Lords of the Cemetery

Date: 14. November 2015

Tata Caveira Medium Maísa Intelisano Dialogue 303-304

Themas: The line of the Life, free-will, Law of atraction

Knowledge is neutral . It can be used for good or ill depends on the person making use of it.

Nothing in this universe is without consequence. The consequences can be positive or negative , depending on the karma that you are accumulating. If you do evil , the entity that follows you will take longer to reach the light. If you do good things , you will attract good things to you. This is so mathematical (logical), that there is no need to explain. Tatá Caveira

Date: 28.  October 2015,

Dialogue translated von 23-28.10.2015: Exu Caveira Médium Diego Garcia Dialogue 306-309

Which moment you die? In the future or now? We never know when the death take us. Do you gather enough Information to know the Purgatory exist in the present at your minds? That´s the point. You live in the present. You die in the present.  Take care of your PRESENT to avoid heartbreaking when you awake up! I am Exu. I felt a lot of pain, madness, surrealism created by myself.  The suffering teach you being free of Tribulation, transforming you in a better person.

Salve all people who are hearing this dialogue, learning with this young boy. Exu Caveira