Orishas Letters

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This Blog is about Revelations of Orishas through different mediums in Brazil.

Themes: The exiled from Capella, Arian Races, history of our Planet, Reincarnation, Collective Karmas, Apocalypse 2018, Jesus Life, The Gospel of Judas and Maria Magdalena told by different Orishas in the Umbanda


Europe and the world are undergoing profound changes. People are scared, concerning about the economic and social future.

If people were more spiritual and less materialistic, they knew that´s a normal process of evolution.

However, I have noticed that, even the spiritualists are being also affected.

If you guys think we’re at the top of the iceberg, I come to inform you that we are still thousands of meters below.

What to do at this time of tribulation ?

Keeping calm and follow the commandment that was left in for two thousand years ago: “love your next as yourself”

Since many years human being has done evil to Earth, destroying vegetation and animals.

If we do not change and begin to respect and see in each creature as part of itself, the new generations will suffer too , have to pay a heavy price for our frantic selfishness.

The limit date is the year 2018.

Please, feel free if you may share or even copy one of the Letters, without any permition.  However, you should not believe in all which gonna be transmited. This Blog is just a toll to open new horizons. For that, make use of your good sense. But I would apreciate, if you mention this Blog.

Also, it is not important, who I am,  that´s the reason you would not find personal informations about me. I am just a channel, giving the Messages of the Orishas!


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