Global Warming, Collective Karma & Prophecy

The advanced technology increases with a unbeliaveble rapidity, making our life very comfortable, if we compare around 20 years ago.  Most of us see only the good side of the coin: Nice cars, Mobilephones, and many other good stuffs. Unfortunately, the coin has also another side.

Karma  it is a term to describe the cycle of cause und effect.

As example in our days of Karma, I gonna give 2 very simple to be understood: China and Germany

China as Industrial Country: Getting very big Karma for the Population:

China’s waste production increases considerably. Stastistic have been showing that, in the year of  2012 the waste generation in China was 300 million tons. Only in the year of 2011, had been 2.3 million tons of electronic waste produced. Every year aproximately 12 million tonnes of grain are contaminated by heavy metals. China’s cultivated land and water have been polluted and contaminated.

Karma: According to a study from WHO, between 350,000 and 500,000 Chinese die prematurely each year because of the country’s air Poluition, also causing a wide spectrum of respiratory, like lung cancer and cardiovascular ailments in the Population.

Welcome Culture – Country is paying his Karma

Who would believe in that?

If you look back at the history and compare Germany 80 years ago and nowadays. Not Long time ago Hitler and the nazis almost extinguished a german-jew Nation, but also the own Population. With their euthanasia Programm children with disability, People with mental handcap and homosexual had been murded.

Those who don´t know much about history:  Adolf Hitler cames from Austria.  He was  NOT  a german!

If you compare the Situation of Europa today and climate changes, you will agree the People soon will look for a safe place for their children. The spiritual entities have been warned them about the hard times will come over us.

To understand why so much suffer in nowadays, we should go back to our roots, learning with the history of our previous reincarnations.  Most of us came from another plantet or even another galaxy.
One of the civilization came from Capella star, which they were exiled to earth, divided into four races:  Egyptian, Hinduism, Adamic and Israel People.
The literary works of the Spirit Emmanuel explain how everything started.       Medium: Chico Xavier
Date: 09.11.2015 – In the Way of the Light – Emmanuel and Chico Xavier Book Year 1939 Nr. 01
Date: 12.11.2015 – Adamic races coming from Capella star – the beginning Nr. 10


Date: 11.11.2015 – Caboclo Pena Branca – Medium Marcos José
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