Triad Brazil & Future of World Nation

Maybe you ask the reason of the exclusiv page for the Triad School and their Mediums.  I can explaine to you.DSCN6542

Marcos together with Fernando are one of the iniciator, preparing Brazil for the Refugees coming from Europa and another Continent. Please take a look at:

When you start reading the Dialogue of Pena Branca, then you gonna understand.

Pai Joaquim de Angola 

Pai Joaquim de Angola – Medium Fernando Parada 386

Caboclo Pena Branca

Public ‘s questions about global warming collective Karmas and Reincarnation I

Exu Ventania

Exu Ventania about Maria Magdalena and others – Translation Triad School and Temple Brasil

Exu Marabo

Exu Marabo Dialogue 46 Medium Marcos Jose Felipe