World of transition & regeneration

Persevere IN GOOD AND not waver!

Message dictated by the Spirit Bezerra de Menezes to the medium Divaldo Franco at the close of the regular meeting of the National Federative Council, the FEB, held in Brasilia on November 8, 2015:


United will be resistance, fragmented we will be defeated in our key objectives. You have the right to disagree, think differently and duty to discuss, to expose but not dissent.

Sons and daughters of the heart, keep us in the peace of the incomparable Master.

The cycles of evolution follow one another invariably obeying the superior planning. Evolutionary descent periods characterized by knowledge, other maturity periods for attachment of seized postulates. It is inevitable that we live the existential crises arising from the moral situation that our planet is going through.

You have reincarnated to contribute to the time of change of evidence planet paradigms and atonement to the world of regeneration. You have assumed the commitment to disseminate Jesus Christ as the insurmountable lessons of his Gospel.

Science and technology, from the seventeenth century, have been performing mister for which they were created by the Deity these paradigms, but love, new experience in the evolutionary map of earthly creatures, can not keep up with this fascinating development on the one hand, provides convenience, decrease woes, facilities in exchange, bringing the feelings in the construction of good, but in another way, used by sick minds and bewildered hearts, they have been the instruments of mass degradation of misappropriation of consciences and the gradual popularization of tenders noble of good.

Hallucinate those who wish to control human minds and proclaim nihilism, assuming a grave responsibility to dilute the faith in souls already weakened, contributing to the establishment chaos, through the loss of moral values and feelings of greatness of soul. It needs to watch for after praying in tranquility at the features that intrude with nefarious goals in light sowing of knowledge.

We look at a society that degrades the unfortunate struggle of selfishness, individualism, weakned the inherited values of divine Providence and, not infrequently, the question asks the healthiest minds, when society will be better?” Because the mainstream media prefer the disclosure of these awkward conditions overly deleterious, such as those to be experienced by the masses. Behaviors  arise Proparoxytonic, attitudes that clash, and slowly disenchantment and fear took up residence in feelings before daring with the defection of many fighters engaged in building the kingdom of God.

Fear not evil or bad. Their antics have the durability of their own facetiousness, soon disappear so they are caught by the tomb idealists who awaken beyond with a heavy conscience and heart stunted.

Persevere in doing good.

United will be resistance, fragmented we will be defeated in our key objectives. Have the right to disagree, think differently and duty to discuss, to expose but not dissent. Recalling the meeting in Jerusalem when the two exponential figures of the Gospel of Jesus, Peter and Paul, faced up to discuss highly relevant paradigms in spreading the clear Gospel and clear that Jesus brought to everyone without privilege or prejudice, recall that was the love that won the divergent opinions and in tears made the first council of Christians became the cornerstone of dissemination of fact, after the Master returned to the divine moors.

Keep on the cohesive with the Spiritist Codification, one day influence the behavior of earthly society.

Spiritism is not a philosophy for a certain number of creatures, a message of eternal life for all human beings. And before the question of the challenges that seem to present a decadent humanity, put the certainty that the earth Ship still under the command nauta Jesus, and its inexorable march will contribute in the country‘s regeneration.

Give your hands under any circumstances.

That heightened sensitivity, born on the assumption or the egoic devices, it does not constitute impediment to work to enlighten consciences.

Loved daughters and sons, there are most relevant and actions than degradation and decay. It turns out that the error and vice trombeteiam their actions, while the discreet and silent virtue advantage of starless nights to become the divine lamps leading to the supreme moment of libertation.

We know of your struggles, of your silent witnesses, the tears shed at what you desire to accomplish and what acquire do. Many times, with your spiritual guides, we dry you weeping and aim you toward in the wild the ocean to be conquered to the land of promise  to be found.

Not Stagger!
Uses you from the sublime features of Doctrine, especially mediumship meetings, through this sublime bridge, which connects to one another plane of life, detach oneself in the tissue of the negative forces which often involve you, spreading the bitterness and disappointments Feelings.

Do not believe that what you not achieve yet is negative the Lord; Think that the difficulty now is the best solution to the current needs. Tomorrow you will understand better what today is unknown to you.

We greet you, sons and daughters of the marriage, the results of our annual meeting, the serenity with which discutistes the topics on the agenda.
We thank God the understanding of local needs in homeland Cruise in this continental country, which should restore the thought of Jesus and send it to humanity.

In the Europe and the United States of North America fit the deeper investigations in almost all areas of knowledge. In the new Southamerica, marked by pain, the suffering of Africa brother and naive and native indigenous, it is the emergence of the well with the contribution of Europe and Asia, characterized by the feeling of love. We will be a strong demonstration of the most pulsating force of the universe is love, because God is love, and through that love prevails everywhere and we can tolerate us and give us hands to the goals that will lead us the fullness.

Be glad, because the Lord guard his ambassadors, and the co-creators of the globe are alert. The agenda in programming is being executed even if, for now, is not visible as we would like.

Contributed, as daughters and sons of the soul, with your tenderness, engraving the imperfections of the primary period of evolution and turning them into delivery feelings in the name of brotherly love that soon will expand the whole earth, without there is a difference of overdeveloped and miserable, whereupon the fierce wolf will be the same source sipping water next to the peaceful lamb.

In these days to come, and to which you belong, exult with hearts focused on Jesus and sing hosannas.

You have the name written in the kingdom of heaven‘s book and strive to be maintained in the face of unspeakable mercy of what is the way to truth, which is the way of life: our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Spirits-Spiritist workers Ishmael’s House sponsor of the God motto, Christ and Charity, here with us, ask us for them we are the voice asking: forward, anonymous sower of truth and love to the ultimate strength of your journey in blessed planet!

Much peace, daughters and sons, are the server votes and friend ever,