Private Diary & Conclusions

15. November 2015,

A few days ago I had a recurring thought, of sendind a letter on November 13 to big newspapers around the World, warning about the hard time coming over Europa and warning the population about the apocalypse 2018.

Over the following days I felt so embarrassed by my thoughts and found ridiculous  the idea. I was afraid they would call me a mad person. Instead of that, I sent to some esoteric  magazines. Not the letter but only the Blog adress.

Yesterday morning, when I wake up, hear the news of the attacks in Paris and cried a lot, sorry for not having done, what was planned, so disobeying the orders of my spiritual Mentor.

Now am putting a copy here, if someone wants to read this letter: Deadline

20. October 2015,

Dialogue with diversity Nr. 299, sad ghost

Many People would call this ghost as demon, evil but for me he is only a poor Soul, who Needs a lot of Patience and love.

18. October 2015,

Pai Joaquim de Angola. Dialogue 285

Same as Fernando Parada, in another life I was also a catholic priest, which had a quite bad heart, was arrogant and a fanatic kerl.

I could remember after visiting a Monastery in South of Gemany in June this year. There I met a very special woman. She has been studing theology and was the director of this Monastery.

She talked to me als we were best friends. After I came home, found out she has been fired of her Job without reason. I was very upset and starting to think a lot about her.

One day, during sleep, was me allowed to take a look after my past life. During the middle Age, I saved the life of this woman and then falled in love with her. Of course, as priest was not allowed.

While had been in Arrest, I saw prisioners scaping and gave the Alarm to the gards.

22. October 2015,

21. Jefferson: Everybody who practice the Umbanda meet they spiritual guides after death?

Pai Joaquim: Many. When the process of disconnection begin and they gonna make the transition for the spiritual world, the last Orixa who goes away ist Iansa and Omulu. In the “Line of Souls”, we, Pretos Velhos (black old Men) are the one who guides the people inside of his creed and belief (……Comment)


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