orient had received the mercy of Christ, from whose words of love and whose iluminated figure, kept the most touching recollections (memory), translated into the beauty language (figure) of the Vedic and Upanishadic”

André explains: As we read few Chapters before, when Capella groups arrived in the spirit world before reincarnating on Earth, Jesus makes a speech, promising support and affection. Also promising his own coming (Jesus reincarnation) on the physical plane.

So when Emmanuel tells us that these reincarnated souls in the Orient, by the riverside of Gandhi, had received the mercy of Christ, he tell us that never lacked the support of Christ to the exiled of Capella.

And also, never lacked the support of Christ to any of us. If we are today in this Earth of transition, living and witnessing in our planet through which the exiles also passed in Capella once, more or less 35.000 years ago.

We are moving from a world of proof and atonement for a world of regeneration. So, we should strive to not be exiled to an inferior planet.

But if we will reincarnate in a lower planet than ours, do not think it’s punishment, but the law of cause and effect, becoming a learning opportunity, helping to develop a more underworld that our. Everything is God plan. At least we are somehow, evolved scientifically and already know how to live in society. At least we could teach in a primitive world, if we will be reincarnated on another planet.

They were the first voices of philosophy and religion in an earthly world, as coming from a race of prophets, masters and initiates, whose traditions were drinking the truths of men and the people of the future, stressing too, that their schools kept the initiatory mysteries with the most sacred traditions of respect”.

André explains: Emmanuel said that, these recollections of Christ, which were translated by the Hindu people, the beauty of the Vedas and Uppanischades were the first voices and traditions in the earthly world.

Then the people got organized and began to work with the religion.They began to worship one God. So, these recollections were the first seeds of an organized religion.

When Emmanuel says that they were a race of prophets, initiates and masters, he is referring to Mahatmas. Before being exiled in Capella, they already had a great knowledge, latent in their spirit.

As they were already advanced, they began to organize religious groups.

Stressing also, which also schools of thought guarded the initiatory mysteries, with the most sacred traditions of respect”.

André explains: Among the people Hindu, there was an initiation processes, so the earliest spirits went through a very complicated form of testing. Those who were able to pass the tests, then would be able to lead and they were very respected by the people, taking the lead and having power to interact with the spirit world and receive direct guidance with the representatives of Jesus, in which we call mediumship.

Pure Aryans

It was in India then, which brought together the pure Aryans, among them grew up legends of a lost world, in which the Hindu people put the sources of his noble background (origin).

André explains: He is telling us that, as well as the Egyptian people, in which we have studied, the Hindu people also cultivated a lost world, because they knew, they did come from another, more advanced world.

In fact, all ancient civilizations of the world had remembrance of a lost paradise, in which, in the Bible is the passage of Adam and Eve. In Greece were Epimetheus and Pandora and so on.

put the sources of his noble background” It shows a certain pride, in which all the Aryan races, coming from Capella had problems, in which we will see later.

Some believed were addressed the ancient continent of Lemuria, devastated in part by the pacific and indic ocean , whose land still exists holdover proportions, such as Australia, ”

André explains: within the ancient civilizations, many believed the memorabilia they brought was the continent of Lemuria, which had been covered by the ocean. According to Emmanuel, the Lemuria was located in Indic and pacific oceans and Australia is part of this lost continent.

The reality however, shows that the Hindus were a race, coming from Capella and exiled on the planet.”

So, the belief that they originated from Lemuria is false. The race originates in one of the orbs that rotates around the sun called Capella.

From them descended all Aryan peoples that flower (spreeded) in Europe and today reach one of the most acute periods of transition in its evolutionary march”.

André: Emmanuel tell us, all the white (aryan) folk, are descending from Hindus, included most of us here in Brazil.

When he says “that bloom in Europe,” we can not forget that, the Europeans spread out through the world, making the discovery of many continents, as for example the North America, and there was a miscegenation of races.

and today reach one of the most acute periods of transition in its evolutionary march” he tell us that, not only the Aryan race, but the whole planet earth is going through a transformation period, an acute period of transition in our evolutionary march, no longer being a world of atonement and proofs, but passing a world of regeneration.

The time has come, and if we want to reincarnate in this world, we have the obligation to follow the moral progress. Unfortunately we are more concentrated in getting material things, earning money in an easy way, not caring about the nature, also forgetting to love the next and God.

Modern thought is the legitimate descendant of that race of thinkers, that which was organized since the dawn of earthly time. Therefore, all languages of the white races keep the closer affinities with Sanskrit, originating from its formation, and that was a reminiscence of its previous existence on other planes”

André: Our thought is legitimate descendant of that race of thinkers, coming from India. And he did an example, when he mentionated the Sanskrit. The Sanskrit is originated from Capella. All the knowledge and experienced gained in Capella, was like as a germ, brought in their PERISPIRIT.

André finished this chaptel: Next week we will study the expansionism of the Aryan races.


3. The truly good person is one who complies with the laws of justice, love and charity in their highest degree of purity. If they examine their conscience concerning their own actions they will ask themselves if they have violated those laws, if they have practised any evil, if they have done all the good that was possible, if they have voluntarily disregarded any occasion to be useful, if anyone has any complaint to make of them and finally, if they have done to others everything that they would wish done to themselves.

They deposit their faith in God, in His goodness, in His justice and in His wisdom. They know that without His permission nothing can happen. So they submit themselves in all things to His will.

Good people have faith in the future, which is the reason to put spiritual possessions before those of a temporary nature. They know that all vicissitudes of life, all pain and all deceptions are trials or atonements and accept them without murmuring.

Men and women who possess the sentiments of charity and love do good for the sake of goodness, without waiting for payment of any kind. They repay evil with good, take up the defence of the weak against the strong and always sacrifice their own interests in the name of justice. These kind of people encounter satisfaction in the benefits they are able to spread, in the service they are able to render, in the happinesses they promote, in the tears they are able to dry and in the consolation they offer to those who are afflicted. Their first impulse is always to think of others before themselves and to look after these interests before looking after their own. On the other hand, the selfish person always calculates the benefits and losses arising from any generous action.

The good person is always good, humane, and benevolent with everyone, without distinction as to race or creed, because they see all men and women as brothers and sisters. They respect all sincere convictions in others and never launch reprobation against those who think otherwise.

Charity guides them in every circumstance, because they know that those who prejudice others with evil words, who injure others with their pride by disregarding their susceptibilities, or who knowing they could avoid it, do not draw back at the thought of causing suffering or yet a contrariety, however small, lack the obligation to love one’s neighbour and so do not deserve the clemancy of the Lord.

They do not harbour rancour, hate nor yet desire vengeance. Instead they follow the example of Jesus by forgiving and forgetting all offences, only remembering the benefits received, because they know that we ourselves shall be forgiven only in as much as we are able to forgive others.

These kind of people are indulgent with the weaknesses of others because they know that they also need indulgence, remembering that Christ said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” They do not take pleasure in looking for defects in others, nor in calling attention to them, and if necessity obliges them to do so, they always try to look for the good qualities so as to lessen the bad ones.

Good people study their own imperfections and work unceasingly to combat them, using all their strength, so that tomorrow they will be able to say that they are just a little better than they were the day before.

The good person never tries to emphasize the importance of their own spirit or talents at the expense of others. But on the contrary, they take every opportunity to highlight in others whatever these people may have that is useful. They are not conceited about their riches, nor of any personal advantage, knowing that everything that has been given to them may be taken away.

They use, but do not abuse, the possessions which have been conceded to them because they are only a deposit, for which they will be required to give full account. They know that the most detrimental employment that these riches can be put to is the satisfaction of their own passions.

If then, by social order, a good person has been placed in a position of command over their fellow creatures, they treat them with kindness and benevolence, because before God all men are equal. They use their authority to raise up the morale of these people and never to crush them with their own pride. They avoid everything which might cause a subordinate position to be even more painful than necessary. On the part of those who are subordinate, let it be understood that the duties which go with this position must be clearly appreciated and conscientiously fulfilled.

Finally, a good person is always one who respects the rights of their fellow beings, as assured by the laws of nature, in the same way that they would wish their own to be respected.

These are not all the qualities which distinguish a good person, but anyone who tries hard to possess those which have been mentioned will find themselves on the road which leads to all the rest.

The Gospel according with the Spiritism

Source: Rede Amigo Espirita

Study / Investigation Nr. X

A Caminho da Luz / On the way to the Light ISBN: 978-0-9829748-2-7

Year of Publication: 1939