Diversity of Dialogues

” I can tell you this: What you learn in one life in the Earth, here in the Spiritual World we learn in one Minute” Caboclo Pena Branca


Peace, Love and union is what we need for spiritual growth. The Umbanda spiritism is not malice. If you search the light, do not come with feelings of distrust. The doubt does not come from God.  Even in thought you should not harm others.

Do not remain in the past. Look forward and plant seeds for a better future. That is my message for you. Pai Joaquim de Angola

Dialogue I
Date: 03.11.2015 – Pai Joaquim de Angola – Medium Fernando Parada 386

Love is understanding the other in its entirety and accepting their differences. Exu Marabo

Dialogue II
Datum: 01.11.2015 Exu Marabo Dialogue 46 Medium Marcos Jose Felipe .pdf
1st. of November in the Umbanda is comemorated the day of the Souls. Am very happy to share with you this dialogue and hope it will bring you a bit more knowledge about the “otherside”
Salve as Almas, Salve Marabo e a sua linha!